Volleyball Explained: Secrets of Reception (Basics)

[Music] [Applause] the reception is a fundamental factor for organization of the game of every single volleyball team let’s hear the opinion of copyright a pure volleyball legend and currently u.s. women’s national volleyball team head coach about the basics of reception passing with three interesting little look here where Reed is trying to give him one look and then jumps back to more closely to where he expects the ball to go so he’s standing there and then moves out of the way that’s all something that the passers have talked about beforehand and even on this one Reed starts way over by the sideline and maybe he’s just trying to see the server he got a little bit of a screen going there too and then jumps back into position this is one of the harder servers for the Russians is just to give the server a little different look the opposite here Clay Stanley jumps into the formation which he did off and when he was in right front and when he is in right back it’s a pretty convenient spot to do but one of the things it does is it just gives the server a little less seems to him it gives the server Clayton Stanley was not a decent receiver but nowadays some teams used an opposite who is also finding the reception in order to receive with four people for example USA receives with four in notation five rotation four and notation one Russia with Maxima cough also receives with four in several rotations the standard three passer system that we use in our gym anyway we have some designated responsibilities when the server is in zone one here or the server is in zone six is because generally our path our setter is standing over here and these players have to take the ball from their left and get it to their right it’s a little easier for them to reach left so a ball that’s in the exact seam here will be taken by the player who gets to reach left it’s a little easier of an angle to make to reach left and then take the ball to the right here some of you might have heard the cute term that left is right and right is wrong I try not to use that in our chess now it might change because if we have Stacy Sakura who’s a it was a very strongly bro and Logan Tong in these two spots maybe they’re taking 40% 40% and maybe our other front row outsides taken 20% so maybe they change the seams at that point but what this is a starting point and they work from that now when the server is over here in five we change our base responsibilities all things being exactly equal and that is because now this player it’s actually easier especially for this player and servers often go down this line to reach a little right to make an angle to go to to put the ball on the spot of where our center ideally would like to take it and but again those can change based on where the libro’ is maybe if the libros here she’s taking this see man this seam or he depending on what team you’re talking about a team that receives serve well takes three things it takes a pretty decent system you also need players who are pretty good mechanically at this skill but I think the one thing that you also need is the ability to see and read the game [Applause]

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