Volleyball w/ Aurora Skarra-Gallagher | Volleyball Lessons

Hi, my name’s Aurora Skarra-Gallagher. I’m
a professional beach volleyball player. I’m also a software engineer and a volunteer firefighter. I started playing indoor volleyball in high
school, and then I played in college as well. I didn’t start playing beach until 2006, and
I started competing professionally about three years ago. I got interested in beach volleyball because
after college it was harder to find high level indoor. I met my partner, Tanya White, this
season, and we’ve been training with our coach Stein Metzger, and are really excited about
what we’re learning. My partner and I, we’re both five foot ten,
so we split block, but I think that we can hang in there with the big girls. Some of
the girls we play against are six foot three, six foot four, even six foot five. You can
follow me on my website at digaurora.blogspot.com, or on Facebook or Twitter at digaurora. And
today we’re going to be talking about beach volleyball.

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