VOLLEYBALL DATING SIM!?!? | Sweet Volley High Playthrough Episode 1

Sweet Volley High Dating Sim Visual Novel Volleyball Video Game Yes Guy Gaming Beach Volleyball Dating Sim Sweet Volley High you guys know I did speak Japanese
tsunami doshakata American guy she yeah she’s one of the stars of the team she’s
actually really good she plays for the national under-18 team whoa
she must be good I tried out for that team one time made it hello everyone welcome back to yes guy
gaming we’re back and we’re playing a new game I cannot believe I found this
game it is called Sweet Valley High it’s one of those dating sim visual novel
ones and I think this one I don’t know anything about it but I’m guessing I’m
just guessing this one’s got some adult content into it so I might have to
censor some things hopefully not I read briefly the description and it’s
about how you’re at some volleyball high school and trying to win the
championship or something and then all the drama that ensues so this is
technically a volleyball game so we’re gonna play 3rd things we’ll see what we
get I’m so cool well they’ll be a lot of
that anyways thank you guys for supporting the channel if you like this
video hit that like button comment down below your thoughts I’d love to play the
games that you guys love to watch and it’s why I find it fun to play new games
and introduce new things to you guys that I found I don’t even know this
existed until I found it so this could maybe you could be something fun to play
through and see who knows we don’t know what to expect
anyways get focused so let’s get to it another night in the gym
that’s right welcome to Komachi gakuen that’s gonna be really tough to say a
lot that’s me I am Azuki so if mi aya is that what
that means I’m aya that’s me I am uzuki standing around not doing lot
well we’re in a volleyball court already that’s a great start
I’m losing it I’m not really into volleyball or anything what no no don’t
no stop we need a size matters how are you not really into volleyball this is
not a good start no one really includes me in practice I
never really play in any games well you just need some practice that’s all right
we wanted to start from nowhere some of us still still suck tonight practice is
a three-on-three match I mean I have done three on three with pride practice
before like I I coach a team and I’ve done three on three but not the whole
practice and I’m odd man out or maybe odd woman out hmm yeah as
always as always is this me what’s my name again
aya there’s always so much pressure to join some kind of after-school activity
well what’s wrong with volleyball it’ll look great on a resume when you apply
for college come on what else would you do so here I am standing around in
volleyball club don’t listen all of our clubs not the worst thing you could be
doing you could be like in chess club or volleyball clubs actually yeah okay sure
I run laughs and do fitness stuff with the team but it’s not like I know how to
play really well you’ll learn not sure I carry their way though that’s none AMI
every Hana let’s see I could say these names and you guys know I could speak
Japanese so that me that she got oh I’m mad again guys you yeah she’s one of the
stars of the team she’s actually really good she plays for the national under-18
team whoa she must be good I tried out for that team one time
made it we do tend to win more often than not and it’s really down to her
okay number seven I forgot her name already that’s not a great start you
guys even if I was interested in volleyball I’d never be as good as her
well get interested in volleyball come on she’s so serious I don’t think I
could be that dedicated all right so I’ll stand here on the sidelines in this
average gym in this average high school on a Wednesday night the most average of
days – all right I live in Tokyo okay and though this is considered a
good school it’s pretty standard as far as high school goes so we’ve got an
average girl in the average volleyball club and an average gym an average team
on an average Wednesday night in an average school okay what’s extraordinary
about this we don’t get many spectators coming to watch our games average number
of spectators some moms in the stands average moms some guys joking around and
not really watching the game average guys joking around and of course
tonight’s a practice so not even that okay I’m not surprised
this is mainly an arts school they have pretty good sports programs but it’s
really focused on the arts okay we don’t all right I live with my mom who works
late at night and sleeps all day so I end up being the one to do the housework
Oh typical yeah your life sucks enjoy the volleyball I headed into the
showers desperate for hot water that’s kind of a weird thing to say whoa okay
reel it back just pause for a moment what it’s a bit early for some of this
business sensor that entire thing I this better not get copyright claimed or not
copyright claim whatever D monetize I’m being real focused here as I walked in i
immediately hear the chattering of the girls on the team okay so I’m playing
this girl obviously it’s a pretty plain locker room does that mean with the per
player I don’t know nothing special hey can you hear about those guys at
guess oh yeah I heard their service killer
we’ll need to be careful next week okay yeah I will tell the need to be careful
