Volleyball Drills – Volleyball Arm Swing Training

now we’re gonna work on your volleyball arm action so
what I want to do is step in here and if you were gonna toss that volleyball up
there for a serve what would you do with your left hand when
you toss you gonna toss up with your left-hand and get in this position so I want you to get in there face the
right post and do this for me just pretend that
you’ve just tossed that ball up there when I want you to do as I want that
left him to point the volleyball and what I want this to do as I want the
shoulder did tip back because the volleyball when you hit is up here so we’ve got a tilt your body we gotta
go up to the ball as this left hand tosses the volleyball up you took your right hand back how you take
it back is extremely important so I want you start over again let’s pretend you
had the ball there toss the volleyball up and as this hand comes
back what I want you to do is make sure that this hand stays below
your chin as it comes back so it’s gonna look like this we’re gonna
toss in this right hand here is gonna come back almost like we call the swim move
where your pulling water or air underneath your chin so thats a
little high that elbow is coming up real high that’s not a great position on your
shoulder long term shoulder isn’t going to like that so we’re gonna toss it up here and this
hand go ahead and take the left hand up is going to come from here and see where
your chin is this is gonna pull back water underneath your chin if I had my hand and arm out there its
gonna go below that so start over so you can start here with
your hands toss it up there nice do that again K good now we don’t want a real low we
just wanted to come right below your chin level their awesome as you do that unlike
when you’re hitting a floater when you’re going to have a real stiff wrist and PowerShot we want this wrist to be
just really relaxed we want this whole arm to be relaxed because we’re gonna
create a whip with the turn of your body what this relax or come through in snap
through hard on the volleyball if it’s stiff your arm speed going to be
slow so here’s this year gonna toss it up you take that swim or bring their arm
back that’s awesome I want a repeat that six or seven times really slow and just
feel what that right hand is doing nice great job again go again and i wanna see a little bit
more this tilt because once again when you get a
set the volleyball’s going to be up here it’s not like when you hit a volleyball you’re going to hit a ball down into the ground or into the net we actually have to get as you age in
get stronger and more athletic we’re gonna jump up and go get the volleyball
the sets are going to be up we gotta learn to get our body here and go up just like
a tennis serve or something else we gotta go up and get the ball up there real high with the arm start over hand here k just like you’ve got the ball toss do your
swim move with your right arm do that again nice again good keep going keep going again now when you do this stay right there what do you feel
happening here do you feel that stretch K part of the way you’re going to learn to hit the
ball harder is if you get your core muscles right you’re core really goes
from hip to your shoulder blades here if you really reach up reach up for me
again you’re gonna feel the stretch that’s part of your abdominal muscle stretching
and when they stretch they are like rubber bands they’ll help you hit harder but you have to reach up there and have
to get a little bit tilted to make them happen make me do them do
that again form six or seven times slower reach up there swim move with your right-hand nice job good
good good keep going to do that again for me please great job four more nice scoot back a little bit so I’m gonna have you
start about right here do that same movement reach up feel that stretch get that
stretch get that stretch in front there we go nice good good arm getting tired one more make sure that hand stays below
your chin as you bring it back last one coming look up keep your eyes on the volleyball so you’re gonna toss the ball up there
tilt your shoulders back do your swim move with the right arm get in that position for
me nice stretch nice reach up there a little
more shoulder tilt very good now what happens and how would
you do that first of all let’s talk about what your
left arm does yeah so it actually your left arm is gonna do
this your left hand is gonna come in toward your heart and we’re going to rotate we’re not
gonna crunch down on the volleyball if we crunch down on the ball where are we hitting the volleyball down wheres the ball got to go up the balls up there so what we want to do
is left him is gonna come in toward your
heart we start to rotate right with your hips your shoulders and now we’re gonna take that right
elbow way up high to reach the ball and hit the ball up over the net not
down to the floor so nice and slow give me you’re tossing
tilt take your left hand and pull it down to your heart right in the center of your chest as you start to hit do that again that’s nice toss and tilt left hand to your heart good again awesome now remember how your hips were
turning earlier you stepped in turn your hips that can
happen at the same time we’re gonna go here we’re gonna step we’re going to turn her
hips left-handers come into the heart right hands going up to the ball it’s just like your throwing it’s just like your doing the same thing add your hips to it do it left hand to your heart step take your hips that is great job right there nice nice
