– Okay, one, two, three. – Hi, Honey! Surprise. – What? – [Male] Cue the family. – Go, go, go. – Ai!
– Hi! – We’re doing something miraculous today. We’re re-uniting families that haven’t seen each other in a
really, really long time. Three families, two from
Mexico, one from Canada. We’re bringing them here to film a little virtual reality
scenario in the woods. – My oldest daughter, she
moved three years ago. So it’s a huge adjustment for me to– not have my kids around. – I haven’t seen them for ten years. – We cannot wait to see them. We want to hug them, kiss them, tell them how much we love them. – In this video, they’re going to come out behind the trees and walk up to the camera and surprise their family members who are watching the VR
scenario in the Cricket store. – Have you ever done VR stuff? It’s crazy. – [Male] Pictures live. Pictures live. – If you’re gonna go in
and do it, the VR thing. – You guys ready for this? – [Male] Right now I’m getting
really, really nervous. – This is so cool! – They have no idea. – Good morning, good morning. Welcome to Cricket Wireless. – [Woman] How are you guys doing? Are you here for the VR experience? [Speaks In Spanish] – It’s cool.
– Is it scary? – No, it’s not scary.
– [Male] Oh, no, it’s not scary at all. – [Woman] You guys kind of
know what this is, right? Virtual reality. – Okay, one, two, three. – It’s so pretty! I thought you could only look forward. – Hi, honey! – What? – Surprise! – No! – [Mother] I wish I
could be there with you. – We love you and we’re
thinking about you, hoping things work out. – How are you? – [Male] Oh! Hey, hey! – [Male] How you guys been? – What? – [Male] Well, we miss you a lot. – Hola! – Hola. – We miss you. Mom misses you a bunch. It’s kind of weird all being spread out. – [Girl] I’m happy that
you guys are together. – We’re hoping you guys visit us one day. – Love you, Hon. Take care. – Bye.
– [Male] Bye bye guys. – Bye.
– Adios. – That was so awesome. – [Male] Is that amazing? – Yes! – Ah! – Cue the family, cue the family. – Go, go, go. – [Mother] Don’t run too fast. – You are a jerk. – [Male] It’s a great way to
start off your Sunday, right? (laughing) (crying) – Mi amore. – Having them here is like
a dream come true for me. – When I saw my mom again, it was just a whole ‘nother experience. Thank you so much for that moment. – It was great to be able to come around the corner and be able to see her. – I thought I still
had the goggles on when I turned around and I saw them. That was like, there’s
no way they’re here. – Thank you Cricket Wireless and Alcatel for bringing my mother
and my family back to me.


  1. This made me cry! But I really enjoyed it. I was crying so badly I had to put down my pancakes. I'm so happy you could reunite them.

  2. One day I going to see my grandfather cause the last time I seen him when I was 2 and my mom seen him about 13 years ago

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  6. Why tf u gotta do this shit for the Mexicans ? if the mother fuckers aren't American why the duck should u do shit for them ? the lying little bastards already take the jobs get all the money an the people who have been here working their asses off for the longest have been pushed to the side for them an they get away with more shit then anyone border hoping little fucks selling nasty dirty fruit on the beach An corners in the city I really hope trump send all all of their flea infested asses back to the desert America shouldn't change for them they change for us

  7. Cricket is AT&T and just like their parent co. they're a bunch of scam artists. They charge you and then do not provide the service and forget about getting money refunded. Customer service has the knack of putting you on eternal hold and the retail store staff is clueless and live on by constantly saying "I'm sorry to hear that". Stay away from this company TMobile, Sprint or even Metro PCS provide better service and are more decent to their clients. I'm out $50 and never even got a minute of using my phone or a decent answer on what could be done to help me and not lose me as a customer. It was "we got our money…have a nice day". Total scumbags! Cricket Wireless @cricketnation #cricketnation

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    ?<———- me and my cousin

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