Are you interested in becoming a great
setter? If so, watch this video where I share the four common traits of the
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Tuesday. In this video, you’re gonna have the four common traits for the
greatest setters. Number one, well prepared. As a setter, it’s important
to be prepared for any situation that could possibly occur. Number two, setting a hittable ball. If the setter has placed the ball to a spot where the hitter can get a great swing,
the setter has done their job. Some situations are very difficult. Often it’s
not worth the risk to try and make a perfect set. Instead of
perfection, focus on making the ball hittable. Number three, develop efficient
footwork. The best setter has the best feet and are able to quickly beat the
ball. Great footwork allows for great positioning. This means the setter is able to set the ball from above the forehead every time
the best setters get feet under the ball. So the contact point is always
consistent. Number four, better the ball. Setting is a
very dynamic skill. No two situations are the same and there are many variables
that factor in on how well you set. Since some situations are more difficult, the
focus isn’t on setting the perfect ball. The focus is on setting the perfect ball
for the given situation. Now, to be a great setter you need to become great
at moving to the ball. If you haven’t seen my video on training footwork for
setting, be sure to check it out. The link to watch it is in the description below
and also in the cards in this video. If you’ve been struggling with setting or
have a question related setting, please comment below with follow-up question.
Now, you have some very important tips to training the setter and there’s a lot
that goes into training. This is why I’ve created a checklist that covers the
entire process of training the setter. This covers everything you need to know
about training the setter. The link is below. If you liked this video, please let
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