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this is the new Golf GTI TCR street-legal version and well at first I thought you know just another GTI version but boy we can take it out here today on the racetrack and southern Portugal and I can tell you I can promise you for this episode it will be something very special here in article for you number one resource finest avenues and in number one community to discuss cars Lewis Thomas we’re going to explain everything in exterior interior and that racetrack driving experience and we also tell you how is it different to the normal GTI performance and how is it even different than to a step further to the Golf R we’ll find out together in full HD full screen and full length let’s go [Music] [Music] the front of the golf GTI TCI is a little bit stronger has some lower bum bass here and when you pick the optional Performance Package it’s not only 15 millimeters lower like a GTI comparison to the normal golf it’s then 20 millimeters lower overall to a normal golf if you pick that the performance pack with the include DCC that’s what this car here also has at the moment so there’s basically the TCR Burton and then with the optional package and then you’ll get basically the top trim GTI here in the front automatically comes with LED headlamps that’s also for the normal GTI performance but I think it’s very well integrated here too with a red stripe that directly lead over to the headlamps and a comma style grille here and here so yes it’s a normal gold but definitely shows that typical GDI face the lengths of gold is at 4 – 26 1 oz 68 inches or at 14 foot and that’s the same for the 5 toe in the 3 door variant there are some variants so stated as a little bit long about 30 centimetres but we’re staying with the hedge here today the TCR I need available s5 Thor as we see it here at the moment but also as a three-door it comes with 18 inch rims those fans are the optional rims there are two wheel packages basically available which come together I call it performance pack because it’s easier to remember with a 19-inch rims here and then you also get the DCC the dynamic chassis control the adaptive suspension which then puts the car even five millimeters lower as I said initially but the front wheel differential lock that one comes directly with every TCR you don’t need an additional package for that this year adjuster no so it’ll come style paint you don’t have to have it basically classic strong C pillar for golf it’s more really about the wheels and that the cars put a little bit lower and special TCR spoilers and you’ve maybe seen that those brake discs also have some holes in it well that maybe increases the racetrack performance just a little bit temper relies pretty interesting of course we will test it hard today on the rhetoric that was so interesting I can promise you by the way those wheel and performance packs unleash the v-max from 250 kilometers an hour to 260 well if you need that 10 kilometers more then go for it most of an you won’t reach it anyway so but here you can see that tail em since the recent MK 7.5 facelift this one here has more technology style looks a little bit more mother I think it’s also well done a Lynette classic golf design the TCR gets the stronger spoiler in the lower party with a big black diffuser and those arena exhaust pipes I think also visually that quite ok the GTI is always something in between you know of not going too far but always showing some elegance and sportiness the Akrapovic exhaust is not available for a GTI TCR i just ask that they want to reserve it for the golf are they thought about offering it here but now the decision as for now is that it’s only available optionally for the Golf R well you still have someone a decent sound but again not an extreme sound for that one that is in rather without if you go for the Golf R on the aircraft of which maybe they also wanted to keep this you know certain gap that people would still go for golf up then of course the biggest difference would be the all way Drive so what do you think about design here of the GDI TCR [Music] and today we have two colors we own location is the tornado red our main vehicle and this is here the so called view or gray I think it’s also very fitting for the whole car and as that those reps here you can go for them but they’re actually quite expensive so I think I would rather let them and just have the pure color of the vehicle so what do we have here under the hoods hydraulic struts I really love that so this is it known to liter TSI turbo petrol engine in the GTI performance it has 245 horsepower here now it has 290 horsepower just on the front wheels well you have this front differential lock let’s see how that one plays out on the racetrack if we have some serious under steering or not we’ll find out for you soon the acceleration figure let’s compare us to the GTI performance there in a GTI performance it is 6.2 seconds to 100 kilometers or 62 miles an hour here it is 5 point 6 so 0.6 seconds faster and then go of our with the overdrive more traction on the ground would be even a second faster than this one here at 4.6 so this one yeah five point six versus four point six at the Golf R but would maybe be faster than a Golf R on the racetrack still because on the race tech it’s not only about zero to something acceleration it’s now you can get going it’s also about weight weight distribution and so on that one will also be a very interesting factor coming up very soon [Music] this is the he standeth Volkswagen Golf he was a small GTI patch but the TCR doesn’t get anything special he does enter when you put your hand here close the car put an inside then you open it there we help and classic solid golf closing sound from the doors then also soft material that the inside of the doors is a great processing from the quality materials and this Alcantara the inside of the doors the leather at arm cava also soft a lot of space at the