Hey guys I’m Girls With
Heart ambassador Courtney, and today I’m going to be
showing you how to bump, set and spike a volleyball. The first thing to learn how
to bump is to make sure your arms are correct. So you’re going to place
your arms like this and put your thumbs together
and your hands on top of each other like this. So it almost makes a little
platform on your arms. After your arms are correctly
formed you are going to bend your knees and bring your hands up. And when you’re in position
make sure that your legs are spread apart and your knees are bent. Like that. That’s pretty easy right? The next step is to learn how to set. And this is how to set. So you’re going to put your
hands together and form a diamond and then you are going
to make sure you push off your fingertips and a little note, make sure not to slap the
ball against your hand. You’re going to lightly
push off your fingertips. And make sure your hands are
above your head like this. And this is what a set should look like. And now for step three. And probably the most tricky, the spike. The first step to learn how
to spike is to make sure that your hand is proper. You’re going to make sure
your hand is nice and flat. The next step is to bring
the ball nice and high up and make sure your hand is also high. And then make contact with the ball. Alright guys, now let’s give it a try. Now let’s put all the steps together. Bump. Set. Spike. I had tried so many
different sports like soccer, track, basketball, but none
of those were really my favorite until I tried
volleyball when I was nine and a half. And I’ve loved it ever since. My favorite thing about
volleyball is working as a team with my teammates, getting
that ball over the net and of course winning. Thanks for watching my video. I hope you guys learned something new. Don’t forget to subscribe for
more awesome justice videos.

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