WATCH | Cleveland Indians Charities Giveathon presented by Kaulig Giving

end of the 31 worse off the menu
of the park west, at the back of
a lot of john regretted that has
to have you and you’re a depa sole part of the Indians say and
what they do on and off the
field for so long it expects so
much sense that year to talk
about on doing what I wanna do you know I’m truly blessed so
long that it’s not worth having
anything if you can share I mean that’s there’s a bustling
actual bomb them all still
coming down here are a lot of
people come up for you by your
view me baseball is a game or you could
be your new best friend right
next to you on the two things
for sure of the sitting in the
stand but all joking aside, the beauty
of the game is that you not only
see the game when you’re down
here was the people you meet rig home, the games have you been
doing what you do OK well a
growing up in Cleveland and everybody who heads your
sink their money that’s when we
have real seats made a ward of
saddle not plastic OK to stardom
box the contract is with spread out
I was one of them in you do two
seats at a time when the pain
and banging on everybody did you
m although all my guy we got one
million witnesses knowledge of
the efforts of this on a gold
are no real global free wherever
sli but all I would sit out the
bleachers the great seats and what they
had been charred wood benches to
all and that you could hit on with your hand will you do a
search for heads are you a
little I’m always accept
restraining solve all I am a
drum for real on a plate mill workers
drove to place and wrongs played
ban six image as the start of
the Cleveland was society are a so I went to the resolve use
your magazine to all before the
way outlook and everything, call
the tree times they live from all hold strong
set for $25.00 and up and I might’ve overplayed
I don’t know that a lot of what
to say was for 25 blocks and
this is the base from greater say in the season trauma
center of your was in the first
of the day started the first came out
was that with that was August
24, 1973 was afraid it might we played
Texas , we want a thing as little oven
to 4:01 AM I eat or don’t read a
mine was at the game I am I did no Weber became
friends later on them for what
my birthday presents he scored
the game so I haven’t thought
all its h with one out of business, i.e. I
went to goldilocks I was sent
the bottom of the bleachers are 18 come out Mr. Jackson was
a cop. And though we would sit
and talk to go now maybe 20
games a year saw was the measure, do see a
folder called the Indians and
the symbols little bother
anybody felt the urge to the
sole idea to limited and I got it and brought
the base from enacting them twice at double or
usually set and then one should note 16 of
them from the start date night boy and girl Boyd
role boy girl way up the
council’s and were today said
that you all big employees is
running a cave the condition that they are yet as though Wells the alleged
assault-type of guy was making a
beer run as another effort are you going
to bed dramas like him bother
anybody says Wolcott of the top
fuel bother anybody up your
commen of the unmated opener when I
played them know I found out later
you’ll nobody knew workers,
colorful minority or was that no
herb score on a geeky file made
some we and ado and he told me big chief
political self that because you
know my name of a couple of
Solaris why why autographs else
tod now all know I used to watch to
it hurt by two votes on, but they’ll he has the best artwork he had
the best are mounting the
cincinnati’s got the best arm in
baseball right there on really the littlest of the
database bleachers that it be
all that glitters no Nevada and
are right of the atom bombs one
time wh a book that would be sold it to
put it in a bleak as a rattle
unlikely to mail. In that all
were next to it but not in the
pivot buy 2 feet so that they got it,
I called them and will suffer
get Napoli you actually get the draw on a
bank shot in its attitude that
I’d thought it was a little
higher you know it didn’t start
droppi and then I got out of the drawl
that it makes just next to the
scoreboard bust a misstep
informed of the drum then
bounced off o the road from bitter defeat you
keep a running count on IE you
know I was actually on getting awards in California
that ill will toward the end
that was for somebody who is not all player of the day having
great as positive contributions
in all the baseball and edited
out every year to somebody tell
the the courageous award with me in
mind so they told me but every
time they were running if you
didn’t have enough money or
there i World takes to play from: Dave
Smith was a biology teacher at
the University of Delaware now was dismissed as the
ultimate database of all
statistics in baseball and he
created this will honor help
from friends and on with all the rulings that
whether to get everything the
game’s played what we’re short
period of his Beverly was there
he said i but the debts and he has a back
to 1944 so we were a dinner because it
was good and more, and I said jail and a meeting of the
dead trees is like a trip for us
tomorrow breakfast you want as I
got this database dollars exp so the guy that the hole total
ban on figured it out and that’s
why you to the newsgroup like
other women like 3000th game
that end its a little over 3600
breakouts, it is funny because
he’d become the games and you
know its expansive Daylong
update the no I’d never be here when you got
the reality is like, like it
since that’s a that’s our report
card of the experience what I’d
mis , the thick sea lion Fulton said
only six seasons yells out the
Oleg used to have that work
during us set up a novel on the
prof AT&T was a lot of ballot in all
the name changes but a base.
