Volleyball vs. Davis & Elkins

LaCour from the back row. McCullough, great pass to Schuitema. Wilkerson up, match point put down by … You know I felt like that we played a lot cleaner match tonight. Probably, one
of our cleaner matches. And, you know the defensive prowess was there. I felt like
our first ball contacts off serve receive, down ball, free ball situations were good
which allows to be in system and getting our middles more involved which also
allowed our outsides to have you know seams in the block or holes in the block.
So, it’s really good overall. And, knowing coming in that D&E was going to be a
solid team you know they had a couple really nice players that you know we had
to make sure we slowed down. I think we did that I think we did that with our
serving. We kept them out of system as much as possible and I felt like that we
did you know a lot of nice things. And, credit to D&E you know they did a
nice job in that third set, came out you know still fighting and they got their
lead but also I was very proud of our team with the resolve they had and
knowing that we were down four late into that set that we continued to fight and
didn’t you know didn’t panic and it’s just you starting to see the maturity of
our team and the confidence that we’re getting so it was good to see that. The
key to our win tonight was our mental toughness.
We stayed consistent throughout those first two sets and then that third set
when we were down a little bit, we were not going to let up. We were gonna finish
in three. And, that shows how we’ve grown over the season, the beginning the season it we weren’t like that and we’ve changed
a lot and that’s one growth step that we’ve had a lot and that showed tonight.

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