it’s a big game and if season you know oh yeah tulla there’s voice acting in
this game I got to turn it up so I can hear it
oh sorry Abby had a son all right again once again the bikini thing yeah we’ll
censor that right so we run into each other in the shower or shower so but I’m
just making sure I got all the facts here before we move on okay it’s built good morning says my mother that’s my
mother what um all we’ve all don’t worry about
so this place this person isn’t that voice acting but the other girl does
listen to the company who makes these games if you need some voice acting Jim
yes guy gave me a call I will be in this game for free well I mean maybe a shout
out yes guy gaming in this yeah yeah alright oh you know big Navy ship from
America in town they just love me so of course I had to stay late hey what does
my mom do for a living we just blaze over that my mom works as
a hostess at a traditional exact kya she often ends up drinking with the
customers to make sure they order even more I am looking up is that Kai yeah
right now on camera because we need to know what this is is that guy yeah what
does it mean type of informal Japanese pub I might have overreacted okay she
gets great tips and the management loved her obviously but I can tell it’s hard
work she sleeps all day and it’s straight back to work alright okay so I
think I went to bed these Tunes though I mean am i right
alright so I wake up in the morning I head to school yeah alright don’t say hi
to anybody nobody likes me I’m a bit of a loser I’m gathering that I as a bit of
a loser and I don’t like the implication that only losers plan on the volleyball
team you forget that no cool the coolest people Hall of all people am i right
comment down below if the coolest people in volleyball people obviously alright
so this is my class 2b I make my way to my desk start arranging the desk pen
paper things like that making sure everything is perfect we need to study
so that we could perform on the volleyball court am i right all right
that’s my principal and she’s asking me ayuk I owe the principal wants to see me
what Prince oh I don’t thinking I’m in trouble this
is not good yeah I’ll go see you I am I am panicking gotta see the principal ha
I didn’t do it it was uh yeah did you forget your lunch how does she know I
forgot my lunch today yes I did oh my god that’s embarrassing mom swung
by and got my lunch off that most burger junk food is not allowed at this school
what I mean junk food is not allowed so my principal’s hooking me up with junk
food then my mom brought in from the Mucho burger whatever it’s called that’s
Mike so I got home from school nothing really eventful happened there wasn’t
any volleyball steps of you gosh where’s the volleyball shit in this game oh it
looks like the under-18 volleyball team is playing on television tonight please
tell me do they do that in Japan because I haven’t seen that once in Canada geez
Japan vs. Netherlands okay those crazy Dutch best that’s sorry I’m sorry I
didn’t know if the Netherlands are any good as expected there’s Nana me and
Kenna so I go to high school with two players on the national team now that
might seem unrealistic to you guys but a personal story I was on the beach
national team when I was still in high school and I played on a team with other
volleyball players non club players who knew I played a national team so like
it’s not that big it’s not that crazy of a thing to have happen in high school
anyways sorry just self-promotion aside they’re on TV but can you even have a
career playing volleyball professionally I mean it’s not soccer or baseball I had
you are totally correct there’s very little money in volleyball unless you’re
the top and an indoor no beach can you sense any bitterness in my voice women’s sports are never as popular as
the men’s either unfortunately I don’t really get that sports or sports for
whatever I am with you but you’re not gonna watch the game reading a book
series about a boy wizard in England again for the millionth time she’s
reading the Harry Potter that’s right okay I often wish I live in a country
where it rained all the time perhaps like in Europe or Canada the mention of
Canada it does rain all the time in some parts of Canada not all parts though
like in Toronto we don’t get a ton of rain we get some I mean in the spring
and stuff but in in Vancouver and out west and BC they get a lot of rain like
their winter it’s not a lot of snow I mean they do get snow but they got a lot
of rain out there maybe that’s what she’s thinking about this Vancouver’s a
lot closer to Japan than Toronto probably yeah okay moving on whoa
there’s a lot of people over there what she didn’t make it home from the game
what happened here’s an event after playing for a country – did she get
injured it’s somebody on my team get injured now I have to play jazz come on
sorry I’m jumping to conclusions what happened I wonder if she’s gonna make it
was she gonna die this is serious shit what’s going on any hotter son what
happened that’s this girl she’s the calf and I think of my team or the best
player yeah she what she was in an accident
her dad was driving her home from the game last night oh shit
yeah I was watching the game on TV yeah crash that’s heavy you guys that is heavy shit
I don’t want to say I’m sorry is she gonna be okay
they don’t know I tried to find out myself
