Volleyball Training | Resistance Bands | Lateral Speed | Part 3

Speaker 1: Wipe your shoes. Make sure that
we’ve got a good footing here. We’re going to try to get from side to side and tap softly,
so when you’re here, you’re going to get here, here, you’ve got to get softly so if you’re
landing hard, that’s not what we want, hold your body. Good, get somewhere, get lateral,
get lateral, as far as you can, as far as you can, we got three, one, two, three. get
lateral, get out there, be powerful, strong in your legs, don’t leave them behind you
remember. This is where we get a little more, this is where you want a little more, look
so if you would get from there to here, now it’s time to get further, right? Everybody
ready, let’s head this way, get it out there, one set, one set, you’re a little better,
okay, I said to the right, here we go, good, good stay in stay in, [inaudible 00:01:08]
good keep going, keep going, keep going, get out a little further for these last three
reps. Who fells the difference? Speaker 2: That felt so good. Speaker 1: Good, that’s what you need to do,
now remember, if you don’t extend out on that set where it feels lighter, you’re not going
to get any better, okay. Just know that if you really start working for power your legs
feel lighter. You’re going to keep getting better every set.

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