nice do that again left hand up left hand to your heart step turn nice now instead of doing this motion
because we’re not hitting balls to the ground where we hitting volleyballs up there we want our arm to go up to the
ball and when we get up to the ball this right hand is gonna go what its gonna snap so let it be relax let a
snap when I get up to the volleyball try it again in this what your hand ought look like right after you’ve hit the volleyball nice do that again awesome good K again keep your eye on the ball watch
your hand hit that ball let it snap let it extend good couple more just like that that’s awesome let this wrist relax let it flop so this whole arm has to be
really relaxed on a floater it’s stiff on a PowerShot
this thing is relaxed as as the body turns it just let everything snap up as you
hit the ball like a noodle just like that nice bring your left hand to your heart faster
turn your hips faster let it snap up nice as you go back here pull that water keep your wrist bent not
straight yes do that again cool again last one nice now I want you to do is hit one
like that right into the net but I want to go
relatively slow go through motion then I want you to
step turn your hips let that wrist go up hit that volleyball just let everything rotate
through it nice good now since we’re not hitting the
ground we don’t do this lets hit this ball lets hit over
the net nice that a girl and you see how the
extensions up there it’s not this motion its up the volleyballs up gotta go up the hands gotta go up to hit the ball do that
again that was awesome nice that a girl turn your hips faster and do that that’s really good good again let that wrist stay relaxed the whole
time turn your hips let it snap through awesome great job that’s a nice body
movement right there do that again awesome that is really good your body is turning
really fast it’s creating this whip in your arms with whipping through with a lot of nice arm speed two more if you would please good relax your right arm relax your
right wrist turn those hips fast let it nap through
awesome one more in just bring your left hand
your into the center of your heart center of your chest you got it nice great job we’re going to work on your arm action I am going to go ahead and hook up one of the grey bands here to the strap
around the volleyball standard and let’s hook it to your arm cuff above your right elbow take your left hand toss the ball up show me that toss and tilt
position great little more tilt here feel that stretch
in the front part of your abs what I want you to notice is this band
is pulling that elbow where back but back and down and what I really
want you to feel is when I want to understand is
there’s a tilt of your shoulders right here we want to keep that hand right in line
with that tilt to do that again for me toss the volleyball
up tilt bring that hand right across your
shoulders right back to that position again awesome just like that nice and slow do
that again and you should feel how that band is helping at pull your elbow there cool good put your hands together like
you’re gonna toss a ball and then separate them as you step you’re right hands going a little low
it’s dropping down here it’s gonna go just right underneath your chain right
in here good do that again I’m going to step behind you I’m going to help your shoulders good job before you get that tilt good again volleyball nice do that again keep that hand right below
your chin awesome good job good good good keep
going good that time your hand got real low so go right
just right underneath your chin keep that right hand go right underneath your chin that got a little high I’m gonna put my other
hand there again good occur so we can do the same thing go to your toss and tilt position toss the
ball up there tilt your shoulders bring you right hand back get to that position for me and just like
what we worked on before then your left hand gonna come to your heart
you can slowly step and turn your hips and we’re just gonna
take your right arm right up to impact and stop with your hand in that position nice and
slow toss and tilt take your step turn your hips
arm u[p slow right up to their good good good good and we’re gonna go really
high gonna reach really high up there as high as you can ok great slow good do that again take that left
hand to your heart first that happens really almost right away that happens before you can
really take your step we’re going here bring it to your heart step up nice now stay there stay there for me you’re pretending that you hitting volleyballs to the ground again the net is up here you’re sets are up here you
gotta reach up here so you make contact with the ball it’s
gonna be up here volleyball coaches are talking about playing tall not playing small
right we want to play tall cause the volleyball is up here you are tall let’s go up in hit up here reach up and look up reach as high as
you can let that wrist come through nice and slow here we go again left hand to your heart reach up left hand to your heart reach up good same thing to you toss and tilts got to this position holder for me then just like you were doing early you took
your step turn your hips turn your shoulders let that hand come up and snap do that
again the little bit more dynamic hips let those hips go take it up and give shaq a high five
way up there reach way up high nice again good job good work give
shaq a high five reach way up there good whats left hand do bring to your
