Volleyball Tip of the Week #10

hey guys this is LP for your jump volleyball training tip of the week this week we’re going to talk about surf and we’re gonna see how having a low toss on your standing float serve can help you have more control over your serve to see that we’re gonna watch the next couple of videos let’s watch the serves one at a time first a high toss and now the low toss serve now let’s look at both serves together first at full speed and now I’m gonna slow it down for you guys so that we can really see what happens and what the difference is between both serve so there one thing that we notice is that on the left side left-hand side of your screen where the toss is low we can see the ball very clearly okay as opposed to on the right side of your screen where the toss is high we can see that the ball is blurry why is that well it’s pretty simple it’s because on the high toss serve you see the ball leaves the screen well when it comes down to the server’s hands it’s going to have much more speed so it’s gonna come way faster which will make it harder for the server to put their hands on the ball okay we see it here as the ball comes down to a man’s hand how blurry it is well this is because of the speed of the ball if we look at the low tosser we see that the ball is very clear so it doesn’t have as much speed and that tells us that the server will be able to put their hands on the ball really good so that they can pull it more power and have more control over to serve so this is why you want to have a low toss as you can see when you have a low toss the ball doesn’t have as much speed which allows you to put your hand on the ball and have the crisp and sharp contact on that ball so that you can control it and send it wherever you want this is where you want to do right so keep your thoughts low and you’re gonna have a lot more success so right now let’s just go see what it looks like see when you keep your toss low you can really serve wherever you want so thanks for watching guys try this tip this week and let me know how it goes and I’ll see you next Monday for your next volleyball tip of the week

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