AT&T all. You’ll be in for people on
learned so much for coming else
and it gave me the opportunity
to make these games in all of a
top ai if I was working on a quick
check of a lawsuit one for Mana
Tom working with them can save
stocks are eventually could
athletics and all I missed the game of all
so I would say that’s not to be
at the UW bouts of Karen that’s
a pretty outstanding out yet sa that’s OK I didn’t have the
yield money to kill rich headed
those lack of which is a flurry
story because you know of its
dorsal , I believe all of cleveland’s
go to Baltimore for a game
because they’re a diet hollered
at home are all hundred stores
in base after was your right will get so he
comes out notices to formation
of a pound and of the ways everybody’s answered
and worldview often isn’t any
way he gets a shot until reaches all the Grapes of wrath and you have any kids
moved into a standing there and
all of the old for woods of
salted wants to cut at all along
to get all am I still remember as a kid
on going and I solve Ted
williams’s last time a bed in
Cleveland and he hit a home run
in the l you are crazy and here’s what happened here and the bases or you’ll try
and find around with this note
that no artisan none of us
anything in the middle of his
mind th the whole police stood up and
applaud thoughts, so we’re not
sure you for a whole drawn were
cheering you because you’re
going b radicals and I used in the PDM, Yeltsin a great
baseball to get its baseball
people now that’s big outs with
all that’s what sawdust john
Isaak it’s time to go with what you
can’t walk on hold back the
clock at the White House that
bounced right and what of the
felt a lot on it all and there was a weekly
on the streets until streetlight
when I’m in all have yet to come
in all that block you know I the pie plate and all you know
on them are uniform from white
to shirk in the fonts HTML
Laughlin was clean them out
scenes are like you do that with no play
together as a team and them in
all having the opportunity to get out and do things with other
people you know you can roll more ways
to alter the gold I realize what
was going out of more than back
then that was a disclaimer but and one thing is what we teach
them escape a farm in
fundamentals when that’s all
you’re having a good time your
cap to do with you all these charities and they
can then be giving opportunities
for people to get together a
chance to get the go have fun
doi you know that when all kinds
awaits us and now has hit me
with those the week that it
would get around within the wrap
up sign u you take your name as a tribe
coach rod john Adams using the
ultimate super fan to the
Cleveland Indians out there and
they’ll b very tight enough to limit its
use of the outsider suite you
recall a company’s same day of
just an amazing, amazing of that
her this has been due by October
Power in a conversation with
john adams’s it’s been a
dizzying week of the Cleveland
Indians IBM ha as bush on today, I get another
drive to the top talent here we
are going to be anchorage sports
from the upper the ballpark OPS of the year good for us to
channel three so we would be
quality inside out to be a great
night on the angels aren’t
already get the real deal yet so that we
didn’t see great intelligence
and try to keep up with the
subindex about this but here she
sat out is a bug on a weekly basis we
discussed the Trevor Brower
possibility of being traded even
as recently as last Sunday in a
picni date that the numbers if you
trade for prospects to people
and say we do in your body and
your data into that they get to
Masur the top that retreated from a
team that’s the two pursuing way
out of intent, a division
championship but I still think
it was a he’s not the sidewalk German the
residents like the mixture the
bitter recital of control over
the prodigal about $20,000,000
in I think the Indians did 1:00 AM
not ready to address greats
which said that the hot again
grading trades early but Al OEM
long w topic the rotation starter
because usage are bullpen when
he does. Second help you in the
next couple of days sometimes but the fact is I never thought
that this offense even as is
well as they put in July as
productive as they were injured
in July when they get one bar would’ve
been pitching a bit now have
hitters that they can plug in
there and when you look at that
line u bomb and again in a case of most
injured Steve Austin the year at
the brigadier every night were
assumed the scenes made a spat at six and then again we got the
Indians and the angels tonight
at seven on right here on
channel three doubt wet spring
and we’ and also get working capital
needed something like bass you
know what you think about it in
it’s it’s a two way street the
peopl died here two and a minor sacks
a really cool boxing going out
for different steering¢ critical
to look as tailspin blue anchor on the American League team of
the players are making sign of a
stock on the job and he did by
police and they stopped and then have the opportunity to play
baseball the market’s out and
being accidentally said Jim
porter part of growing up really
selling , really impacting their lights
that’s maybe change your life
forever really can’t sell their
impact the work you mention the
Al response from major league
baseball now seems like it’s
pretty overwhelming without
great and to get out their son
sentence would allow the fact
yield its selling only a start ballpark
that still around on the other
once again built over sorely
lacking have that there’s a
wonderful their bitterness been up and
running for quite some time now
has enacted their oz the early
nineties, Anderson well before
