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Let’s say you want a practical, desirable
and powerful hatchback but the letters GTI aren’t quite good enough for you… then what
about R….. This is the new Golf R and it’s the most powerful
version of Volkswagen small family hatchbck yet. Under the bonnet is a two-litre turbo
engine with 296bhp and it’s mated to VW’s latest 4Motion all-wheel-drive system. So you are wondering how quick it gets to
sixty… right… well it’s that quick… In case you were wondering that was just 4.9
seconds. That’s Porsche fast. From a Golf… A Golf that can still do around 40 miles per
gallon. Now I should point out that some highly tuned
four-cylinder engines can feel a little bit slow at the lower end of the rev range and
then you get this sudden rush of power as the turbo comes on boost. But you don’t get
that problem with this engine. It just pulls hard all the time — it basically feels like
you have a 4.0-litre V8 not at 2.0-litre with just four cylinders. Admittedly, the Golf R doesn’t quite sound
as good as a V8 but the noise from the quad tailpipes is still very pleasing epecially
when the car is in race mode. Other upgrades are a chrome bar in the grille,
a smattering of R badges and some unique 19-inch alloy wheels. Inside you get piano black shiny
trim on the dash, body hugging sports seats, blue instrument needles and a steeringwheel
with the letter R on it and some. Other than that its Golf business as usual… The R has the same special variable steering
rack as the GTI which can go from lock to lock in just two turns as opposed to 3 on
the normal car and this makes it feel very responsive. The R also gets uprated suspension and brakes
even over the GTI. There’s also a system which brakes both inside wheels slightly when cornering
for added stability. And we mustn’t forget the all-wheel drive system which can send
almost all of the engines power to the rear wheels when the fronts start to slip. And
this makes the car mighty. On an unfamiliar road there will be few cars
you’ll be quicker in than this. But if it’s a track car you’re after… well you may want
to look elsewhere. When our colleagues at Auto Express timed
the Golf R round their test track it was actually slower than the SEAT Leon Cupra. It was also
slower than the Golf GTI with performance pack, the added 93kg weight of the all-wheel
drive system hampered its agility in high speed corners apparently. And while you can
turn the stability control completely off in the Golf R, don’t expect any serious sideways
action in the dry. If that’s your bag – get a BMW M135i. There is something you should know. Due to
the all wheel drive system being under the boot the load volume is smaller than the normal
Golfs and GTIs for that matter by 40 litres and the load heights slightly higher too.
Well Finally there’s the price. The Golf R is similar
money to the Audi S3 which is pretty much the same car only posher. The big problem
is that it’s about 17 per cent more expensive than the GTI. Is the R worth the extra? For
most people no it won’t be, but for those who want the ultimate golf — yes it is. To
decide for yourself watch our review of the GTI here and don’t forget to click on our
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100 thoughts on “Volkswagen Golf R 2014 review – Carbuyer

  1. I love wv it makes you feel you are the boss you can control it whatever the speed is ..very comfy from the inside thing I want to say about wv golf and polo very alike change is good sometimes

  2. I love wv it makes you feel you are the boss you can control it whatever the speed is ..very comfy from the inside thing I want to say about wv golf and polo very alike change is good sometimes

  3. Przynajmniej ma naped na 4 koła. Bo niby sportowe wersje golfa które mają naped tylko na przód to jest jakaś pomyłka.

  4. We are just getting the new GTI here in Canada. No word if we will get this R. I need a new ride to replace my GTI. I hope this comes. Problem we have here is the Yanks won't pay for a premium import unless it's a Ferrari et al. We would buy this car here in Canada. 

  5. You recommend the equivalent BMW 1 series, but I think that your colleague, Jeremy Clarkson, out of Top Gear, would disagree with you.
    On a recent episode of Top Gear, he was travelling at high speed in a straight line and he lost control of the 1 series, he spun for about 8 seconds, sliding from one section of the track to another.

  6. Sounds like hes been brainwashed by a fast talking audi sales man. There is no way on earth audi has anything posh about it. If i put my socks on ebay and price them at 50k and say they are posh, there will always be one nutter who clicks the bid/buy button. Its just silly.