heart that happens first then you give shaq a high five bring that into your heart nice Kelsey now little faster hips and
do that faster hips way up high for shaq good again one more nice last one left hand to your heart shaqs high five left hand to your heart very good cool relax get a drink good
work put the ball back in there and let’s add
your arm action to it right so we know when you did your toss and tilt
we tossed it up we turned your shoulders and chest you didn’t realize you were
but that’s what you’re doing we are going to toss up tilt a little bit and do that swim
move with your right arm as you’re sitting right there nice do that again soon just gonna start
over toss and tilt and turn great job if you hold that band its is helping your
chest and torso turn great job do that again good keep that
right hand and wrist relaxed good job keep going and I’m gonna tilt
your back there remember that position you feel
that stretch in front good do that again please in and what i’m looking for your sternum chest bone from there to there if there
was a happy face on there I want you to see if you can turn that
happy face over towards me as you do your arm action yeah there we
go nice try that again thats alright squeeze that between your thighs turn
your sternum around towards me stay right there gonna tilt a little bit nice put your eyes upon your hand do that motion again
that’s awesome right there that motion is what your body out to be
doing when you go in the air that’s what it ought to be doing in the
air it’s actually turning it stretching through your core lets see if you can do it some more squeeze that volleyball with your knees turn your torso nice again keep going nice I’m going give you just a little bit more tilt try to get a little stretch through the front of your abs good about three more great job just like
that now stay there hold that position what I want you to
know is your backs not arching its turning it may look from
certain angles like your arching your back we don’t want you to arch your back way to turn your back good with two more
to what nice good last one coming great and relax ok if you think one thing we’ve worked on what would it be hip turn thank you one word starts with an f ends with a T has an a and s in between fast thank you fast hips so what I want you to do is I want you to to your full approach what I’m looking for is a fast hip turn and I want you to hit can I tell you something that’s awesome show me a good landing
position and you got it fast hips good landing yes I can that’s okay that’s actually a good thing that’s even
better show me show me what a
good landing look like even no no no hold it like a statue show me a statue feel that position thank you that’s where I wanna see you after
land turn those hips and land in that position it is all those muscles hay that is awesome one more even a little
a little lower with your hips really good very nice now here’s a quiz I really
like what your hips are doing and your legs tell me about what your right hand is
doing yeah before all that that’s all correct
how does it get back here K huh thank you because where have you been going with
it thank you okay so show me this position that little swim move that’s too high my hands but right at your chin and that’s better even little bit lower okay it’s keep going keep going keep going K relax again and here we go to stretch that
core not that far right there OK do that and I want you
now on this swing keep that hand below your chin everything
else see if you can do it the same way better better where was your hand when you went
up how high we went back here where was it
was it here was it here is it here I think it was like right here across your nose so I want you to just be thinking about
that lets see if you can bring that down right underneath your chin that one really got high that one went you know what that was really good do that again that
was the best with your right arm yet awesome hey that’s that’s really good that’s
really good and it’s it feels different right because now asking your hips to turn
we’re asking your arms to do different things but that was
really good see if you can do that again keep it below your chin nice again just like that if you are
that’s awesome at slow slow slow go up in the air stay right there K your belly buttons
point straight ahead turn your smiley face to me in coach not
your hips just your smiley face thank you a little bit more this way yes you feel that stretch like you felt on the
ball do that right there just work on that right there don’t move
go back there go back there do that movement open your smiley face
to us take the right here below the chin and I
want to just do that movement and feel what you’re feeling earlier stay there good stay there the hips stay belly button pointing towards
the camera turn your smiley face towards coach yes
you feel that stretch do that again yes yes yes again don’t stop you’re just starting to get it i want you to repeat it you feel how like through here all your
abdominal muscles and everything are stretching that’s where the power yes but we gotta
learn to get those guys in the game when they get the game you’re gonna hit the
volleyball really hard yes again turn your smiley face towards
coach yep that’s a nice swing hey did you hear that sound sound kinda good didn’t it see if you can do that again do two more you get two more volleyballs but i wanna see your right hand stay below your chin everything else just let it go not bad pretty good last one nice swing

