Watch Female Football Player’s Speechless Reaction To Prom Makeover

Oh my God, this prom’s really gonna be fun this year. Yes, this is gonna be so fun. Hmm! (laughs) My name is Cheyanne and I’m from Bronx, New York and I’m a senior High School. (light upbeat music) I’m Hon Row, I’m on the flat football team, the wrestling team, track team and the volleyball team. This is one of my first place medals at a 112 pounds. I won the first in the States at wrestling and I won, hum, the city championships. (light upbeat music) A typical day for me would be like, waking up in the morning, going to school. After school going to study hall, practice, then to do homework and get ready for bed. When I’m done with high school, I’m going straight into the Army. You know I’m hoping to see you in a dress, right, it’s been a long time, I’m gonna be excited. I’m proud of her, Cheyanne is doing everything that I don’t think I was able to do. I do a lot of sports and there’s no need for me to put on makeup if I’m gonna sweat it out. Most of the time, I just put on sweatpants, Crocs, high socks, call it a day with a sweater. I really thought that I was gonna wear, you know, a suit. Maybe a tux? Everybody’s gonna be so surprised. Cheyanne. Hey I’m Mally, yay! Aww, girl, you are cute! We are gonna do some shopping. Okay, we are here at Macy’s. Girl, we are gonna have a ball. Let’s go. [Upbeat Music] We are gonna stay with one color. Cause you are on the tinier side, we want to really make just one long line. This color, I would say, with your skin tone, could be really gorgeous. I am looking for something that’s gonna show that cute little figure of her’s but something that’s really different. Something that nobody expects because we want to wow those people at the prom. These are a really great option cause if you want the drama of a long gown but you don’t want to have to take care of it, this is short in the front and long in the back so you have two different lengths and it goes with those legs of yours. With a super embellished, sparkly dress, something like this, the dress is your jewellry, so you won’t need a whole lot of necklaces or earrings. Shopping with Mally is amazing and I got to learn a lot of things from Mally. If you look at something and you’re like, ‘You know what, absolutely not.’ we have to try it on just to see cause you might be surprised. Okay, dress – check! Now we’re gonna show her some makeup tips. Say you’re coming up with a little bit of a pimple. This is great because Dr.Gross has something where you can take this light and you put it on your face. It’s gonna use that light to make the pimple reduce. You do it for a couple days and the pimple will be gone by the time the prom comes. So we’re gonna take a little bit of concealer. You don’t want to just put it underneath you eyes, you kind of want to put it on targeted areas of the face to really open up the entire look. Maybe use some deep, dark chocolate browns. That’s not only gonna be great for your beautiful brown eyes but it’s not as heavy and it’s not as thick as a very dark black eyeshadow. Now, I really want you to glow. You can use something like this, which is a powder or you can use a cream stick. You want to take it and you really want to concentrate on the highest part of the cheekbone, like so. You don’t wear a lot of makeup so you don’t want to go overboard. You want to go just enough that you really get that great sexy look but you don’t want to look like somebody else. So your makeup is gorgois, just like you! We’re gonna finish your hair, we’re gonna get you in that dress and honey, you are ready to party. That’s her before Ah She looks adorable in her sweats. Come on out, Cheyanne! (upbeat music and crowd cheers and applause) Oh my God! Oh, give her a hug. Awww! That’s a group hug, aww. Don’t cry, you look so pretty. (sparkly sound and crowd cheering) (sparkly sound)

18 thoughts on “Watch Female Football Player’s Speechless Reaction To Prom Makeover

  1. ??Beautiful girl to begin with!!! Her dress choice is on point! Struggling with the hair choice they just put it up….also she she didn’t look so confident about it???!!! Why didn’t they let her down, she has gorgeous natural curls! That would’ve made her sparkle and shine! Sweet gesture on the show’s side and made the this young lady feel like a princess ?

    Big air hugs from New Mexico!!!

  2. It’s cute but it’s not the right “cute” for us younger people. It doesn’t need to be revealing but that dress is way too plain on her. She certainly wasn’t in awe of it either, just her mother.

  3. She looked amazing however she did not appear to be comfortable with the clothes. I believe she did this to make others happy. Be you girl! True to self.

  4. I remember I use to wear clothes like her in my middle school and when it came for my eight grade dance, my mother made me up and did my hair and all that. And I went to my dance and everyone was so shocked and how nice I look and I had a lot of people talk to me.

  5. nice,,,but.. I was really disapointed to see her hair up…were they too lazy to make something nice with her hairs ??

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