Volleyball Sign Language- for Gotham Vball Players and other Volleyball Afficionados!

Hi! I’m Charity. I’m here to share some volleyball and sports terms in ASL. I play in the Gotham Volleyball League, so some of you might know me or have played with me. This is a fun little tutorial. So, now if you’re thinking, “How can I communicate with that deaf girl,” you can share some of the signs you’ve learned. Hi! I’m Robyn. I play for Gotham, too! I’m here to help her teach you some cool signs. CHARITY: I’m going to start a simple sign: Hi!
ROBYN: Hi! Good-bye. CHARITY: How are you?
ROBYN: I’m fine. CHARITY: I’m good.
ROBYN: I’m bad.
CHARITY: I’m sick! ROBYN: I’m tired! CHARITY: Now, to the volleyball-related terms.
ROBYN: Pass. [alternate sign]
CHARITY: Net. ROBYN: Hmm. Can you think of more volleyball signs you want to teach?
CHARITY: You guys know “in,” and “out.” That’s easy. ROBYN: Mine. Yours.
CHARITY: Give me the ball.This is good for setters: Give me the ball. ROBYN: Hmm. That’s a pretty good vocabulary for you to use and practice with. CHARITY: Now, let’s teach some words of support and encouragement.
ROBYN: So, why are we teaching you signs?
CHARITY: I want to add some words of encouragement, a way for teammates to communicate things like “good job” with you. ROBYN: Oh, that’s a great idea! The thumbs-up gesture is passe- that’s basic. Instead, you can say “Wow! That was good!” ROBYN: I like that.
CHARITY: Good job! ROBYN: Bad job!
CHARITY: You aren’t going to use that. Robyn’s fabulous!
ROBYN: Nah… ROBYN: You are [rough translation of sign: a combination of ‘very good’ and ‘terrific’]. You’re great! CHARITY: My favorite is the ‘upplause.’ For deaf people, clapping isn’t very effective. ROBYN: Now, we’ve taught you many signs. [If you’re in Gotham] Practice using them while you’re playing volleyball with us. ROBYN: There are some ways you can support Charity in her journey. She will be representing the U.S. at the 2013 Deaflympics in Sofia, Bulgaria this Summer. ROBYN: If you know her, play with her, or play with me, please show your support. CHARITY: Go to my fundraising site [www.rally.org/charitydeaflympics]. This Summer I will play beach volleyball at the Deaflympics and am very excited about this opportunity. ROBYN: It’s a little different than indoor volleyball, right? But she will be great!
CHARITY: Thank you!
ROBYN: [gestures bye] Oh, “Good-bye!”

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