inside of the doors that also comes quite handy and then well the GTI performance already comes with a lot of standard features which the TCR just you know takes over the active info display the digital instruments count for that – you always get those digital instruments no analog possible then you have the DDI steering wheel with the flat bottom and also read canto stitches GTI logo and those seats I mean the GTI performance already has performance seats those ones here are specially the design then for the TCR so they’re not so different just a little bit different in design your thumb GTI stamping and Alcantara in that’s right there leather red on the outside and the main seating services fabric on the inside it’s good for the racetrack so you don’t slide around that much same time it stays cool and summer and hot in winter so oval as a good choice and again an elegant setup here for the GTI interior you get in like in any other normal compac hatch on any other golf this one of course it’s a little bit lower do you feel that extremely not extremely just a little bit other than that the seeds are actually quite comfortable you can put the seeds all the way down and with one minute 8600 ton get this amount of headroom still left that’s you know quite decent it’s okay so also tall people will get along with it no problem the steering wheel can be adjusted in reach and height and it’s a very smooth process perfect it sides here however I would like to see the steering wheel of the club sport here too I would ask my VW dealer if I could also get the club sports team I once you know did an inquiry you know at the Volkswagen marketing there and someone said like you know it’s not official but just try it out you might get it so I would advise him for that because the Alcantara steering wheel I once had that in a cup spot that was really amazing and was now also even better grip you get a 12 mark position here soon more to the rest of the interior form another position I can just say it’s a standard golf seating position it’s comfortable is a one the most comfortable in the compact segment you can see as the screens are shut off at the moment will soon turn them on and then tell you more seats a manual here at the moment but also that’s just fine here you can pump it up y’all I always pump it up a little bit it’s no little bit better for the seating position and then the menu adjustment also really fine-tuned than with this jog wheel here at the sides so those seats are sporty but still offer you enough room to move around Hey look at that sees from the door TCR logo that is projected to the ground that’s really nice you can see how are they where it is located this is the in cave over you again here soft touch also at top of the dashboard you can see standard golf style is that the middle unit is lean towards the driver just a little bit the steering wheel here was a 12 o’clock position and the steering angle and stuff right now all the steering feel it has taken from the TCR true race car or so tell me more about that when we drive the vehicle so when we start the screen see now as I said the digital cockpit here is stand that the top infotainment screen this one you’re the 9.2 inch screen the biggest one you can get is not standard you can also go with a smaller one which has somewhat you know it’s not that well integrated as this one this one looks very clean and stuff but this one doesn’t have any knob or something left mmm some might prefer the smaller one to have this separate knob and the software’s also somewhat let’s say easier to control a little bit then sumo needs to the screens let me finish up here the steering wheel cruise control control on the left side and also the volume on the right side you change stuff in the infotainment screen on the middle part of the instruments screen by the way check engine light logo it’s totally normal when it appears now as soon as you turn on the real engine then it disappears when it will then will be flashing then it’s a problem it’s the same with all VA G vehicles separate climate control I really appreciate it because I have so many situations where I will just want to change something a little bit and then it’s not distracting while driving when you have those separate wheels for that the TCR here the GTI TCR will always come with a dual clutch transmission with a DSG it’s not available as a manual 7-speed right here this is the shifting lever also with a microfiber back here very interesting but pretty cool driving mode select I’ll talk about the drive mode when we drive the car very soon and then you can open this lower part here with a storage space and you can put your smartphone in right there sadly it’s only one USB supply right there the epic Apple and Android auto is available and that works pretty flawlessly is a very good integration you can also listen to your own music and then switch back to the car internal GPS last but not least we have an electric handbrake as well as adaptive cupholders right there just a little bit hidden all again and with a good build quality and an armrest which is very well attached with some storage space inside those are the digital instruments in the middle you can have for example lap timer or driving data you can have the system systems view but all something off the GPS it’s not flickering in real life it’s just on camera here at the moment by the way you can also zoom in and out and with the buttons at the steering wheel and you can always change the view just a little bit for example also which one you want to exactly here in inside but also on the right or on the left side so your look you know you have a lot of flexible options that’s the good thing about this one so this is the main menu you also have this wiping gestures you can use you can always use them about that when you see this small hand symbol but I’m not the biggest fan of it you can just do it like this and it’s probably also easier let me