Volkswagen Golf V buyers review

This generation Golf, the Golf V, had
a short production run; 2004 – 2008. Its successor, the Golf VI, had a lot
of technology in common with this car. VW secretly did a facelift and called it a new model.
That doesn’t matter, but the similarities are bigger. This is a typical Golf. Saying it’s
an icon would be too much, but every generation Golf has style elements which
are copied here. This makes it very recognizable. It’s not a very sporty handling car.
Others in this class do this better, but the Golf GTI or Golf R32 are nice.
The interior has a nice finish. It nudges the premium feel
from premium brands such as Audi. The A3 has a lot in common with this car. The Golf V was introduced in 2004, but the interior
still looks good. It doesn’t feel completely outdated. There’s a lot of choice in engines, from a naturally
aspirated 1.4 ’til a naturally aspirated diesel, very strong diesels, and a 6-cylinder in the R32. ENGINES
gasoline ENGINES
diesel The Netherlands is a bit of a VW country,
so the Golf is sold in large numbers. It’s still modern, therefore wanted. The prices
are higher than for the competition, but there are a lot for sale on Marktplaats.
Over 1,000 Golf Vs are for sale on Marktplaats. This means you can always find
the Golf you want; color, engine, etc. The only thing you won’t find easily on Marktplaats,
because they’re rare, is a Golf on LPG. In that period is was out of fashion. It still is,
because not a lot of LPG cars are delivered. Most of the Golf Vs on Marktplaats
want gasoline. Less than 50% is a diesel. You’ll have to look harder for a Golf with AT
as well. About 10% of the cars for sale has an AT. Prices for these older cars start low at about
2,000 euros. This goes up ’til 18,000 euros max, but this buys you a very fine Golf GTI in
a special edition, or a Golf R32 (a V6 with AWD). The average price is 4-7,000 euros,
for which you have a wide choice in Golfs. If you’re considering a second-hand Golf,
there are a number of alternatives. This is the C-segment, the larger hatchbacks.
The most important competitors are the Opel Astra, Ford Focus, and the Peugeot 307. All 3 have a less pretty interior,
they’re about equally sturdy, and the Peugeot is a bit higher (close to an MPV). If you like the latter, there’s also
a Golf Plus, making it higher. And a bit more boring, I think. The lightest engine are the 1.4 gasoline
and the 2-liter SDI (without a turbo). They’re no powerhouses,
and that’s an understatement. They don’t have enough power for a Golf,
so one step higher is better. You’ll have to decide how
much higher, but the base engines… The diesels, a 1.9 and a 2-liter TDI.
The 1.9 is more sturdy with simpler technology. They’re potentially older,
so that’s a trade-off you’ll have to choose. Then there are FSI engines,
which have direct injection. That’s nice technology, but it can
give problems with 95 octane gasoline. That’s regular gasoline. The engines run better
on 98 octane, so if you drive a car like that, the 1.6 FSI or 2-liter FSI, and you have problems
with acceleration, stutters and performance, filling up with the more
expensive fuel may help. This generation Golf was available with
a DSG double-clutch gearbox as well. It shifts very fast, which should
be smoothly. If not, walk away. The DSG is a vulnerable bit of technology.
It was relatively new back then. There have been problems with it, so if you
want a Golf with DSG, it should shift well. If it does something strange,
keep looking or tell the seller to fix it. Don’t buy it before it’s fixed. If you want
a recent Golf V, it may have a TFSI engine. It has a turbo. They’re notorious engines
because of the chain tensioners. The timing chain makes sure everything
in the engine is synchronized. The chain can skip, which desynchronizes
everything. This can be destructive. If you’re looking at a Golf with TFSI engine,
see if something has been done to it, if the chain or chain tensioner has been replaced.
You want to see this in the maintenance history. If not, you may have to consider
doing it yourself immediately. It’s a generation of Golf which tends
to leak water, in the taillights for example. Check for condensation. It doesn’t have to be a
disaster, but you may have to replace the taillights. The door rubbers may leak as well,
so check the mats for being moist. Else the door rubbers may be bad.
Another important thing on a test drive: check for lights on the dashboard. If you
see them, the seller should fix them. It’s very important for the Golf. A pulsating or
burning oil light means a fluctuating oil pressure. This may indicate a filthy filter
between the oil pan and oil pump. It’s not good if you keep driving with this.
An ABS or ESP light is another thing to watch out for. This may be the pressure sensor which regulates
ABS or ESP. It’s expensive to replace. You can check the fuse first, because it may
not be plugged in right and malfunction. If there are more lights on the dashboard – ABS,
ESP, tire pressure, or EPC (engine management) – there can be a number of causes, but the cable
harness next to the engine may be damaged. This happens relatively more often than
you’d expect. It’ll need replacing. A thing to check during or after the
test drive (or if you have one already): the radiator’s cooling fan may not work properly
at times. If the engine is hot and you park the car, the fan needs to switch on. You hear it buzzing.
You can also pop the hood to hear and see. If it doesn’t happen, this needs fixing. If you’re
driving in the Alps, you can overheat your engine. For the diesels: these cars are potentially
10 years old, so there are no low mileages, unless there’s a brilliant story
about an old man or something. You’ll have to check the maintenance history.
The timing belt needs replacing every 93,000 miles. Check if that’s been done recently,
so it’s not overdue. Another thing for the TDIs is
the variable turbo vanes can get stuck, which allows coolant or fuel
to mix with the engine oil. The level rises, and that’s bad for the engine.
So check that. If you have any doubts, check the oil level
regularly and make sure it’s OK. We found this car at Auto XL in Leiden.
It’s a nice car with a 1.6. It does have a high mileage,
but it still feels smooth. THIS CAR If you’re looking for a second-hand car and want
our help, or if your company has a nice car for sale for which we may shoot a video,
please send an e-mail to [email protected] Subtitles – Maru’s Text Support

