Volkswagen Golf GTD 2017 review

The additional tax liability bullshit
deciding what you drive is over. Everyone pays the same additional tax liability. That’s why the differences between
fun cars and less fun cars are smaller. A bigger engine or cool options
don’t cost that much extra. That’s why a car like this is interesting again. We’re driving the Volkswagen Golf GTD. We’re going to find out if you need to buy this car
if you drive too many miles for a GTI. Let’s be honest. A Golf GTI is fun,
but the fuel consumption is high. Getting 1:11 (26 mpg) is not bad. A diesel engine should do better. Volkswagen gives some numbers for this car,
but we looked at the pre-facelift model. Its fuel consumption is about 1:15 (35 mpg).
That saves 4 km per liter. That’s nice. The fuel is cheaper
as well, so you save a lot. Your boss probably likes that too
if you drive a lot of miles. You recognize a GTI by its
big rims, cool bumpers, etc. The same goes for the GTD. The facelifted version
too has sportier bumpers than the normal Golf and some other details.
LED headlights and taillights are standard. The LED taillights are standard on the new Golf, but
these are a darker red to show it’s not a regular Golf. There’s still distinct from a 1.0 or 1.5
driven by normal people. A number of accents are different and
the interior is cooler with good sport seats. We know the checkered upholstery
from the Golf GTI. It’s a cool car to see. The ultimate GTI thing
in the interior is the golfball shifter. It’s black, but it has the dents.
That’s fun; a finishing touch. It makes you feel you’re driving something
special. Volkswagen did that well. The looks and interior give you that special feeling
you get from a GTI, but does it handle like a GTI? To be honest, no. It doesn’t. That’s logical. A diesel engine has a different
character and the GTD has less power. It has less hp. 181 hp, which is a lot less than the new GTI.
That one has 227 hp. That’s a lot less. It does have more torque. It has 380 Nm (280 lb ft) torque,
whereas the GTI has only 350 Nm (258 lb ft). This makes it a little better. This car is really quick and it feels feisty,
especially in Sport mode. The adaptive suspension does different things. When exiting a corner and you hit the throttle,
a GTI accelerates, but the GTD could use more bite. This may be caused by this transmission,
the 6-speed manual. A 7-speed DSG is optional. The 6-speed manual transmission has a short
gear ratio, quickly outrevving the power band. It goes through its revs quickly.
Not much happens over 4,500 rpm. You have to shift quickly. You miss… this. I’m nitpicking, though. In the end
it’s a quick car and nice to drive. The suspension is sportier. It’s the same idea
as a GTI suspension, but playing it safe. The GTI does this too. It’s not as
exciting and playful as a Mégane RS. You’re not looking for that when
buying a car like this, though. Concluding, is this the diesel GTI? It lacks performance, especially in
the engine, compared to the GTI. However, this is well compensated by
the lower fuel consumption and cheaper fuel. That makes you happier, as well as your boss
if he gave you a fuel card. This car is a fun ride. The sound generator
amplifies the sound inside, but it’s quiet outside. It stands out less, which is a good thing. You can
do what you want without people getting angry. This is a stealth GTI. Made possible by Subtitles – Maru’s Text Support

28 thoughts on “Volkswagen Golf GTD 2017 review

  1. It is a good car with a good engine but it is SO boring. It looks good with the LED lighting but the interior is so simple. Many people like that but i think it is kinda boring.

  2. I have the new A4 and because of repair I got the new golf 7 for 5 days, and I have to say I was disapoonted, it was loud on highway, garbox not great, and also not as economical as advertised. I would never buy a golf 7 even if GTD and facelift with new lights and navigation…

  3. Standaard ziet hij er al leuk uit…maar met leren bekleding en een panorama dakje is het pas echt wel een dikke patser bakje hoor!!

  4. Ik twijfel ook aan een GTD maar Golf 6
    Waar ik mee zit is DSG of Handschakel heb nooit eerder automaat gereden dus niet echt veel ervaring mee, elke golfje had ik handschakel

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