7 thoughts on “Watch: Football player running the wrong way gets tackled by teammate

  1. Randy Moss-MNF: "Alright, we're going to California with a battle of district foes between, Fairfield and Rodriguez High School.

    Fairfield Corner, intercepts the ball and steamrolls down the sideline to the end zone thinking he's a free bird. Only problem is, he's going to the WRONG end zone!

    The whole team is even pointing and screaming: "AYE YO, YOU GOIN' THE WRONG WAY!"

    So his fellow teammate, Kha’Ron Thrower, has to bust it down the line and make a friendly-fire, Saftey saving, shoestring tackle on his own boi.

    And look, he even beats the turf in disappointment, thinking he almost scored a Pick-Six!

    I mean, Antonio Bush, of Fairfield High…

                   …C'MON MAN!"

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