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My friend, we’ll talk about the future Mk8 Golf R. The most powerfull version of the golf’s 8th generation which is not here yet
but i’ll show you what it might look like based on our “deepest” research that we
did here at PlaneteGT. let’s go ! Before we go into the subject,
we need to do a lil recap on what happened. If you’ve follow, you saw the Golf 8 testdrive and the design is… how to say it ? It divises the audience I see a lot of comment saying, it’s not that crazy. They could have go crazier on this 8th gen. Honestly, let me tell you,
it’s a nice car. It’s not that bad in the real life. but i know, you’re not really into it
and soon the new Seat Leon is coming and maybe it will convince you. Then, we looked at what the GTI version
could look like. and once again, not really convinced
from what i’ve seen. If we get back to what we allready did, we talked about the Golf 8 R with
some renders, although the new golf wasn’t shown then. I showed you the render from AutoBild
and also one from us (PlaneteGT) that was not so great and based on the T-Roc R. And now, today i will show you some renders based on the reality, with the most logic probability for the design of this new 8th Golf. So i allready explained that the body of the GTi
should copy the GTE one. And for our future Golf 8 R it’s likely that it goes like
the R line version. It’s logic, it’s the R line, it copies the style of the future R. Ideally i wanted a realistic picture, taken in a naturel environment and not an auto show allowing to get you a better look at what could be the golf 8. So, in my search i found a pictures series of the Golf R Line in the street. The perfect choice to create the render i wanted So what did i do ? I changed the paint to the blue,
to get a Golf R look. I added the Golf R rims, it’s logic. I also lowered it And i added some led in the front bumper which i’m absolutely not sure about Let’s remember that there’s no spyshots of the Golf 8 R, but i thought that if the GTE, GTI, has it why not for the Golf R ? We can imagine this version with or without. I also looked at the back and the work was quite easier I lowered the car, changed the color
added the rims and the Akrapovic specific exhaust
that i took from an image of the T-Roc R, and the render is pretty nice. I also did that on 2-3 other photos
that was also took in the street. I don’t know what you think of this,
but on the paper if i’m right and my renders are true about the future Golf R it’s not that bad ! Obviously, i’m know in the comments you’ll say, “yeah, it’s not that crazy, and so on.. bla bla” Honestly, for a Golf, for a new generation of Golf. i think that in this R render, we see that it gain
in presence, in agressivity. and it’s more dynamic than the old gen. What could be interessting is to put my version against the 7th gen Golf R. and watch what you think of it. Let’s do it, i put them side by side.
Which one do you prefer ? It’s a render, don’t be to crazy about it. We’ll talk a few moment about the engine. From what it’s said, it should no go for the A45S, Audi RS3 that is coming soon. with power figure above 400 hp. It should stay pretty close to the actual version that was at 310 hp. We should be around 310-330 hp, not more. And for what the Golf R has to offer, it pretty good. The race to more power need to calm down, it’s not really usefull, let’s be honest. Honestly, i’m pretty happy about my renders, I worked a bit to do it.
There’s a huge amount of work but they’re nice and it gives you a nice
idea of what the Golf 8 R could like in the real world. So let me know if you think it’s possible. In your opinion, the LEDs, will they be here or not ? I really placed them where there allready was some holes in the bumper so it can makes sense. But i think they will not do it and keep the same bumper as the R Line one. Final point. My friend, this is the end of this Express News, i hope you enjoyed it. As soon as we have info on the Golf 8 R if there’s some spyshot or something,
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