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  1. Wouter, wat een super Aprilia jasje! Ik heb me suf gezocht maar kan het nergens vinden…. Hopelijk kan iemand me hier helpen; zou erg leuk zijn.

  2. Allereerst, Autoblog echt bedankt voor deze review. Persoonlijk ben ik al een tijdje aan kijken of ik een Golf V zal gaan kopen…dus dit helpt mij enorm bij.

  3. Hey dude! Very nice video overall! I liked the photo scenes and I understood ur language while reading subtitles. So great video! Oh and btw ive got this new caar review channel and I would like If u could give me ur advice on my latest review which basically the same as urs. Mine is Golf rabbit with a 2.5l engine. Thx in advance and great continuation.

  4. Don't really know how this car have nicest interior then the focus or peugeot.What is better is that blue color on the dashboard and that's all.

  5. Geweldige auto. Zelf een 2.0 TDI 170PK sportline.. Lekker vlot, en zuinig! Keurige afwerking, wegligging en die climatecontrol.. hmm!

  6. Een aandachtspuntje voor modellen met een FSI/TSI motor, deze hebben een nox sensor die kapot kan gaan (een veel voorkomend probleem). Reparatie hiervan kan in de vele honderden euro's lopen. Echter kan je voor een fractie van dat bedrag de sensor ook gewoon uit laten zetten, en eventueel de motor laten chiptunen zodat de nox waarden omlaag gaan (dit om eventuele problemen met de katalysator en APK keuring voor te zijn).

  7. wow wat een bedrag voor zon uitrusting en km stand zeg.
    Mijn golf heeft n ton (n.a.p) gelopen en heeft vrijwel alle opties voor dat bedrag

  8. Is het een slimme keus om een golf gti te kopen rond 7000-8000 euro ?
    2006-2008 ik heb een tfsi gezien voor deze prijs
    Voor 9000-11000 heb je een 230 editie wat is een betere keus?

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