Volleyball Serve Receive Drill: “Backup”

Hi Coaches, it’s Whitney with Get The Pancake. Today’s video is by request. In my Instagram Stories, I asked what you
guys were struggling with the most, and it’s pretty clear that everyone needs to work on
serve receive. Get used to it, that’s not going to go away. Serve receive is one of the most challenging
parts of volleyball, which is why it’s something that you need to practice throughout the season. I really love this drill because it teaches
players how to mentally deal with tough serve receive situations. I call this drill, “Backup.” Ok, so we get into Rotation #1. Let’s say that that’s just NOT working. In a game, you’ll want to have your players
adjust, whether that’s hiding someone or moving someone up to the net and bringing someone
else back to pass. It’s up to you to come up with your backup
options. I’m going to show you what I use for my teams
as an example. This is how we get set up for serve receive
in Rotation #1. If this isn’t working, then all I like to
do is just push that setter up and have a different passer drop back to help pass. Although this seems pretty simple and like
you could instruct it during a match, if your players don’t know what’s going on, they’re
likely to get out of rotation and just be flustered. BUT, if you practice going into this backup
option, your players will be more confident and if they face challenges during a match,
they’re not going to be worried because they know that there are others things that they
can try before they get stuck. I like to have my players call their own adjustments,
so I’ll usually have the floor captain decide when it’s time to go to our “backup” option. Do that, until your players are able to get
three hits over and in. And then we’ll switch to our next rotation. This is what I like to have my serve receive
look like for Rotation #2, if this isn’t working though, because of the strengths of the players
on my team, I’ll usually push up that outside hitter and have my middle drop back to help
pass. You might decide to do something different,
but this is what works for me. One of the reasons that we practice this though,
is because we don’t want to be out of rotation. It’s really important to point this out to
your players as you’re practicing, that way they can monitor it themselves and not get
frustrated losing a point when they’re already down. Moving into Rotation #3, this is how I tend
to setup with most teams. However, if I’m running a 6-2 where my setters
both play all the way around, then my default will actually be my backup option, which looks
like this. And again, play to your own team’s strengths,
not everyone’s setter is great in serve receive… But… mine is pretty good. While we go through this drill, remember,
we’re trying to get three hits over and in, and you can do scoring for servers and serve
receive. I’ll leave that up to you, this is just a
template to help you get started. Or you can do it for time… Again, up to you. But we want our serve receive to get three
hits over and in before they rotate. And if they’re facing a really tough server,
they don’t beat themselves up because they know that there are other ways to handle a
tough serve. Thanks for watching, if you want to see more
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