  7. I hate that pathetic engine gear change noise of these dual clutch nonsense cars. The sound from a 911 gt3 rs or a proper manual is far better.

  8. I used to love the original r32 golf it looked so aggressive and purposeful. These new ones look like the vw design team have pulled it together in a half an hour meeting. Really poor

  9. the audi is not posher , they both cost the same in fact they are the same platform the only difference in price is that the audi has metallic paint and rear curtain airbags as standard. Basically audi is better equipped therefore slightly more expensive but if you added the options in the golf its actually the exact same price  

  10. This guy's the best car 'TV' presenter at the moment. He's engaging, likeable and got personality but without being anywhere near as annoying as those Top Gear IDIOTS or those 'up their own arses' FifthGear clowns, whilst telling you about the car. 

  11. 2 Liter? No thanks, I would rather buy a 2004 R32 with 200,000 miles. This is horrible, WTF VW, you have failed once again after that 2008 R32 and the DSG transmission.

  12. This is my dream car right now. Yes, I'd prefer an Continental V8, or a BMW X5 M550d, or an A6 BiTDI Quattro estate… but those are way too expensive to be realistically buyable. The Golf R is an expensive car, at £32,000 for a DSG model – but that price seems somehow reachable. Something which you can maybe save up to if you stop wasting money on Guinness and cocktails. And you can get a nearly new one, with less than 10k on the clock, for less.

  13. There were some GREAT lease deals on this a few months back. Was cheaper to lease this than ANY GTI!!! Its now £200 more a month. Obviouslt VW wanted to get some out on the road and come april I'll be be driving one of them – whoooop

  14. The big problem with this car I think is that it lacks the aggressive "R" look. It's too classy for my taste. It looks too much like a regular golf, the power is too linear, and the fun factor is not cutting it for me. I would like a more sporty car at that price.

  15. I love this car but i like the two door one better. Im just not a fan of 296 hp. I think it shouldve been at 305hp for 45k that would've been better.. My opinion tho

  16. VW golf R + A45 amg + Audi Rs3. Are the best and fastest hatchbacks you can buy.. My dreams cars.!! 😉

  17. Hey VW, is this the new R?. If yes, then you can FY.
    You just killed a legend few years ago when you rushed to make and sell MK6.
    I love my MKV and def i will not buy this trash.
    MK4 – 1997-2003
    MK5 – 2003-2009
    RIP VW golf
    MK6 – 2008-2012

  18. I'd have a BM over this anytime. Or just a GTI. This R version is just halo car for pushing Golf brand closer to premium territory. As Leon and Octavia will take Golf's place soon…

  19. I am between this, the Audi S3 and a BMW 418i, all are the same price here in Turkey. But the golf and s3 have 300hp, the 418i only has 136. Please help 😊

  20. I was looking to buy one of these but put out a bit more money and landed a 2016 S3. There were no Rs to test drive but there were plenty of Ss. Anyway I'm happy with my ride. Nice review Mat.

  21. If I was never into cars and I saw this car on the street I would be unable to take it seriously, no matter how fast it is. I know some people like to have a "sleeper". But the looks of this car just doesn't do it justice. VW should of gave their sport car a more aggressive look. If I didn't know better I'll say its a hybrid eco friendly car, and that's no fun.

  22. i remember the first 10seconds of the first review i watched of this guy and thinking 'oh god get him off' stuck with it and many reviews later – he is brilliant – should be on top gear

  23. Twin pipes make it look like a m3 lol any body who knows about cars can looks at a golf R mk7 from any angle and know it's a golf R. Anybody who can't tell the difference isn't into cars so it's just a car to them. There are plenty of differences between the old golf and the mk7. Front end and back end. And not many people get to see the front it's aways the rear as I fly past. Who wants to look like a boy ricer? Only if you're about 20 and can't afford or get insured on one. What other options is there for the money? BMW 135i no thanks. Looks like a old man's car. Focus st /rs fix or repair daily! Fk8 far to look at me and far to harsh with all the pot holes. Anything else is much more money. Perfect daily for me I can't fault it.

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