100 thoughts on “Volleyball with a BABY?!!

  1. I can't believe how much Adley has grown up! She is talking so good! Also he pigtails look ADORABLE!!! 🙂

  2. My heart stopped every time she was in the air until she was in someone's arms. I gotta give it to him. You make your vlogs so entertaining and man she is such a cutie. Love the little munchkin

  3. Guys: No handy is actually less dangerous than wearing no helmet while driving the motorcycle XD
    Also a quick tipp in case a thousand persons didn't comment that already: Maybe Adley is just scared of the loud noises. Babys actually have a way better hearing than adults. Try giving her some ear protection next time maybe it works 🙂

  4. OMGosh! I started the video where the freeze frame was and I skipped ahead and landed on where the freeze frame was in the video! That's amazing!

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