Volleyball Olympic Qualifications (Men)

[Applause] the men’s volleyball qualifiers for the Olympic Games in Tokyo 2020 start on Friday in 90 focused the teams that received the possibility to participate in those qualifications in accordance with their place in the world ranking I divide it into six posts of four teams each the winners in each pool are going to qualify directly for the Olympic Games and the teams left will fight for a place to further five continental tournaments for example the European qualifier will be played in January 2020 and the participants will be the host and the top seven ranked teams in the European ranking which hadn’t yet qualified for the Olympics but let’s go back to the post which will be played this weekend pool a Brazil Bulgaria Egypt and Puerto Rico here the Brazilians are the total favourites but the Bulgarians will rely on the support of the local fans since the matches will be played and the cost of plexy in value if everything goes smoothly Brazil and Bulgaria will face each other in the last match on Sunday and we will determine the winner in the pooh-pooh be United States Belgium Netherlands and South Korea matches will take place in the amazing a high water damn hole but Belgians and the Dutch horse won’t have a lot of chances against the USA in that spirit I believe that the Americans will qualify for the Olympics with their first attempt to see Italy Serbia Australia and Cameroon Italy will host this group in Bari and their main opponent for the qualification will be Serbia the quota will be determined between these two teams and I would say that Italy has a slight advantage due to the fact that the matches will take place on their home soil foody Poland France Slovenia and Tunisia the tournament will be hosted by the Polish team in ergo arena in dusk and this is enough of an advantage in front of the other strong favorite France the other advantage shall be the new Polish hero Buford alone my prediction is Poland but with a small margin Oh II Russia Iran Cuba and Mexico hosted by the Russians and st. Petersburg Russia as the winner in volleyball nations League 2019 is the clear favorite but run is progressing quickly and they won’t be an easy task for Thomas summer world and his players who F Canada Argentina Finland and China hosted by China in involved this is clearly the most equivalent pool but I believe that the qualifying spot will be decided between Canada and Argentina what are your predictions for men’s qualifiers this weekend comment in the section below and tell me who is your favorite and of course do not forget to subscribe to the channel

2 thoughts on “Volleyball Olympic Qualifications (Men)

  1. My pool favorites
    Pool A: Brazil or Bulgaria..(hopefully Bulgaria pulls it out ??)
    Pool B: USA
    Pool C: Serbia (even tho its on Italian soil)
    Pool D: Poland. The addition of Wilfredo Leon was NICE.
    Pool E: Russia. Their VNL champs even though Iran is impressive
    Pool F: Argentina. Canada is ok they need to get better with their serve receive & they need to use Daenan (Kofi) Gyimah. I barley see Canada use him ?

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