her dad was injured too so there’s not much information you know where my mind
is going a star player on the team as in dude that means I have to play yeah I
mean I don’t want to celebrate somebody getting hurt that’s awful she’s in a
coma that’s terrible but I get to play that’s harsh stopper that’s art okay
everyone please head to class yes principal who are you
you got do I know you is she on the team I don’t know maybe well we’ll see cycles
huh yeah I did it’s really sad on the team that would make sense Hey Yuka you can go yourself okay I do
more than just sit there on the bench and look pretty I sit there on the bench
I look pretty and I’m probably a damn good volleyball player probably not okay
you might be right so this is Yuka Saito I’m not sure why
she’s in the volleyball team either what she’s not play
I mean she does play but she doesn’t seem the type for sports what she’s on
the team I mean well let’s be honest volleyball can be a sport for people who
aren’t into sports Wow yeah everyone thinks she’s pretty cool she smokes
speaks her mind and gets into trouble a lot the three classic signs of somebody
who’s pretty cool you know how much trouble I got into back in the day ho ho
man none why are you even on the team Yuka yeah I know what you mean yes she
said it first not me it means I’m playing I’m high let’s go
that hadn’t occurred to me that’s a huge lie I you know what it
occurred to you because I’m you and there was the first thing I thought when
somebody got injured I didn’t even know and I was like yeah I’m getting it coach
coach am i getting in or not yes I are you okay
yeah mom I’m fine what are you talking about yeah well I’m not really her
friend actually mom we got to talk like yeah we’re on the same team but her
being injured means I get to play so let’s not let’s not mean let’s be sad
but let’s not be that sad mom Mizuki John is that me oh hi cycle time what’s
this saito-san all the time we’re classmates call me Yukari yeah well I’ve
been calling you Yuka the whole time it’s I it needs to figure shit out
alright Yuko what’s up everyone is expected to practice then alright well
I’ll be there and you know I’m gonna be bringing my a-game because I’m trying to
play oh yeah the principal and empanada Sun are having some kind of special
meeting well okay fine do I care do I care yeah that makes sense yeah no one
knows just you’re gonna wake up who knows I’m gonna get the most of my
playtime while I can maybe disband the team no we’ll be fine
we always won games okay so we’re on a winning streak and I’m on the bench so
I’ve been riding the bench when my team’s been dominating and now I’m
panicking because the star player is out and I
we terrible okay makes sense all right principle what’s the deal thank you for
coming this special meeting all right you’re welcome you forced us to
obviously she’s in critical kitchen yep thank you
full recovery that’s great it will take weeks or years what she’s really hurt
that is terrible for her and not so bad for me
so with Canada out of action we’re missing a spot IRA mediately raise my
hand and say that I’m gonna fill in that spot means we’re gonna have to be
relying on me to fill in this spot I knew it obviously I mean there’s no
story about off-the-field in the final spot I wonder if they know I’m terrible
no I I’m pretty bad but I’m gonna improve this could be a big she’s kind
of rubbing it in that I’ve been on the bench whole time and now it’s my big
break I think she’s trying to put the pressure on me yuca and I don’t
appreciate it you got one of fun yeah we’ll have fun but we want to win yuca
we’re trying to be the best you don’t understand that size matters yuca you
would know that yes guy gaming subscribe alright guys well that’s gonna do it for
this episode I’m finding this interesting it’s taken me a while to get
going so I don’t know how long this episode’s gonna be and I’ll try to cut
it down and make it entertaining but that we got the inciting incident we
realize that I is going to be a crucial part of the volleyball team going
forward which i am hype about I’m looking forward to that first game
hopefully I don’t screw it up too much but if you guys like this series and
want to see what happens next hit that like button down below comment down
below if you hate this series you don’t want to see it again shoot I’ll get rid
of it just let me know in the comments below but I think I I’m kind of curious
what happens I don’t know if you guys are let me know if you haven’t already
hit that subscribe button maybe leave a like comment with your thoughts like I
said and thank you guys again so much for all the support and and the help
you’ve given me in trying to make this channel the best thing that it possibly
can be in a real fun community for fans of volleyball and other sports to come
and have fun and just try to try to better the channel in the community and
bring volleyball and some other fun sports games and stuff out into the
forefront I think that’s that’s a pretty cool thing if we can get it going so I
don’t know if this has anything to do but anyways thank you guys for watching
we hope to see you next time on yes guy gaming Sweet Volley High Dating Sim Visual Novel Volleyball Video Game Yes Guy Gaming Beach Volleyball Dating Sim Sweet Volley High

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