Want Shaft Lag in Your Golf Swing? 2 Things You Must Know!

okay in today’s video we’re talking
shaft lean or shaft lag and how we get that and there’s a missing element that
makes it so difficult and nobody’s talking about it and we’re gonna go over
that right now okay so in case you didn’t know my name is Matt I’m here to
help your game and if you haven’t subscribed to the channel already please
consider doing that now thanks so much today we’re working on shaft lean shap
leg and the missing piece of why this particular style of technique is so
impossible watch we’re gonna be using our wedge today I’m gonna use my 54
degree Titleist sm7 Voki wedge and this one just has 14 degrees of Bounce it’s
the F grind just so you know case you’re interested in that kind of thing to
really understand shaft lean we have to kind of go over a little kind of
technical piece of it so check it out watch okay this is very important to
understand and hopefully you’ll get it as we as we go but nobody really talks
about this and it’s critical if you’re going to understand shaft lag alright
here is us here’s us at setup okay as you say it’s pretty neutral setup perfect now we want some shaft lean as
we make contact with the ball so I’m just gonna I’m gonna leave the face
right where it is I’m gonna get we’re gonna get shaft lag let’s mark here
so here’s I said setup and here’s us at impact we notice what this is us at setup and this is us at
impact that might not seem like a a big difference but we’re a good inch lower
so why is that important okay so it’s important to understand the fact that we
must get lower so as our hands come forward that Club comes off we have to
do something to get lower which it’s going to come from our knees it’s going
to come from our right lateral bend it’s gonna come from our rotation a little
bit and the the lower we go the farther we can actually have shap lean but
there’s another critical element that we have to understand or we’re in huge
trouble watch okay this is one this is really super important um watch this and
you’ll see this it is probably the reason you’re having a lot of problems
and you’re missing a lot of shots way right as that shaft leans forward that
Club opens man if you swing now you’re in big trouble so what do we do watch
this okay so we know that when we shaft lag we have to lower ourselves but we
also know that when we shaft lag that face opens so we have to shut the face
again right so shaft legs here shut the face now just set up again and the face
is totally closed so why is that important because you’re gonna need to
feel like that Club is totally shut when you’re hitting this ball the farther
your hands come forward the more close you’re gonna have to feel at impact but
it’s really gonna be square impact position normal grip setup push this
hand forward Club open now square the face then bring it back here like oh
that’s what it’s gonna have to feel like like I’m here like it’s it’s a really
odd but when you put your hands forward it’s
totally square and a good way to even check that is just to come back here
push it against your mat put your hands forward and you’ll see that face open
and then square it up and get lowered and turn and that’s where you want to be
an impact right here lower and now we can begin the drill we want to set up
push your hands forward square to the face
lower our body turn now here’s our drill from here we’re going to take it back
and hit that little shot hands forward square the face lower your body turn
that’s your impact position might looking a little exaggerated but we’re
trying to get as close to that as possible on our real swing do the drill we just have to understand all the
pieces so it makes sense so that when we can then put it all together on the real
swing hands forward square the face lower the body turn that’s a feeling feel that on the real swing it’s totally gonna feel like you’re
shutting the face like you’re way close but because those hands are forward that
face is square even though it feels shut that’s where we get that that bowed
wrist that’s what everybody says that bowed wrist this is where it comes from
because when your hands go forward and you square it up you’re bowing that
wrist here cuz there’s your hands the floor of that face opens both at wrist
squares the face again set up shop like shop leg square the face lower your body
turn short a little swing just to get that feeling you should start hearing a
nice crisp ball sound and the ball should be flying a little bit lower than
normal then on my full swing I want to recreate that feeling through impact so
just feel shut turn lower that’s what I want to feel when I hit this ball now hopefully you kind of understand
where it all comes from and why shaft lag is so difficult because we don’t
want to shut the face we feel like we’re gonna hook the ball but when you’re hit
when that shaft comes forward you realize oh you have to feel way close in
order to be in the correct position to get that shaft lag to get that better
ball flight you get more control more bite more spin on the ball okay that’s
all the technical aspects really of shaft lag and why it’s so challenging to
pull off because most of time we just don’t understand every little piece of
it which is critical otherwise you’re gonna miss wait ride you just gonna have
a lot of problems pulling this shot off and it’s a crucial shop for really
lowering your scores and getting better at this game so hope this helps I’ll
also put a link right up here for a video I did on shaft lag which really
helps us with our muscle strength and memory so check that out as well thanks
for watching please subscribe to the channel if you haven’t done so already
like share you know what to do thanks for watching we’ll see you the next
video you

27 thoughts on “Want Shaft Lag in Your Golf Swing? 2 Things You Must Know!

