Volleyball Tip of the Week #17 : Middle hitting (in French)

Hey everyone, this is LP with your Jump Volleyball Training Tip of the Week. The question was asked by Guillaume on our Facebook page and it was about how to hit angles in the middle. So how to hit the ball to 1 and to 5 What I’ll do to answer this question is simple. There will be 2 videos. I will give you an exercise to do this week and next week, I will give you a tip that you will be able to use in the game and that will help you achieve your goal. So let’s go see what the exercise is first so you can start doing it tonight. The first thing you will do is practice your arm swing. You will want to develop an arm swing like this that allows you to hit in both directions. You will definitely need to use your abs and be careful not to get away from the ball while hitting. The following exercise will allow you to practice that motion. The first step is fo find a line and a wall. You position yourself at a 45 degree angle with the line. You will toss your ball, not too high because you are practicing your middle hitting, you will toss the ball directly in front of you and you will try to hit the ball directly on the line. It looks like this. That is to practice your hits to position 1. In order to practice your hits to position 5 you simply do the opposite You position yourself at 45 degrees with the line but the other way Same thing, you keep the ball low and you hit the ball with speed. That was the training tip I wanted to give you this week so you can start practicing a middle arm swing that will allow you to hit different angles and hit around the blockers. Next week, I will give you a game tip to complete this exercice tip. Thanks for watching guys and I will see you next week for another Jump Volleyball Training Tip of the Week. Don’t forget to subscribe to our channel and see you next week for the end of that tip on middle hitting.

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  1. Merci beaucoup pour les explications en français, j'espère que vous ferez d'autres videos du même type 🙂

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