me an to talk to them sell well suited
for bullet the people wanna get
involved at all the Indians
back, and slashed to define and
mak Parks and not seek itself was
wholly of this that’s the way we
grew up obviously and on and on
sure some of the alumni were
inac get that opportunity yelled your
schedule by the way years we’ll
go until 6:00 tonight I can read
the AC Ali companies as sweet Ellis Burks yet in just a master
system estrogen anchor Indians
player mike, and will be years
while bomb amongst others said
be of it was probably your 10 years
ago in realize it’s more like
six to nothing and setting up of
the U.S. and great numbers while help of the transition with some
younger guys in the way he was a
tremendous team a year that the
PLU listed at 2001 years the f they’re playing the mariners and
those in the division series it
won the division the needs that
lost in the division you’re per against the ropes here in game
four couldn’t knock them out to
could not come at the back to
Seattle lost its series but as
it d and we’ll know that in a new
organization known and generally
likes to bring those guys are
out of the more slowly us of ID
117 and would expedite the Lynnwood
said Sunday with it and it’s
it’s great as the field and if
the hatch into done as the deal
A so he wanted beyond you want to
part of it in a party that that
feeling around clubhouses and
ballparks you’d use a relief
fund this alias of so much of today
is about a black colleague
giving is doing here is that as
a presenting sponsor of the
Cleveland IDC to build and background
colleague getting it back resize
charitable getting in community
involvement from Cali company is an era ends up in the state
itself are too aware that 60
nonprofit organization and
seniority cell title and the IB
a file to si and the supporting organizations
like the boys and girls clubs of
people and database pottery sand
submit to asking to gather th many many stories throughout the
night like got our heroes and
I’ll be here now calling and
under be a party at cities of
the ci hands on the scholars will get a
little less than stocks and
you’ll be entered into a trying
to wean seared stakeouts see you
on sat almanac colleague I know
it’s the granddaughter of life
that are the show were used
alone to pull that has the site
at the s was again was bowling green
against Agassi received at birth
and Allan Dodds, insert the
middle of the topic you about
that he i calling getting is a really
super excited and honor its
you’ll be out again at nine and
always lie and the my-heart of a
White H staff of the outside altogether
can’t folks at the lately we are
excited and black sea otter
exactly what else the antelope
be a , many of the three are in
column as as the half that’s
amazing again Indian stock from
slashed the above I’m on to find
out mor in the Cleveland Indians
charities give it the presented
by calling giving the CFA Donald
Eastlake, yet on actual install
the Sa but does that was a flawed by
some as a very cool thing that’s
a student of a given time really
is underway and colleague giving because each on Carter over the
IDC john Croats have just got a
great story on a night in the
number for unseen wasn’t Indians
s asthma as we can imagine a
little bit there are I think
that for backup of both the
baseball team and softball teams
from the fe parlays the experience all of
snow growing up in and playing
baseball and now the going into
the buyer least I guess all
time, I that it is another drum roll was
writing about Compaq Compaq of
the pick: stop always nice to
get a quick walk by by that
wasn’t Jonathan, it’s exciting time
between this is to give the time
is going on at the same time
bomb that beyond rebuilding
baseball party RBI regional tournament which it receives up two idea
listener senior Boise to you and
are seen Curls AltaVista world
series axiom was leave on Sunday
S NT talk about it first of 4 to 1
count of the baseball federation
and everything you guys to put
on can you bring us as a young man
who yell play professional
baseball and and you know, I had
the opportunity to tie the
yellow re Cleveland Indians charities is
doing here with with RBI as
silly me grow to Chicago and we
had eight points and are those
where the cleanest authors and see a
clue is just unreal, Socorro
remove the years you can involve
this is your 13, Arno stayed
steady not necessarily by the number
kids need like we would also
been about the attacks mammals
kids’ lives gets a crisp and
it’s it’s college readiness is where
things all you would try to
compile was renowned silicon to
play our program live on the
production i to die here story from a man
Austin and that that somebody
who came up in with you in the
RBI his system is going to be
going up I would call a high school and I
got a scholarship to be played
on a NT of the acts to play
practical scoring doubles so
some be because he saw RBIS to close out
the car so he waited until until
a guy came out to see what one sack he told
aptly RBI in Cleveland and what
you think it’s a tough one to
practice any cycles and shooting
of t its charm sat pretty a that’s
amazing in it since it’s the
family of baseball in the
business people to the top of it
since they yellow star team all go anywhere
from two ball to 19 years old
and a nose gets every
opportunity played twice a week
until to th and when you make the team as a
stocking a travel to leave we
provide everything from hotels
and meals to travel so thick it
was so what was your pants, but
castro’s title are having had a
pretty good year my senior high
school monoliths will soon be on
a c version college muscle to coach
UCI’s a chance for the jury
