Volleyball Tip of the Week #11

hey guys this is al P with your John volleyball training tip of the week this week we are going to talk about defense and more specifically about basic positioning okay why do we go back to the basics well there are three common mistakes that young athletes make and I will keep them from progressing to the next level and just getting better at defense so we want to make sure that we address those things right away to do that we are going to look over at those three common mistakes with a former Team Canada player and ease a libero used to play libero for Team Canada so we’re pretty happy to have him on the show so we are going to welcome Ben and this guy’s in the magic of YouTube the first mistake is to have your knees and toes inwards like a hockey goaltender this will make you rotate your hips when the ball is hit beside you and therefore keep you from keeping the ball in front of you and in the middle of the court the second mistake is to have your hands together before to hit this will keep you from moving your hands upwards if the ball is it high and the third mistake is to be too low so if the ball is tipped or roll in front of you you will have a hard time getting out of your stand and get that ball so now that we saw that the common mistakes we can see what the good defense positioning is so we see Ben his feet are wide and his feet are pointing slightly outwards his knees are in line with his toes he’s got his hands out with his hands facing up his shoulders are forward and he’s not too low okay he’s in a comfortable position and he’s ready to go if there’s a tip or if he has to move so now let’s see what it looks like so Ben’s ready to dig now we’re gonna see what it looks like Ben’s in this position so guys this is great positioning and defense this is why you want to do try this week let me know how it goes in the comments below and thanks for watching and I’ll see you next week for another tip of the week if you want more weekly useful volleyball tips make sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel see you next week

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