volleyball basic rules in hindi |volleyball game rules and regulations with English cc 2018

hello guys my self abbas and you are watching my channel abbasroyal5 today in this video i want to help all the students ….. who are not in aware of volleyball rules and regulations ok guys i will start form the basic lines and the measurements of the volleyball court .. ok in hindi i want to tell , why because most of the Indians are mostly aware of hindi language only ok guys lets go to the measurements of the court its measurement is 9*18 meters and lets talk about the volleyball men net height it is 2.43m and for women it is 2.24m ok and on the net we can see antennas both the sides of the net ,which contain 80cm of height the main use of the antenna is to mesuare the volume of the playing area on the air in between the surface of the net ok guys .. now i will show you how to play the game we all know that game starts with a tass and set will starts with service after the service reaches the opponents court the maximum count of passes we can play is 3 passes in this 1st pass will be receiving 2nd will be the setting and 3rd will be a spiking in the same process the opponent team will also play the game if we send the direct pass are 2nd pass to the opponents court it will not be a problem but if we play 4 passes it will be a foul and opponent team will secure the point in volleyball mostly we play best of 5 sets and best of 3sets only in best of 5set those who wons 3sets they will declare as winners and at the same time in best of 3sets if the team wons 2 sets they will declare as winners each set contain 25 points and in best of 5 the final set we should play only15 points match in that 8 points court change process will be done in it . at the same time the best 3 also same final set contain 15 points and court change will be seen in it also in my next video i will show you how can 6 substitutions can be used at a time and about the two libero playing the court and there exchange process if you like this video plz like share and subscribe my channel abbasroyal5

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  1. If team A hit the ball and it goes away means crossed the line but team b player before ball lands cross the net line then which team get the point

  2. Sir volly volleyball Khiladi ki Kitni lambai Bagde please comment kar ke bata na yeah video gana video banana sir please

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