Volleyball Swing Attack – 4 Basic Swing Moves (Volleyball Offense)

up welcome to volleyball swing attack dot com and
the basic moves have an outside swing hitter we see the ball served just about the
time the ball is passed the swing hitter moves slightly inside to hide behind the
middle then moves around the base point to
attack outside on a front swing now reload for our next serve we’ll be
looking at a backswing attack using the green base
point that’s roughly equal with the Setter with the center here we have the server
and the outside hitters sliding inside and pausing at the base point and then
moving in attacking on the backside as we reload we will put our swing hitter on the backside and look at a couple
different options here this first one requires the two other
passers to fade back out of the way and we’ll see this happening at the serve is
coming the ball being passed to the other passer fade back out of the way and
allow room for the swing hitter to move around in front of them if one the passers is in the way of the
swing hitter they simply freeze and allow the swing htter to move around
them usually deeper here’s our fourth major option for a swing hitter now we have the serve coming and what
will do see the swing hitter move inside pause just at the green break point and
then move back outside against the grain to
attack on the backside antenna that’s swing attack!

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