tell you something about GPS I think it’s also one of the best to use because it’s pretty simple it’s very responsive good CPU unit but however you know the glass it looks nice and feels nice but I’m really also fine with the eight inches with a smaller one the smallest in the golf would be 6.5 inch so they’re all well three sizes I’m pretty much fine with the eight inch I think that’s I’m good to want to go for here and you’re also still have an OP here for zooming in and for the volume unit this one is fancy I think you can awkward also just to stay with a standard one oh by the way we have your camera let me show you that it’s OK from the resolution here but I think mean what it should be little better resolution wise but that will only come with the older generation I guess you also have this you know sense of you from above a full view and autograph you’ll wouldn’t be a full review it wouldn’t show you the real lack room and stuff first of all design wise and quality meet you as well mmm the reads hard pack not unlike in the front but we have nice microfiber inserts and the leather red also two rear doors and the same TCR special design for the rear bench forming some kind of 2 singer seats so also nice design and we like the microfiber inserts here they feel and look quite cozy and you flip the seats already from here but you can also do it from the trunk I’ll soon show you that well all about a real lack room of course it’s not different any other folks wagon golf and it’s somewhat standard for the compact hatch segment I do exactly fit in here with my height 1 means 86 or 651 still some Headroom left and with a nice when I’m driving is tall drive it directly fits it’s not different with the estate by the way if you go for like a you know let’s say golf are a state that will be like well have the dream compact estates the reelect room is the same as a hatch and the state it’s just more about the trunk trunk length that the estate has a little bit more there so it does work it’s not something you know um you know it’s not super but it’s also not a little thing it’s just standard for the compact hedge segment and inside the combi capture segment I think it’s also you know a little bit more than others have but for examiner Octavia has even more but then again this one moves already to the mid-size segment just you know some thoughts about that so let me show you what’s possible here with the trunk you flip the logo to open it the rear-view camera is also hidden there therefore it also stays clean quite clever idea the length here of the hatch is about 75 centimeters in length and it’s about a meter in width and when I put a backpack right in here that’s how it looks like so it’s normal usable hatch trunk space and among in the segment it’s also among the best that’s for sure I’ve tested that on out a couple of times in audio system optional equipment here below that or a replacement tire you have to decide for that it’s a good sound by the way from within audio system but not as good as you would have to do an audio system in the Tiguan that was especially good you can also reach over and then flip the seats from here actually and then we have the maximum loading length here we go so I mean those compact headers are no loading oneness but still you can use them for the most stuff you want to do then you get a length of 146 centimeters – when I’m driving all right guys trek time with the Golf GTI TCR and we go to the sports mode and [Music] just give it a go and our instructor from the bus that’s again our a little well-known penny loiter professional race driver we’ve had an ear also in the interview a couple of times and we also talked about earlier the difference to the TCR and the Golf R because if you put the performance back here for the TCR you’re price-wise just you know two three four thousands euros away from the goal of our what’s the difference well this one here is lower in weight that’s the main difference indeed so the Golf R is heavier due to the all-wheel drive and stuff in this one here just keeps the weight low and this is better for the racetrack acceleration wise a Golf R is at four point six seconds to 100 kilometres or 60 miles an hour but this one is five point six seconds so one second slower in the acceleration and ego of our path here on the racetrack it’s not about the 0 to 100 kilometer acceleration we have a lot of grip here also at the front axle it’s more about lap times and with this one here with lower weight we can score better lap times that’s pretty interesting to me definitely so just all the power to a 90 horsepower front wheels 380 Newton meters of torque and set of 370 like with the golf GTI performance but this software tuning of the engine was a 2 or 90 horsepower really gives it more punch and indeed the GDI performance is somehow suitable for the racetrack this one here indeed feels more like a true race car so also the Golf R on the racer was great and field that’s so great at handling this one here also it’s really awesome in the whole handling it feels so well-balanced but at the same time it feels more like a true race guy again I can just stress that so now we’re giving it all the way it be out at all no near far and only a potty mouth in Portugal – 114 kilometres now are wow really great performance and by the way we’re driving the three-door version here so TCR it was three and five-door well what’s the difference not so much same wheelbase the weight distribution is a little bit different but it doesn’t make the biggest of a difference so it’s not that well notable and well penny and I we’ve been practicing it together on a couple of different racetracks around the world and so it’s no wonder that we are about to overtake the next group in front of us so let’s see if they pass let us pass by of course we have a quite serious pace going on here so let’s go thank you so much guys [Music] Wow so I must really say I have been expecting you know less