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  1. No HGP Golfs? It's a tuning company here in Germany and they specialized in Golfs. They rebuild Golfs from the ground up with sometimes 800+ horsepower.

  2. There needs to be a up to speed on Jamesโ€™ tattoos. I got questions and they look like thereโ€™s going to be a good story behind them.

  3. What about the 2004 Volkswagen Golf HPA R32 that did 0-60 in 3.1 seconds? Its 1/4 mile was 11.4, maybe you did talk about it and i skipped it but idk.

  4. This show is so special needs. Like who is their target audience? I like the information but I have to cringe my way through it.

  5. Mhh So south Africa still get prioritised by VW when it comes to new releases of all cars..we got most od the cool golf and either on time of release or prior to official release date

  6. I fooking love the video editing m8!

    So fooking fun to watch <3

    Edit: As I continue to watch this, I fooking love this guy m8. He's awesome. I'm kinda drunk, gonna stop commenting now.

  7. U R da reesonn ah don't neeb no TV. Keep a doin waht yer donuttin Sir Donut. Ya we never got'em here. Ya, well the Germans nebber got the Edsel, so there! Maybbb if they had named the lil hatch after a cute fuzzy animal……………..nah, that won't work.

  8. Where can we find a GOLF LIMITED.ย  I own a 2004 Black Magic R32 with under 30,000 original miles on it no joke….ย  I gotta find a Golf limited to go with it….

  9. bruh…you're a d!&k. now I'm gonna get a bunch of VW vids pushed to me because you're funny. enjoy and make milll$$$$

  10. Iโ€™m watching this at 12 am, and Iโ€™m going to wake up everyone in my house by laughing so hard ๐Ÿ˜‚

  11. James,bro, from one dubber to another, u NEED to do a vid on the vw fox!! my first car was an 89 wolfsburg that my dad handed down when i was 12. we made a dirt track out back and thats when i got all my precision driving groundwork figured out. i got lost in nostalgia for a min…anyways…theres not very much ever on the fox and i think that it was an under appreciated model that real dubbers should take a second look at. needless to say james,nolan and the rest of u guys at donut are all that AND a bag of chips

  12. Such an awesome episode! Those 'Syncro' G60 Rallye Golf IIs are just straight sick!
    I am born, raised and living in Deutschland since 1974, and I've seen just EVERYTHING in european car history. But never ever one of those unbelievable beauties.

    The Golf II, to me, is just as iconic as the E30, but sadly lacking the rear wheel drive to make it perfect.

    Thank you so much for this outstanding lesson in magic car history. I think no one every went as far as you did on the subject as you did with this.

  13. It makes sense that Germany and Japan never gave us the cool cars. I mean, we did wipe the floor with them back in 1945, not to mention we kinda nuked Japan twice. So yeah, we kinda deserved it.

  14. I think Tim O'Neil of Team O'Neil has an imported Golf Rallye – he did a walkthrough and drive of it in one of their videos. Cool little car!

  15. MK7 R owner here. I always lusted over the MK4. Back in 2004 or so, I had a 4 year old Jetta VR6 which I reeeally wanted to trade for an R32 but decided not to (damn you fiscal responsibility!) even though they were discounting them at the dealer. Fast forward a few years later, I decide to get rid of my Jetta, and guess what? The same damn MK4 R32's are being sold for MORE with 30k miles on the clock than I could have for a new one a few years back.

    Ever since then I always wanted one (and kick myself in the pants for not buying one then). But, a special thanks to Ford for selling me the biggest piece of shit car I ever owned (Focus ST) so I could go back to VW and buy an R. 3 years later I still look forward to driving it every day.

  16. Damn he Screams a lot in every signal episode canโ€™t stand him .. unsubscribes .. unless the editor with edit his voice a bit or finds someone else

  17. This car definitely deserves two different names and that is poor man's BMW and hairdressers car!
    Volkswagen also lied about what this card does from 0 to 60 miles per hour it is not done in 5 seconds

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