VW Golf mk1 GTI – NordicAutomotive Ep. 1

I got a tip from my cousin about a good GTI in Mo I Rana, and I happen to be there on vacation. He said that it was in storage in a garage there. Previously I’ve had a Golf MK 2 GTI 16V, but I’ve always dreamed of owning a GTI mk1. So the trip was short getting to that garage to have a look. I bought the car right away I was meaning to just do small mods to it, like lowering it, new rims, wash and polish it. But when I started fixing it up there was no turning back. It feel like an old car, And it supposed to be like that. You feel the road, in the steering and in the bumps. Feeling “uncomfortable” feels right “What’s the best with the car?” To own it It’s my car

79 thoughts on “VW Golf mk1 GTI – NordicAutomotive Ep. 1

  1. Utrolig bra! Dette ser veldig profft ut. Komposisjon, kamerabevegelser, dybdeskarphet, fargekorrigering og grafiske elementer – veldig kult rett og slett =)

  2. Kjøpte min drømmebil i går, golf mk1 !  den skulle bli baneprosjekt men ble avbrutt, så den står uten motor og litt diverse.  Om en av dere kunne ha fortalt meg litt info eller lignende om mk1 hadde det vært fantastisk, har mangen spørsmål.  

  3. frank; you are a 'plato' when it comes to the philosophy of what a car can mean, do and make you feel. you spoke some very wise words. thanks too, to the producer of this vid. very well done!

  4. Congratulations for such a good video. The interview, video, music and the car are great! Could you please tell which song is playing during the video?

    Congratulations and thanks!

  5. in my opinion it would perfect to leave old stereo and new one hide it in under the dash and use it with the remote control

  6. Wonderful car, look at the smile on this guys face and I don't blame him; full of character, quick, nimble, has soul and you feel the drive, this is the kind of car I want!
    I have a 2011 golf gti but would MUCH prefer this amazing thing

  7. Awesome car ! I have own in the past two Mk 1 GTI "Pirelli" from 1983, the first one was Lhasa green coloured, and the last one Alpin White. Now I own also a Mk1, but sadly it isn't a GTI…

  8. Cool but as I like to say: Go original or go home…
    Restored to original condition are those that are valued and that will increase in price. Moded ones not so much…

  9. Very beautiful! Golf I GTI was my first car. I´d really really love to drive it once again for an hour. One of my wildest dreams! 🙂

  10. You can immediately relate to how the new owner feels after copping it. He looked like he just met his destiny.

  11. Simply beautiful! I had a mk1 series 2 in black with lowered gas shox and ats cup rims. 11 years I owned it and seeing this now has made me feel sick for selling it!

  12. hadde en sånn jeg og når jg vokste opp på begynelsen av 90 taller 1.8 gti 112 hk..med effekt annlegg…den var rå den tiden..var ikke mye som kjørte fra meg..:)

  13. Isn’t the car missing the fog lights. From what I remember, GTIs came with a set of smaller fog lights mounted just inside the headlights.

  14. Gotta say, I love your Videos. I'm a big fan! I make compilation videos where I take clips from other videos add some information, do my own voiceover and then play music over them. I was just wondering if I could have your permission to use 20 seconds max of this video. Obviously, the link will be in the description and all credit will be rewarded to you. If you are not sure, check out my channel and read the description of my recent videos and see what I mean

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