college of the devil it’s a Mozart
interactive magic out just what
are some high school of Caza
work after the attack on a time,
sold an in 914 Alex Cole their buyers
now a hot as yet stabbed two
planes was Asia 1993 I are
actually was teammates of your
frame agent and dogs consider a Cleveland
time a john surgery and 96, else
run a mile leaks and are
doubtful call from bobby body
and he’s l I’d just there’s plenty of
Zedillo’s affect men of working
in use for office nine years
that was a great ideas that will
be on a I have to imagine just just
seeing the bomb would you have stories to tell
about the kids that that Ya go
and do other things are loaded
gun on to play the raiders would
ne use the CRB I programs you feel like
you know it but was no talk
about its exhibit we can
remember in the nineties and
it’s been aro using is it sustainable to
continue to grow in it’s great
that that CIC is doing what
they’re doing but instead of a
program tha lessen the sole when you take
the sting off inner city you get markets, o’clock PM and
that’s when things are acting
like kids run here got to see
this summer is our teams are
pretty we hadn’t had a bigger cities
because the state are only
because kids can play the wall
by a state where on a weighted
to whirl and assault was saving lives
softball for us to be very
successful years I may well as
string of nine straight appears
the world , and they know what they’re
looking for which all and instead of Cleveland always
travel in space Wells know we
have a set of skills now that we
can all take to wholesale
tournam of some as a witch I would
listen we appreciate you coming
by to talk about today’s call
federation was adopted me to
balance bu from Cleveland baseball
federation is the egg and beat
the what you see which john
there is the detectable results
of you giving the resources that are provided
because of your generosity is a
big part of consul in some great
that not all people help out as much as I can
absolutely will keep serving
keep tabs let you know of as the
next couple weeks go progress
your probl they could use some of your help
as well go online it’s Indians
got com slashed given time and
we going to slow on our website
t that it was the first pitch
until I ever have might get
throughout the first pitch bats bomb attack rate went down
for us to back when arrow’s game
he had actually heaped on in
here before he had gone and
cardia help provide a login back to
basic bring back the light so
you’re later bomb my dad against
cardiologist, and there’s little
to any time you can spend with them
all to this time will spend at
not rosy as a matter of days a
week but I may have gone up
their a topping it was a world
championship with top kills and
not calling it would be the same
for me know it’s all I really
what we’ bomb again get the benefits of
you donating the rhythmically
beginning series deposited by
Callie giving that money going
into h this is the sport that I grew up in a while for anno, plated
everyday and summertime no law
nor deny this, Cetus working out
of it was both those unorganized
and . Is there some of them like if
I still think it’s fantastic
game on sometimes you can think
that maybe it’s generational and
on bid to the kids are out there
and the way we were in a popular
there’s a lot more stretch its
book that experience a play ball park
in a service road, David it’s
there’s one more young kids
still excited about this:
involved in to see the Cleveland equator
Clinton sports commission in
major league baseball did a heck
of a job on the All-Star the
house an for part of the country it did
you know people associate with
great weather all the time it
was like a central casting in Hollywood
chapel and ordered the way the
weather for the week it wasn’t
until a perfect it was those
those knowing that it’s taken aback
still that everything was as
perfect as well as it was feared
for that week you talk to people
lik bomb everything in Cleveland so
close yet another logistically
it worked out well as battery
your old car at school of
politics are ideas in such off the field
a show that has the look and I
did all the talk radio said that
he will take its toll play a cop major leaguer Galoob running the
Indians youth baseball program
Akita Jordan stood at the at
least read as little bit of
great t excited about baseball and
softball gaps in the method
today is just another way
showcase for great city than in
Cleveland as fa on your youth baseball softball
kids playing you’re talking
about the four bomb you will,
partial to its a grayscale of
the worl take this to toss to cut your
packets of detailed learning to
love the game of baseball taking
it to Saint Ignatius been taking family mom and dad were at the
center of me my first games were
gone and municipal stadium and
then watching not you’re
watching you know baseball is a part like
remembers I spent yields my
family and then you’re playing
it on notes are in the backyard
and on the other more serious and it
was really fortunate to have
some outstanding, mentors and
coaches center field guide me
throug been able to just die you know
capitalize on that in and
continue my you know career and then
obviously you know the best part
about what I did do a release
the initial opportunity was out
you’ll m of what the next half was can be
when you’re done playing to to
get cheated this point we’re due
back on data back home in Cleve giving back teaching in general
coaching bomb of always just
been been drawn to that even
when you know you’re all your
teammate selling second best job after
gala deal for a new name get out
there are also the skin retired
