Warrior EVO Gloves // On Field Review

Ryan: Hey guys, what’s up? I’m Ryan from Total Lacrosse. I’m here with Wheeler and we’re going to test
out the Warrior EVO gloves. Ryan: The new EVO 4 is Warrior’s most premium
glove ever. The ultimate blend of comfort, weight and
protection. Warrior’s AX Suede palm is a thin single layer
for incredible touch and unmatched comfort. The new D3O Aero Foam and Cage FLX backhand
gives this glove a low profile and extreme impact protection. So Wheeler what’d you think about the gloves? Wheeler: I loved these gloves. So much to like about them. They’ve got a great palm, nice soft suede. Very flexible in all different directions
so I feel like when I’m holding my stick I’ve got an excellent grip on it. It’s got a very good cuff here. The fingers are great. It might be the best glove I’ve ever worn. Ryan: Nice. Well you can check out the Warrior EVO gloves
and all other Warrior products at Total Lacrosse stores and at TotalLacrosse.com. Hey guys, thanks for watching! If you enjoyed
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