We Are Tifo Football

We are Tifo Football. We make videos that explain football, its
history, tactics, how the game works. At Tifo we think football should be accessible
to everyone. And we think it should be easy to understand,
however complicated the topic. That’s why we launched the Whiteboard Football
series, to break down how the game is played and run, so that you, the fans, can get to
the heart of what matters to you. Our Tactics Explained series takes teams from
around the world and shows you how they play. Our Player Profiles series highlights individuals
who catch our eye. We take you behind the curtain as well, with
our ‘Meet the Owners’ and ‘Finance and Laws’ series, which open up how football
works as a business. And our live action series explore the fan
experience and take you straight to the action. And that’s not all – Tifo is constantly
developing new series ideas, working with our brilliant team of writers and producers
to keep our channel fresh and exciting. Informative, intelligent content about the
game you love – we are Tifo Football.

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