but before we get a high schools talk about some of the aspects
of your job and what you do with
organizing camps in and things
like that those people can
unders us a note out when you look at
our vision mission of what we
do, you know reuse baseball or
transform lives and you know
what th you can have players coaches and
parents and then something with
the players on the road and just
come in off about a great week your with 80 kids and diskette
number of love the game in an
inner teaching the fundamentals,
and then you know we have
partners of getting in and train the
coaches given some resources on
this event you know that’s where
the Cal look at the hall of your different ways
of reaching really scaled in all
our impact and so we know
coaches and you get back to you
all a yet to be able to one you have a
platform of the Indians and then
be able to certain partner with great
people in and really use our
resources to be able to you now
have, in a front office
personnel work i com you know how are able to
calm yards provide opportunities
for you know that 12 and 12 and
a player is in all the kids
recrea the opportunity, two main issues
and then sell them that I get
into travel and so you just
finding ways to continue to be
to pro last idea if you talk about it
since yet the sometimes flight other
distractions of kids have the
delegates and know whether it’s
it’s the video games and four
men t base to base I think the bay
state air inside watching get
them out to get outside in to
get them to say call the school Dr. That they want stay with the
Dalton and continued up to grow
and develop Eric certainly
that’s certainly our goal once
we ge in cell that’s definitely cause
we get an internal five days a
camp full day 93 PM, were
showing them pay does that to be
always in a show kids, playing in
shallman game hopefully next
thing you know you’re in a
dedicated that still knocking on
the door and you’ll have a ton of fine and
then no baseball starts opium
teacher in the right way to fund
a mouthy game is important is
too e you know that the unfortunate
bar the reality really isn’t a
can of our line is a character
volunteer couture coach of the
large and so large and then forcing a
year for parental time ever
really negative right to the
spirits around a culture just
may not t regardless of the few knowing
about the sport of baseball
you’re still providing a lot of
great positive environment and
the kid what could become a major base
roller far take some surly want
baseball be you know as they go
in and move on and never mention is insecurity and heard of this
commandment would have anybody
over here are being talked about that the Clinton
said all three of you and he was
going to chase went to camp with
you to sweep the update the wall Dana point here for the Indians
were a I’d use the word earlier
with login with the Camino to
become a dizzying week the icons
o , it’s great because the Indians
are in that position once again
to compete in the back in April
and may speak whether doubts th know what we can raise these are
couple of guys if you need some
needed a marijuana for balanced
for power to god, it’s nice pro lot like the cell was little
sabotage you just as warlike you
get out of sight is that they
played so well in june and July
the the because couple reasons one
die by thing was pretty early
obvious that river Bauer was a
new part of this organization
after which is a lot of money of a
longer you wait until you about
you just go to decrease because
the team that raising two
doesn’t h go like you would like more but
to get greatest complete the
three prospects that’s even
better set the table that now
figuring seat was the top of the rotation
guy and that’s exactly which
remove all reached Monday to be
assigned to work it next year, a
c not just we’re playing in the
regular season when you’re
having success because everybody
has soft spots on their schedule
but w and that’s not the kind of
lineup and that would be asking
a lot of young players sure who
haven’t been proven up too soon
stand to a house out album which are
but how effective the Allen
because that’s your right now
writes his firm enough in his
major lea you as a silly me dabble at the
puts Wednesday at a technical
Ocala presents that were you
could slide him into a creek bed
sele we know Sunday with any cells
are goal of the ideal today
you’re not a look for a little
bit more depth and now without
the seco I still need to see little more
work or less): cells of salt
lake on for some of the four
cells or has star trek’s to go
on the something more on and it’s a lot
to ask for garlic click and drag
it turned out to commit this
point season but I still feel
lik is coming back right on schedule
because slightly edited by
sensory workouts in the good
thing is amidst your level
broken arm t are are they looking at him
right now is a guy who would
oppose season comes around late
September important games right
of cent to say run August 31 camera
first legal you’ll be back
somewhere in that timeframe so
you’d figure he might have six
starts 5687 Glenn close to announce any lot
I just hope the Freddie kitchens
doesn’t want them for his
defense and that the idea of
what a l raises, below similar effect of
that at the ball after
Wednesday’s steady gains cuts
jobs is not one of the suburb of
these resu summit is no reason the west
orange show and on the rope
before the show is bleak send
its own forward to talking with
fine, whe he’s got word severing all these
last two months us that anybody
that these go to be a free agent
audio responsible for some sta that he can always give great
effort one way to the last two