  1. when you go into a golf shop what most people don't recognize is that the shaft is leaning forward to begin with on the racks. that being the case and the manufacture realizes that the shaft should be leaning forward , why not set up with it leaning forward!! There is a point of no return to how much shaft lean! i think instead of telling the golfer to lean the shaft forward have him concentrate on club head being square and "FEELING" it square. Focusing on the shaft and not the club head is not good (my conclusion). Feeling the ball hit the face of the club head! In Baseball its the barrel, in tennis its the racket, in hockey its the blade! IN GOLF ITS THE "FACE"!!! (club head)!

  2. Ah ha. By jove I think I've got it now thank you so much…. nothing natural about my golf swing I need to be shown every muscle every nerve fiber and what it needs to be doing when it needs to do it and so on so forth.. but I'm playing better than before.

  3. Just a quick question, is this lag mainly for irons and wedges l, or can this concept work for metals other than driver? Like 5 wood or 3 wood

  4. Good visuals but not enough tech here. To control the angle of downward attack is more subtle than that and that's the ultimate secret of golf

  5. This guy contradict itself in every other video . First he tells to use the bounce of the club and not lean the club forward then he makes a video for leaning the club on impact . There is some truth about his theory but he more moving parts (wrists to square the face on the downswings) the more chance to make a bad shot . You should never adjust you face after you start the swing with your wrists . I think this might work better for begginers like me if you readjust (regrip) to compensate for the open face .

  6. This is just another myth that confuses, the shaft is not 'leaning', it is travelling in an arc, the so called 'leaning' is due to impact happening prior to the bottoming out of the club arc.
    There is no lean as such, it's like swinging something in a circle on the end of a string and stopping it a couple of inches before it reaches it's lower vertical point, and saying that it is 'lean' when it is simply part of it's natural arc.
    No pro, not even Dustin, has a bent left wrist at impact, that's another myth.

  7. Lag and shaft lean are two COMPLETELY different things. If you dont know the difference should you really be trying to teach people?? Really. I'm not trying to be a jerk here but lag happens from the top of the swing(starting down) to right BEFORE impact where you release "lag". Shaft LEAN is the position of the shaft AT impact and immediately after. In other words,lag is the angle of your lead arm to shaft(looking from face on) and lean is angle of your shaft leaning forward.

  8. You can't say it but I can, most of not all teacher/ coaches I've watched does not fully explain the bow(twist) of the wrist. The word twist or close the club face doesn't come into their verbiage. And they will tell you, "hay how am I suppose to get people to come to me for coaching if I give it all away up front." Which tells me that listening to some of these people on video can actually make you struggle more and give up on the game or worse. Go broke trying to buy a better game. Matt thank you for the great work you are doing here. Excellent videos.

  9. was doing this today I noticed the ball flight was lower with more spin and punchier draws . also this drill totally gets rid of fat shots .

  10. I'm back. Let his herpes SO MUCH .. the one where u follow ur body around with the shot.
    .tried it today.
    WOW… if it weren't for my age I would be ready for Q's school LOL

  11. I love the way you breakdown the little things that make a huge differemce!!! I just watched a few of your videos and I am striking my irons so much better than before!! Thank you very much!! Keep the videos coming!!!!!

  12. Thanks for that, I wondered why I was hitting right of my target. I've never seen that explained before, it's quite a revelation.

  13. No disrespect intended although im sure it will be perceived that way, but…
    Seriously, 99% of the stuff on your channel looks, sounds and feels like you are just echoing and re-hashing whats been said literally THOUSANDS of times before you…

    That being said, I just retired at 52 after 30 yrs as a structural engineer / software developer (legit 2HC)…

    My question is:
    Do you think I can I make a living doing this stuff too?

  14. I am an engineer so I really like the way you guide that is very detailed and logical analysis. Thanks a lot

  15. Great advice, now I perhaps understand why my 8 iron on a par 3 on our course always goes to the right of the green or edge of the green. Cheers from New Zealand

  16. I figured this concept out at the range today, to bad I spent $25 to find out what you just showed me. I was doomed, but you saved me. Thanks so much.

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