acceleration they go far go far with the all-wheel drive also pretty cool I’m really go of our fan but this one year really surprises me and also like no on the racetrack that is really then a big difference to the normal GTI performance Wow so sofa I was always pretty relaxed when I was driving in golf on the racetrack and I mean I have faith totally under control here but I really have to say this is probably you know the the biggest rush of adrenaline I had so far in the golf vehicle it’s really interesting what this is I mean it’s it’s front-wheel drive only but at the same time it’s so well-balanced that they could think you know you’re not missing the wheel drive and that’s really sad as a car especially on the racetrack so now when I’m also keeping it in the high rpms I also don’t have any problems with you know that the car doesn’t shift down or something I’ll get full speed [Music] you know the v-max with a performance back is unleashed to 260 kilometres an hour instead of 250 well doesn’t make too much of a difference beyond the straight we can reach out to 20 but tf1 have you seen the car sliding out when I was on the brakes a little bit because it’s just you know I was really hard on the brakes really reaching the highest speed that is possible here and for this vehicle what were those upgraded brakes they also helped me on the race tricky now a little bit better climate for the brakes and you can really be full all the way full on the throttle and that’s all so then you know advantage of the front-wheel drive car so you don’t have this oversteer them and big question is well is there any serious unless year not really you know you have this front differential lock but comes with a GTI TCR already without the performance pack and that is really giving me the full experience without experience this under steering effect so again you can see when you were smooth with the steering wheel which is again great setup you have it perfectly under control and don’t have any negative on the steering really really interesting those semi slicks by the way they have been used over here I feel that so I’m not the first one I’ll track you today and also the last couple of days there were some other guys testing the car so those tires are normally quite gone but the semi slicks they give you even more performance of course on the racetrack so if you’re planning to take this one on the race weekend I mean a lot of manufactures always say oh you know we’re building a car you can drive to the grocery store and the disabled you go on the racetrack with it’s really the case for this vehicle and from the outside its it’s really just a golf you know on the one hand the golf is you know bought and sold and build in millions and millions but when you take this one to the racetrack you really really feel that this one is something special Wow so indeed for the racetrack this TCR is just perfect really really again positively surprised by that and we are penny and I are really throwing the tires all the way around this race right here which is you know also one of my favorite racetracks because it’s a little bit more open you have different driving situations you have you know elevation change some altitude and they’re really cool some s corners and look again at the steering wheel and when the feedback gives me I exactly know what the car is doing what the front wheels are doing so if a direct connection to the road that’s pretty cool and look at how less I have to steer there’s no way I have to know grab over or something that’s really amazing I think this is one of the best steering setups there is overall on the market it’s so precise at the same time it feels so natural and it’s so direct even in the you know small angle areas you know there’s always something happening there is no dead zone at all and we’ve been driving the BMW 3-series on this very racetrack just a couple of weeks ago and the steering here is so superb in comparison to the 3-series and I mean tell something hey my Volkswagen Golf has a better steering than the BMW 3-series it’s true sorry BMW at this point it’s really true so yeah I mean I can just riff again the golf may sound boring to some people but getting this TCR and do just one lap unless on the racetrack and you’ll totally change your mind that’s really really interesting [Music] and again well not so relaxed and I was with the golf are really have to I really have to tell you because this is more in there it’s more of a challenge here because the car is somewhat you know and more extreme golf but then you can also drive a little bit more extreme with it I was all right what do you think [Music] and now – Thomas is driving lounge with the normal Street driving because most of the time the car will not be used on the racetrack rather on public roads and what’s a different difference there in comfort what’s also about the consumption and so on and the overall fun factor and well one thing you immediately realize especially comparing to a golf GTI was reason these only sold as Golf GTI performance the suspension is indeed stiffer so this car is equipped I said earlier also with the optional Performance Package which comes with those bigger rims and 19-inch and also with the DCC which puts it even five five millimeters lower so overall than 20 millimeters lower than a normal golf and those small bumps in the road you do feel notably more than with the golf GTI performance so if you’re rather seeking everyday Golf GTI which a little bit which has a little bit more comfort then you would stick with the Golf GTI performance if you want that racing attitude also on the road then you would go with the TCR version here so you feel yep you know a little bit closer connection to the road for sure consumption will be just the same here with the 2 or 90 horsepower spec then with the 2 and 45 horse balls back if you keep it rather the city that’s all by the way what I meant with the suspension gave