years with L.a. and this is his
chance now I think the show the
nex day he has achieved our first
use the grayed out blouse keep
your twenties auto loan got word
again in all these of one’s
busine was easing it all equality go
out blouse to joining us to
grant the grayed out class guy
in the world where outlaws get a
lot li on Alcala joining a CIA resign
he gets ready to go worker
Jensen was done in sports time
Ohio you catch in there that a
course o dockets until that would have
given interest in the, take on
clipper I had not heard that he
would be you could come back and I
thought here’s a guy who won the
custom back might be good for three innings and then maybe its
bullpen day at the date they
know that all hands on deck run
mode maybe there’s a chance to
liv as he wasn’t happy about the
deal with one of the postseason
began click on as album of the
scribe timetable a good
simulated ga all the dollars 20 if you get a
month that half of a weakling
for all that all the sudden I
think you feel like different
about them and because they really
needed those on those power bats
in there and we’re talking about
your attitude I’d stay at 49,
the on that’s no small thing, and on
it that was starting to show
some signs of of all you’ll have
been productive get so this
shoul guy they are just using the
state seal the city gets put on
any of the long Justin Masterson
joining us up, to see whether
you a was a family Sunday and is doing
all tons of stuff from exile of
the file your mice family
vacation this this last summer
exodus we really about house there for
less detail and years ahead of
but you’re now it would do just
do a Moreno kids are plays sports and a bigger over
to five ruled some sinister
greater intent to commit murder
see on the whalers in the
beginning w be getting back to our reach was
something as always for use
later, said some wood is still
happening you’ll have a
foundation a men’s lives kids’ lives over 10
states that it’s exactly right
because you in sports is a way
that just impact lives in a
weathe what you took your ball with
some balls and also well have
been using a lifelong sense of
this is what we’re trying to do
battle which is always nice to see an
MBA part of the overtime impact
if us of way and the CSCE year
if that doesn’t have one or more
v us not wrong to have to do some
incredible things and we dislike
you keep it will be a little
higher profile that one of those
a time I could look back always
with you to that great 2013
season in and just that the
excitement of getting the
Cleveland Indian time experience included on the
field us back in the overall since you
could do you come in and you see
your coming in from from Boston
and see where were we were a C to see the growth and in the way
you guys who came in the young
guys another grown as young them
myself if you’re growing togeth tougher ministries on this woman
also terribly came it was so if
you come back to committee and
see some some really cool stuff through the weekend greatest and
most of the value of our audits,
I thought that I don’t flock of
the LAN says moment I get more cubs fans but no one ever said
Hannah committee, a fifth at the
thought of when the time of those big issue
of fortune to see mobile a
clover believe it is the book
goes the rest of us as heard was
that it’s always hard to deadline and
two couple times you back in the
day of the freedom to to go
there and we both agree some
energ top of the finish line that one
of the season I think we’ll be
the great at the Ballard a
magnet to Imai hundred seats of
its gr We’ll just keep receipts out by
and chat with the 40 backing
Clinton and the weeks since the
yell leader in summer players
it’s inside the most acute stroke
lead a dunce and I mean and seven in present some
positive result has been just as
told he had been he had been
that the delivery denied that
just I thi he will really bomb that was a
move was the only be anchored
the rotation the four years ago
I am. Good teammate on the altar time, we’ll talk about light winds
team seemed to last season’s on
his part is the maximum extent
of their lives in message that
this kids use a long will the tour
guides the defensive all for
them selves in baseball and I
know that’s frustrating
sometimes for f your guilt example back to me
and said that same year that
2013 year that we just ought to
just about baldness get it until
we c keeping it from any impact at
all how the enclaves are on the
sea off to be thread would like
it’s good to see you on first
and play, to bring this up to you
because if it’s something that
of Thailand make winsock about
this week was that you know when
whe as players mean you all want to
give back because it’s your you
remember when you were growing
up in and wanted to baseball so
I BTU can appreciate what people
did for you in others to make
women, you know some guys first
gloves are second in on some of
the is so you’d see you your
teammates doing it encourages
you to one of those who are on
every of the lecture timed to
give on happ old way of the two companies
will give way and I was I was
pretty classic in the youngest
of three boys so idea I was when
my pa and so they created college park
the specialty ball in the top of
the baton of kids in the area of
the limited to: so I was, was might fall middle age around the
deployment in the discus, where
said the part of a trial you
develop to sell to the major
leagu them and their friends in the
youth, find the Wes lee ways to
five advantage of the values of
death was something that have
been and comments from now, I think
your home video was acting as I
see on our leisure howl popular
disaster like you all the
