Volleyball vs. Findlay

14-11; Back to the action Autumn Foust on the serve this will be an attack from the left side by Murphy. Cedarville is there
for the play and a big solo block as Lauren Willow stuffs … This is just a great
win for us you know the aspect Findlay’s one of the top teams in the not just in our division but in the conference they only had one
one loss coming in they they beat a very tough Tiffin team last night
and the way we bounced back from last night’s tough match with Hillsdale I was
very proud of the team I felt like that we’re starting to stay more consistent
more mentally engaged on longer basis versus short spurts we’re really getting
better at the extended part of the sets and even when Findlay made a push and
several of the, in set two and three and then we just stayed true to who we are
we stayed mentally tough and that’s the difference I mean from where we were a
few weeks ago to where we are now is our mental side of the game we’re getting a
lot better at it and that’s caused us to put us in a good place to be successful so
that’s that’s all we can ask of right now. I think a huge part of today was that we were really focused on playing in
unity like appreciating and loving and encouraging what each teammate has to
offer and bring. Um, and just letting the focus to really be on Jesus which was
really beautiful because then we got to play in freedom and it was so fun so
that’s what I think like the focus on unity and coming to compete it was
really awesome.

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