Volleyball vs. Walsh

Passed up by Wilkerson. Quick set from Schuitema to Emily Jastrzemski her first collegiate kill it was beautiful. You know, it’s it’s one of those things where going into our first home match Just trying to get the jitters out had a great crowd here tonight, and absolutely love the enthusiasm for our team You know that CU has for us, you know From what I saw from our team is that we’vs still got a lot of things to work on just become more consistent as a team There was definitely some bright spots definitely opportunities in which to You know carried out point runs, but we just couldn’t carry it out. Walsh did a really nice job. They’re a good defensive team Did a lot of nice things they held it, you know their errors down and right tonight, we were high error and High error and not getting points scored the way we should have had them It makes it difficult to win against a team like Walsh, but you know I credit our team in the sense that week still So, you know, we still fought through set we had our opportunities to you know continue to play strong volleyball, but they got on a run and that was the so that was the difference between in that third set. First two sets we got it up on them quickly, but then let them back into it to the point where they got a Quick. I think it’s 4-9 in both sets that they got up pretty quickly After we started realy strong You know, those are things we just gotta get better at mentally. We’re just Doing some good things, but just not consistent right now, and that’s just the mental part of the game and once we figure that out and Shore that up. I think we’re gonna be okay But the mental side of the game is what’s going to make or break us this season and then the team knows it we talked about it all the time and and This is going to be a process just like any skill set physical skill set for volleyball The mental side of the game is probably more important than the physical and that’s what’s killing us right now.

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