Volleyball vs. Upper Iowa Highlights

what are your feelings on your regular
season opener happy that we got a win Upper Iowa a super good team their
offense is just very powerful and they have a lot of weapons so I am just
really pleased that we’re able to come out and you know work together as a team
and get that win what do you plan to improve on tomorrow going into those two
games seeing as we have no practice time before tomorrow hopefully just you know
a couple of small improvements and things that we didn’t really like to see
in our serve, recieve tonight I think that would be an area that we’d focus the
most on and how do you feel going into those two big games against two also
NCAA ranked teams you know all four teams this weekend are in the national rankings or
getting votes and six of our first eight opponents are so it’s just we knew what
we were getting into this year we just have to go out and take one game at a
time and see what happens what was your mindset going into the fourth set after
you guys had lost the third we were just focusing on finishing I think we’re a
little mad at ourselves that we didn’t finish sooner but we just wanted to come
out strong and stronger than they were and just finish the game how do you feel
after your first regular-season game of your junior year I’m excited I think
that we have a lot of potential and I’m excited to see where it goes and what do
you think about the team dynamics so far this season I think they’re really good
I think we started practices this preseason and we clicked right away and
I think that we still have like places to go and more to click with our team
but I think that we’re really good right now and I’m excited to see how well we
put together in the end

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