me a little kick damn you can call school you can score something between you know seven liters and more kilometres if you really keep it very very calm that’s the minimum of attention and a realistic one would rather be eight liters on wall in kilometers that’s some 29 mpg in the u.s. or 35 UK got you 34 35 UK gallons that’s a realistic consumption then if you also you know use the car at some point and of course you want to do that the DSG iam is doing a great job once again so there is smooth transitions also when you drive the car in a calm manner and if you want a sporty Orbitz can go into this sport mode and then you have a little bit more acceleration a little bit more sound and the gears are turned up higher that’s all in normal driving models by the way in the driving mode you go then to this mode selector and for example you go to the sport which then ultimately shifts to the S shifting mode and you feel then a DCC stiffens up a little bit more it gets more race ready as we proven before on the racetrack in that can be a lot of fun when the roads are quite well done [Music] and if they’re getting bumpier then you would rather stick with normal or even go to this comfort level and then you can also drive the car a little bit better and it’s always ready for another acceleration when there’s a little higher speed limit once again and you can just punch it down there you are and you can watch your co-driver like but it’s you know still fun to love it hey we’re also receiving a thumbs up here from other cars next to us so obviously these golf see the Gulf’s TCR or GTI TCR also is able to receive some sums up from passing cars that’s all I mean always a good hint probably that you’ve maybe also got the right pic with the vehicle so we also have the blind spot monitor coming to the assistance systems for example blind spot monitors one thing I would always pick here when the car appears now then there’s this yellow warning in the side mirror that’s very good very important system and it can be even quite early I prefer this system with a little early warning for sure also I’ve set the ACC the adaptive cruise control which is for example as the cars decelerating now in front of us I’m not touching the brakes of course you should always be brake ready because those level two systems of semi-autonomous driving they sometimes don’t react at their own standing objects and that might be the case at some point so always be aware don’t trust them 100% but those systems here that they work really pretty good so very reliable as for that also just a normal city driving you are profiting from this direct steering setup so you don’t have to steer so much and they really manage it very well that you have a feeling for the car for the steering even just hitting them some very slight angle nuances and it still does something but at the same time it’s easy enough that you can you know ease the car in and out of the parking lot I think they’ve done a wonderful job with that it’s one of the best steering setups I know on the whole market really that’s really amazing you can also say that just for the street driving well that was you know some potholes now from the sewage systems camera yeah so I think for everyday driving I would prefer the GTI performance just for that and also save couple of thousand euros because I think the price performance deal is definitely better with the GTI performance than with the TCR if you seek to go to the racetrack here and there sometimes then probably you’ll be just fine with the TCR because as I said earlier I did even a little bit better than on the racetrack of course with all the modifications that have been made right there and overall still the GTI remains to be you know among the top of the segment the Hyundai i30 n was also very good performing in our tests that is the one that from the whole setup from the feeling came a little you know probably closer to it and of course I said Leon Cupra or which will be just who brought it on in the future it’s of course a together the same car as this one with a few modifications and few other directions they’re taking their design wise and so on but the GTI usually remains the comfort King in the complication edge segment the hot hatch compact segments so but it wasn’t that aggressive before here if you think yeah I know like like like another hot hatch more because it was just more aggressive then this prong could even up now if you think the GTI performance justice itself it was not aggressive enough for you that could be a solution right now the road surface it’s very loud underneath us so you can really rate that for you know the overall impression because the sound insulation here on the general V cut is I think still among best in segment the may 6th 8th class is also very good in that respect for sure so I think the Mercedes a-class and this one here the public golf general not only GTI are leading as for the noise insulation and now we are also taking you on a short trip on the motorway as this one will also be a lot of fun for sure in this very vehicle and it can still be used for cruising because those sports easier also quite decent in the comfort they still hold you tight without narrowing you too much so I think they found a very good compromise there and of course also with the with a claw surface you’re always better off it’s not too warm out from the air temperature but the sun is shining in here and if we would be now on some option animal skin we would already be sticking to the seats because it gets too hot so now we’re getting on the real motorway here still in the comfort mode by the way so I think it’s very good motorists for the everyday driving when you have this tsetse yes the suspension is lowered but at the same time you have to choice them between the comfort mode and the sport mode so then you have a somewhat of a difference in between so that might also be a clever choice and if you want to spare you know