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[Music] in this video you will learn the basic volleyball rules volleyball is played on a rectangular field of 18 by 9 meters surrounded by an unobstructed area it is divided in two by a net and has a front zone of 3 meters with on each side of the net the height of the net is 2 point 4 3 meters for men and 2.2 4 meters for women 2 antennae or rods are attached to the net above the sidelines the rods pass 80 centimeters vertically up from the sidelines and mark the boundaries for where the ball can be played to play two teams of six players rally the ball to each other over the net between the rods the ball can touch the net during its passage the teams play three sets against one another up to 25 points in the case of a fifth set it is played up to 15 points a winning team needs at least two clear points to win a set a team scores a point in two instances when the ball hits the ground on the opponent’s side of the court or when a team is unable to return the ball or commits a foul to learn more watch our video on the basic fouls each game begins with a serve hit with the handed the team which receives the ball is entitled to three touches with the ball before sending it back all parts of the body can be used a single player does not have the right to touch the ball twice in a row if the team which served wins the point they keep the same server if the receiving team wins the point it wins the surf and it’s players rotate clockwise to learn more watch our video titled knowing the zones positions and roles of players you’re now familiar with the basic rules of volleyball over to you [Music]

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