Volleyball Terms and Learn English

Hi I’m Leslie and today we’re going to do a quick little four minutes volleyball workout. So here we are. You want your arms straight and when the ball hits, it needs to be somewhere between the elbow and the hand but not on the hand. So something like that. But we’re just going to bump bump bump bump bump bump bump. Bump the ball. Bump, bump, bump., bump. Bump the ball over the net. Bump, bump, bump. Bump the ball bump, bump. Good. Grab the ball again and then set the ball. So kind of forehead and then all the way up. Set the ball. Set the ball. Alright this is without the ball. We’re going to spike the ball. So if your dominant foot is the right side, so your’e going to go right left right left your arms swoop up over. Right left right left So just concentrate. Spike, spike, spike. Ok not perfect. Spike. We spiked the ball over the net. So you have that momentum. Spiked the ball. Spike the ball. We spike the ball over to win the game. Spike. Okay now I’m right-handed so my right arm is going back as I serve overhand. Lift up and then i’m going to hit. I’m not going to actually do it. Serve overhand serve overhand the ball. Arms like a bow and arrow. Serve overhand. Serve overhand. Now again. Serve underhand dominant hand is right hand. So I’m gonna hit it with my fist like that. Serve underhand. Ok and now without I’m gonna block because the ball is coming toward me and my knees are bent. My hands are by my face. And I hit it over. Straight up and down. Block. Block block block block block. Bump, bump. So we bumped the ball over the net. We set the ball. We set the ball. We spiked the ball. We served overhand. We served the ball overhand. We served the ball underhand. And then we blocked the ball And then maybe we had to go to the side we blocked the ball and hit it back over the net. We blocked. We bumped we set we spiked. We served overhand. We served underhand. We blocked. Bumped. We set. We spiked. We served overhand. We served underhand and we blocked. Good job.

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