WATCH | Indians front office heads Chris Antonetti, Mike Chernoff discuss Trevor Bauer trade

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if you’re seeking to do this is
getting guns in the game can he day of training tower of
Portland and on talk to
reporters of corn and yet so I think we’d look at
the complete picture not just
what was in front of us in the
moment but what we expected
happene to live with those of us out of
5255 below its all-in-C-one dime
in the first image of sun’s
power tie easy young on your
right so you know of some fields are
parts are all feel hitter who
calm, very patient at the plate
com incredible power of the own stuff, so obviously a
nationally he was playing a lot
of right field, we feel lucky to
be either DH or potentially be in a offensive in a tent city
and Sunday and if you use and
they all will force of we don’t
condone what happens in Kansas
City the impact instructions on up to
my knowledge in the movies and openly most
money isn’t possible suspension
for fibers and we know that’s on
the table we don’t yet have
clari a can continue developing
potentially be a starter for
summer of where these
definitions of social right now
the blaze for moss , jurist of this state if you’re
starting rotation of this one is
a three to work in progress for
some decisions and we need to house of show in town to false
and I think those are challenges
we look for to have because our
schools have sustainable success our future of U.S. Homes. And those of you feel if he goes
home is can we feel we give it a
little bit different way we
certainly feel that our offense
is five visit to his home for his
beefy light that I have many different
iterations along the way it
takes no hundreds of phone calls
five to put something together
especiall more for a fee-for-one in half
and 3/5 and ½ additions or roster one to come
from inside the organization and
has no-on-one testing a couple
months old when you have a home us in the future he and his wife
and I can see pros and cons are
either wed like to get wet seal
the season plays Allen and will U.S. use USS of honestly will focus on what’s
in front of a sonata we improve
our position it’s difficult
enough to try to run one teens
who and to review his contributor in
an earlier full remission and
Adrian beltre returning that we
do not talk to travel and told
20 that’s part of the deal that is
for you watch until timer, we
were watching a little bit
delayed we were in tears office
after t to one has been withholding as those in a
desperate of them and will only
make deals if we think are the
right deals for us in the
seventh corps the difficult thing because we
all want one thing to happen
immediately but feel we have
enough practice of trying to do
it now , is that some 41 share of the
commissioner also wins when she
and her and 1.12-to-hand as of
an open up the world of maybe we
c -and-a-in of us I sees injured
and maybe I’ll offer our license
exceeded the elf, the same time
he was a super interesting prosp too often gets so dumb hunter
woody’s inside an interesting
sort of death got him in death
reliever for Stefan, and who we
have group to build and suite and
which has used his attention
through-fifth, traffic, go into
specifics are not high and there a lot of different are
Asians we examine everything to
vote rage one of the things that
we need to do is understand wh you will have to have you ever
have some situations where its
inventor-of-a-share worked as
terms when these funds for as
long a thing happens if the fish center
to national 18th, so the events
we deal force for sure but it
also features the return struck
t young player for major players
major record for young players
are some combination thereof
were without symptoms to
consideratio for the points for some elements
of the sink one of the things we
feel most confident about his
clubhouse culture that we have u who does happen the lineup, for
future into the past couple
years been closed fist-Sylmar things
we’ve learned over the years
there’s no such thing as being
close-from the reader have a
dealer y kidnapping and open location of this is for
us who still are in a shoe
stores and food for months and
then 06 EDT else is more transactional uses me on the
deal for secure minimum of 60
days that frees up a roster spot
assaulting can be fair to put in

1 thought on “WATCH | Indians front office heads Chris Antonetti, Mike Chernoff discuss Trevor Bauer trade

  1. Trade these fools. NEVER EVER trade pitching. Apparently they figure a series is not in the immediate future.

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