concern but not expenditure of hope
you’ll baseball is locked out
about you, Larry the game and
speed of the game and all that
sort of t commonplace soccer gold mountain
home yet some adult too big to
be like to watch that will be
playing a bit helps another
sports . You can of finding climbed one
and a few later in the united
baseball, 6 to 1/2 my cream and
joining us your Clinton in the
se quarter’s aces ball club
dizzying with the way evidence,
happy if not now that the
deadlines over a and you have
your new teamma home in addition to have a
really excited about has
everyone should be in the one thing we have a good
a good group of guys you end up
with the played on talent lot of
veteran guys are just a really that have calmed, I don’t know
how I’d do without talking to
the demands of women buy a home
and I think you know I’ll think it had even if the
facts and a cynical about
psychic speak for the coaches
are like that of an office but,
once you k now you have yearned to do to
make to the clubhouse for 6% is
delicately I’m 66 tonight can
imagine a file to frame the
going wi on and off the field and
certainly in the first and sugar
and it’s pretty obvious the Liu
and their mother made from a
different , if you do it and be very
welcome additions to our team
and gives a lot of really good
balance in the 10th of one when we do go for a clever use
is your best guess the U.N. of a
starting pitcher that’s pretty
good but on September rolls
aroun , we’re really relax added to
plug a multisite young women
that they should be some exhibit
different you mention something
Mich and you like to mix of of of
players to the personalities but
also that the veteran in use in
your dinner on the majors long
eno because of the odyssey that the
probe is and how well the team
is played on the pill special
glass two months but these guys
can on which you can go one of two
ways, but it’s it’s a really
close close team knows, not a
ton of the nothing in it you
know we k , a lot of fun in making fun of
each other, sort of thing, and I
think there’s been talk about
the group Chatman within people
g , seven thing we’ve heard and
seen in the past in the new
additions will decide the Mike Riva joining us are due two
from couple more seconds here
and I’m a young guy had
downstairs into radio yesterday
and will I know you guys go to a loss
standings watching your but the
ongoing review right to take
awhile car chase sure of topics
in you the shy away from are you
certainly close the gap so far
on the last month in the house
and on the overexcited the same
thing wi two where you know you might
have an advantage against the
selected starter the U.N. nine
more review and solve the
problem and possibly adding an MVP Canada to
the tune batting order refunds
if there’s time this stuff is
Susan Robinson is seen in the
last would certainly are no home on
up to that you used were
certainly servicing where he’s
been the past and is a special
player of times see this as yet this is
this is plush this is actually
people that we have another
alumni here Kleiman and at times
he loo and it’s it’s your only here for
couple years but it obviously
for being with this organization
made an impact on you and your f You know have been here for 13
years now that’s great, we will
get a lot of people have
misconceptions about the weather
and all would summer spring calls you
have a good little
kid-seven-nonsense of his cousin
of intensive recalled of the
data and it will be the last four years and are
excited about it every year
there’s something that pops up
in the issue was moot section we had all country possibilities
that belong in the back into the
pool in which you start winning
18, $22.00, said that some thi know people are better donating
money party and stock of slashed
given time to do selling on
supporting baseball here in
Clevela in the top about a person for
CIC to sell a note that
something you work done gets a
lot when you were a player bomb
insisted th obviously when I when I was you
I didn’t play baseball at the
start, later became high school
with the report said O’Neal had
me but the united is just
unbelievable it prepares them
for the future and not totally
agree with them I was 100% in
the body, I wa so when you say you certify
schools because the programs
aren’t available in one sports
no idea I sweep to play sports
at all un a home 1,000,000 the drama club
are something that hold the top
of a little of it was decided in
the interest that the time and this would interest in passing
in an awful both begin text of
baseball basketball sports
executives very tight is not a
city map and it just you know play all
the sport’s ruling held at the
bottom we concentrate on one of
the pleated in the mentally ill
int not specialize in two world as
you send him parents fall into
this trap or they want their
cake and two in CQ the tickets are grown to be a
college athlete when scholarship
or maybe even a Perot way you
can get better in other sports
in the white line up a bunch of
topics ultimately the body
you’ll get locked into early
with one singles are you not
seen it in Ari men, I would recommend that were
raised in the queues to other
things will work on eliminate
some with you all in Sosa Media
Car a plane for tonight are behind
us and would-be-SAP, you know
but now we’re talking is weird
renew your coming out with us
and we help close the deviancy act like
a division series a member in
seattle’s how close he needs
work and knocking that Seattle
team people have arisen still, the
end of the Kirov that all one
team that you very good TV was
it was a mixture of it turns
youngste you know any time you can you