a little bit more money if you’re in a demo in the comfort mode by the way the car needs a little time to shift back so either you use two shifting paddles right here and go manual and you can accelerate a little bit better or if you go to the you know sport mode for example you can just leave the shifting pedals and you have a faster shifting fast acceleration although you know you’ve not done anything special you know that acceleration 80 to 120 let’s see that’s a realistic motorway sprint that’s it even one or 25 as one thing you maybe have realized we have experienced the same in the Audi s3 for example since the T is G is sometimes taking back a couple of gears at the same time it is something then that the user experience as a turbo lag which isn’t a travel lag it’s more shifting lag you know the DSG shifts fast but you know even here when a couple of gears I have to be shifted down because even if you learn the sport mode we already 50 R to save some fuel you know and then when you need the Fertile see it takes takes time how can you prevent that well if your one is for mode that’s the one you can do for the automatic process but then you just shift back yourself a little bit so now again from 80 to 120 but before I will just you know go to the third gear myself that’s done way better experience you know how many third gear and then just watch the extent [Music] so seen that and this 80 to 120 was just the third gear so till the end I was shifting up to fourth you can totally do that in the third gear that’s a better experience so if you have any problems when the experience that there’s shifting the lace well it’s not one that if it’s in the sixth or fifth year and it has to shift two years and even a dual clutch transmission takes some time for sure great thing of course always I’m going back to the normal driving mode is the stability also on the motorway you feel very much at home in this vehicle you feel very safe you feel all the time pretty much in control because the cars ellen’s out very well it’s one of the cars where you feel best in control so to say also experience that on the racetrack and so it’s also also suitable for longer motorway it runs although a mid-size segment vehicle which would be the folks work Mossad here in the VW lineup gives you of course more comfort especially if you’re a little bit taller or BAM that’s the suspension setup a free talkin or even in normal mode but still in the compact segment among the carpet hedges I still found the Gulf one of the most comfortable ones even though the CCR work is of course not set on the most comfort but of course the racy experience and here even at higher speeds 120 see how stable and that direct precise the car is it’s just a pleasure such an evolved car now this generation is already on the way towards the end of the life cycles so the next time we’ll see the Gulf II and who probably will already be then the next generation but this one you know the sportive pinnacle of the GTI version wait a minute we got one more special with the Gulf coming up for you with the Gulf are and very very special episode I can promise you all that already right now and we’ll see us then of course back once once and once more with the Gulf mark 7 X 7.5 as we name the facelift that came out two years ago I think it was so still also great city car and great motorway sprinter but the taste of the TCR you do feel it but of course you wanted when you pick the city’s TCR if you rather want that more comfortable retail experience as I said earlier then stick with the GTI performance and now to all conclusion for today with the Golf GTI TCR well I was really surprised how well this one was going on the racetrack because I’ve been driving the GTI and the golf are on racetracks all over the world before and this was really a big difference I wasn’t expecting that so it is way more aggressive it has a form of power not the same acceleration because then they go up but on the racetrack since this one here is lower in weight it is definitely faster than as for the lap times then the golf are interesting so if you want to take it out of the racetrack then the TCR is also definitely something for you and if you want a little bit more aggressive because so far the Golf GTI was more in the most comfortable part of this hot hatch segment in comparison to other competitors here now you also get an extreme Golf GTI the Golf GTI Golf Arlen of course if you want that all-wheel drive it is somehow still a top spec Golf sits also price was a couple of thousand euros more than this one year but there’s now this nice you know the GTI performance with about 35,000 euros in Germany for example than this 139 with a performance pack 41 42 and then there’s the go of are with 43 base you put something in at 45 so this one year then sits price-wise in between the GTI performance and the Golf R and that’s indeed also where I see it but indeed the sporty this trek focus so I personally for everyday driving life would either go with the GTI performance or with the Golf R than with four with you always drive that’s what I would pick just for normal driving on the streets either safe a little bit of money with the GTI I have the GTI but I bet just upon growth or spend then you know the maximum amount of money for a golf go with the goal are for the always drive but if I also want some track experience and I’m the one who wants the extreme golf then the TCR would be my big interesting and of course good starting as we know from the Gulf Interior top not as for the build quality I mean it’s a car you can do so many things with because it’s still like a normal car but this one definitely race trick proof did you like our episode here today then give us up please follow us also an Instagram and subscribers here and you do if you haven’t done so far stick with nothing in the autograph you’ll thank you so much for tuning in [Music]

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