31 thoughts on “Volleyball Drills – Volleyball Arm Swing Training

  1. I'm a lefty, and I'm wanting to try out for my high school's team, should I start training to use my right hand to hit instead?

  2. I have a question. I'm trying to figure out why wind the arm up below the chin and how will this easily translate if you jump with both hands. It will take a looong time if both your hands are elevated as you jump to bring the hitting hand all the way down below the chin. Is this for extra arm speed? What about doing what she initially was doing and keeping it up to her ear? Is that less power but faster windup? 

  3. I tried to purchase your system, but I was disappointed that you guys don't have an option to ship to Canada on the online ordering.

  4. What is the name of the piece of equipment being used at around 6:50 in the video? I am trying to find it online

  5. Aloha Coach.  While I can see this technique has merit with regards to general body movement efficiency; this is not necessarily the best way to facilitate an effective volleyball armswing.  Aside from power, the best servers are able to server many different types of serves with extreme accuracy.  In my opinion, there are way too many variables going on here with the body for this to be attainable.  In volleyball, it is also very important that every skill, not just serving, be easily repeatable with very little variation. Other techniques, such as the pendulum armswing, has shown to be more effective than this "bow & arrow" technique.  Also, the extreme torquing while this girl is landing has been the cause of many an ACL injury which has been a growing problem in youth girls volleyball today.  I can tell you are very well versed in body mechanics, much more than myself.  I am just coming from the standpoint of playing and coaching volleyball for over 30 years.  My coach is in the volleyball Hall of Fame and his son is the captain of the Beijing USA Gold Medal team where he was also MVP.  His techniques are very popular as they promote longevity in volleyball while playing at the highest level.  He still plays today, in his 70's.  Mahalo for sharing your mana'o with us.

  6. I am coming from the perspective of a pitching coach that knows about generating velocity. I'd like to make a couple of comments based upon what I've seen and heard: 1. There is no hip/shoulder separation being taught.  What I mean by this is that the hips and shoulders are remaining on the same vertical plane throughout the trunk rotation, thereby reducing the activation of the obliques and the energy transference up the kinetic chain to the hand. There should be as much separation of these planes by keeping the shoulder closed as long as possible, firing the hips initiating hip rotation and then a split second later the shoulders follow. The keys are adequate rotational flexibility and keeping the front shoulder closed as long as possible.
    2. The non-striking hand, by stopping at the chest, causes a braking action of the striking arm. I suggest the non-striking arm should move opposite the striking arm, thereby increasing rotational speed of the striking arm and hand. This movement with the weak side would be done with a bent elbow to reduce rotational resistance of air and antagonistic muscles. This would reduce braking action, increase the ROM, thereby increasing striking arm velocity and whip and increasing the energy applied to the ball.

  7. Sorry.  Excuse me. I apologize. I hadn't watched the entire video before I commented on the hip/shoulder separation. But I would articulate this a little better for the athlete to understand it.

  8. Coach, when explaining the stretching the obliques you might also want to mention what she should be feeling on the back with her scapular loading and the scapulas pinching together.

  9. Gostei, muito boa explicações, parabéns, eu treino minha filha desde os 08 anos aqui no Brasil, ela já foi convidada para ir treinar nos EUA, ela já é campeã de várias competições aqui em nosso País, inscrito aqui no seu canal e polegares para cima neste vídeo, abraços do Brasil!

  10. I think this video is pretty good… I'm a sophomore and 6' so obviously I want to play in college… The relaxation of the wrist is actually so important especially in hitting… I used to not straighten my arm and stiffen my wrist and i could never get to the ball fast enough. But then i started straightening out my arm during my approach and my wrist automatically relaxed on its own.. Relaxing your wrist allows the ball to "bounce" off your hand.. I managed to hit in in FRONT of the 10 ft line a few times.. my question is during games, I never ever use my approach because if i did, I wouldn't get to the ball fast enough due to low sets.. so how should i get used to using my approach in games? 

  11. Your video help me on few things I didn't know. I actually think I got what you just showed here in the video. Can u possivly do a video were it's shows us how high you need to jump and when u swing ur arms out. Thx

  12. Well, this is a rather old video but… the right hand's palm facing down is a terrible technique for volleyball. You should at least have someone with volleyball experience teach this.. I understand the "mechanics" of it but being a coach and player myself, it's not proper technique for volleyball.

  13. this confused me because my shoulder actually doesn't go down that far and my hand goes my chin. But i still have a powerful hit

  14. A pull that low will likely limit her overall reach on the ball when she does contact it. Not a fan of the "bow and arrow" technique.

  15. Well there are good parts as well in it. But I can/t get it, why the wrist of the hitting hand should be so low. Since I want my players to use all parts of the movement that could improve the "highness" off the jump and that for the hight they are able to hit the ball, i want them to use al nice double armswing and than turn the palm to the outside to get the ellbow back and high. In the same movement they get the shoulders back and prepare the muscels of the core for the hit. But i Totally agree with the fast hipturning, the relaxed wrist

  16. Coach, I like a few of the keys in this video, but the landing confuses me. Do they land in this way just for skill re-enforcement purposes OR is this the way you think a player should land every time they attack? Landing perpendicular to the net with your back facing the court may be the safest way to land but that good for volleyball play. If a player hits into the block and then needs to immediately transition off the net, they would have their back facing the court and couldn't watch the next play develop. Please clarify. Thanks!

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