tell me you become an income of
up for anything that the good
from you know of the curb all
and al so you know that that was
definitely of the most seats for
long periods, not you and we
still, held onto that the record
was one care to give 16 like ceo of 16
games a year was it was exciting
and you know we knew we could
make it in the sticks with it
some UNLV has killed 60 days to
monitor the base of the data so
I know you’re not the involve them watching this team
so closely but would you think
when you’re about the deals for
a spot seems don’t read from the you know that his soul mate like
we had back and am in the pits
you don’t try to win but no use
of their song wealthy you say you get too hard
to you know you can afford to
give them one way to build a
sudden you have of god’s way you
can tells purses joining us Indian
salami years we of the finish up
bar our coverage your plea to
the beach charities get the
presen he had been on Youngstown
several teams in the young he
understands, but the mix has to
be right and are 14 to be
successful and you as players when the
clubhouse mix works and what
doesn’t write you will either
the about the chemistry is the
most important you were due in these levels of
the impending takeover key ring
me a call to one in office
because likely has been here
five can in overtime to the pal his
team’s lease to your problem
also seem to get better as the
season goes on why do you think
that’s a because a lot of times you need
to go slow starts early in the
name of the loan is that what
you historically clean with his
inn util there might be some changes
you know he’s an address that
wouldn’t even let them know we
can be an Inglewood, because
when that contains a lot of Spokane
falls into his house in San Juan
Manuel they have to go down but
they’ve made an impression what that stated that 60 immediate
it’s an instrument of their java
giant it spits it would have the
young dumb guys were trying to
get in and and sometimes say
they ha use always, you know what
there’s no fee year there’s so
many other things that make up
into so not only claim to raise
the rent from them two weeks on two weeks
of may and the one that well of
land and sea given organizations
are the big league lead with m still called Sellers out with
from ee AAA you because that’s
where you see all over the
prospect of my trip one and only
one giv on the blocks, is not a
right-tapping the capitals
appropriate to see his son say
that what the act until the
priest is that bec do some work here and come out
and join us can also honestly do
some work to the giants to the
king he had no he was a guy that the end he stood for clubhouse
that is a less well as being at
a power in our lineup yet that
the above to keep it for 352
homer anno sports and so you you had
quickly sought like the lineup
even the locks manny Ramirez was
gone and outdated is one issue
we big and if you’re coming to the
game tonight to make sure you
don’t go around the concourse
and find out more about the
Clevelan idea for not coming to the game
tonight the two watch it on
channel three, will be talking
to be talking about that the
game you recall is a great night are great company doubts that
the time that often read and
write and gray company and Brian
bright and brokering fit that
bill t know which are the real Indians
the team that was all my people
banks for the team to solve june
July bomb Yeltsin in many cases you can point to reasons why the
inventor and one is with the
rumors weeks, a son, with mike
freeman get big smile and mike
defi is that that’s just the right to
lead, as another man yelled and
my cities to be in the Buchanan
and knowledge of time this seas on help them win a playoff
series of the get their October
was mis and that he used a young
man, how they would use the line
of and the other day mission to you
in the communal talking about a
mean no offence Jason kidd’s
case is not have to be a clinic
an you have been added and you
know, it’s too simple fight to
save this way but that’s never
stop me before in all say this
with a and you have to score of us in
this league them for so than in
the National League at times and
we saw in your here in the ninet incessant offenses came at you
every night in the league in pitching in
1995 is the data have what they
did have was the only clue
writing at its final and it is
best to 1 on the company could have been
at three and three veterans and
who would go out and paying you
believe you can get what they
cal The offensive end with together
to history to anything when
non-and nineties but my point is
that it’s hard to go into play host to his teams are
better for better than they can
show us and 1232 of us are back
to seize unity unions and the nineties
may have been reopened seven
times in all-women’s mindset
yes-and this team is working on
now is t so much is gonna be bomb on the
bat young people and go back to
the power traders and watch the
starting pitchers go bomb to me few you can scratch is the
Mladic to the next five years
would save those, and as a
productive 30 plus homer you’re
a guy that w if there was a little more
versatility there is an instant
24 years old he wasn’t already
just as the DH Al you’d
certainly like an average gas center of some
point and give you that that
ever since the one most teams on
the door to correspond to the
specia instead of get rid of this idea
that you can’t play your one
regular lineup in your pitchers
not that it when you play the
natio we are here we were here for the
Cleveland Indians charities get
it done presented by calling
giving if you would like to

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