[Vinesauce] Vinny – Glitch Cricket (Ashes Cricket 2013)

Vinny: [sarcastically] Uh-huh. Yeah, he caught that. Okay. Okay! [laughing] Okay! I love this. I don’t know what’s happening, but I love every minute of it. Announcer: Straight out of the middle! Vinny: He caught it with his foot, and it teleported into his hand. [crowd cheering] Vinny: How did he teleport that way? How did he do that? [Vinny chuckles] Vinny: Did they bug test this game? Did they PLAY the game before they released it? Announcer: End of the over, and a good one, for the batting side. He’s gone! This one’s called the batter completely flat-footed! Vinny: Oh– oh. Running through people, I see. How did he do that?! What kind of magic was that?! Vinny: [In Australian accent] ‘Ere’s whatcha do: Throw the ball down the cent’a with a lil’ bit of twisty wilb. Catch the ball. Teleport. Do whatever you’ve gotta do. Throw ’em down ‘ere to the willy wonga. And you’ve got, ehh– you’ve got yourself a point. Vinny: [in accent] Will this fieldsman be assed to pick up the ball? [laughing] No he’s not! Vinny: Yeah, okay. [laughs] Alright! A crowd of clones. Announcer: He’s comin’ back for another! Vinny: Yes! [cheering crowd cuts out] Where’s the audience? Announcer: They decide against it. Announcer: Nope, they’re heading back! Vinny: [laughing] Where did he go?! Announcer: They change their minds. Announcer: Nope, they’re heading back! They change their minds. Nope, they’re heading back! Vinny: Wait, the ref is coming closer! [Vinny chuckles] Vinny: [in Scottish accent] A’ight, fockin’ Scotland vs. England. Let’s doo it. Tails, ya right fucking twat. Vinny: [in Scottish accent] ‘Ere ya go, ya facking cunt bastard cunt– [laughs] Mudderfacker! Announcer: Beatin’ ’em with a slower ball there. Quick, run! That’ll be out! Vinny: Where did he get the ball from? Vinny: [in Australian accent] Ohh, wuzzling the willy wonga! [morphs into Scottish accent] Goin’ fer a run! Down to the fockin’– Wait, how did he pick up the ball? Announcer: They’re coming back for another! Vinny: [in Scottish accent] I didn’t press the focking button! What’s goin’ on wid the guy in the bottom-right? Announcer: He’s missed it! No room for error here! Vinny: Where– Where did I go? Announcer: That’s hit him! Huuaahh, he’ll be rubbing that one for a bit! [Vinny wheezes] Announcer: He really tried to hammer that one! [Vinny laughs] Announcer: Comin’ back for another! Vinny: No, I didn’t come back for another! [Vinny laughs] Announcer: They changed their minds! Nope, they’re heading back! They changed their minds! They decide against it. Nope, they’re heading back! They decide against it. Vinny: What was that camera angle? Guys, there was a camera angle– [slowed-down] Vinny: After this round of pitching, I expect a game-breaking glitch. Announcer: Well struck! Vinny: Come on, fielders! I’ve got people in the FIELD! That’s the game-breaking glitch I was talking about. Announcer: Slowed that one down a bit! Vinny: [chuckles] Bye?!

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