VIDEO GAME GADGETS in REAL LIFE – Injustice 2 vs Fruit Ninja (Unboxing Review)

What up what up it’s Chad Wild Clay and you guys
have been leaving comments like crazy to do injustice 2 wet puns so today we are
gonna buy five wet puns from injustice two real ones and test them out in real
life but don’t go anywhere because we’re also giving away a $100 Amazon gift card
so throughout the video I’m gonna be telling you how to win that so pay close
attention for the whole video let’s jump into it and the first character from
injustice two we are looking at is sequent here’s V Queen everybody there
she is hey don’t put make about me oh okay anyway so she’ll be sitting over
there but not our makeup making fun of me and stuff let’s look at our first
character it is gonna be Atrocitus atrocious kinda maybe it’s really got
the name Atrocitus he’s the leader of the Red Lantern Corps V enemy of the
Green Lantern green red and green always battle don’t they learning our colors
and learning our fruits here lion that must’ve been what you were thinking lime
green and what about the red nevermind okay she’s over there confused so the
Atrocitus doesn’t real I mean he does use wet puns sometimes but he’s known for
life enraging himself and getting really angry there’s a move that he does called
pillar of blum so I think what we should do is try to find a wet pun that
is red kind of a pillar of blum green or yellow whatever it’s gotta be red be
fabulous alright so let’s go to karate Mart calm uh-huh bingo
the crimson edge ninja soared what do you say the $29.95 why not why not
thanks for letting me buy anything I want B look at that perfect it’s got red
covered all over the edges of it this is gonna be perfect or atrocity
hey mailman’s here via so before we open this baby up first let’s talk about that
Amazon giftcard cuz I know you guys want to win a hundred bucks B what’s the
first thing we gotta do movie what like this movie is that you’re gonna check
this video game alright guys goodness video a thumbs up that’s step one to
winning that 100 on gift card let’s look at this wet pun now
Atrocitus once his soared it comes in a sheet with this trap so I can carry it
I’m not back with my rhyme B oh hey that’s mean you think this is atrocious
I think it’s beautiful a beautiful crimson red that is actually really cool
I like this a lot you can’t even see the soared it blends right in with all the
other soared on this red shirt look at that if you guys like this shirt click
right up here on the top right hand corner there’s the chat well fight a
merch store you know what I really like about this shirt because another
camouflage thing is that when I’m wearing my backpack you don’t even know
I’m wearing my backpack blends right in okay enough self-promotion of my merch
back to the soared this is gonna chop up anything hold it right there I’ll chop
it yeah just kidding that’s too dangerous
not gonna swing it towards your hand or anything like that that would be stupid
very sharp blame here sharp tip sharp right there
rigid edge like a sawtooth edge that’s gonna just sawed through branches and
whatever arm these hair this over here yeah this is to put your fingers on like
this you can paint your nails you do have guys she’s just sitting in here
like doing makeup when we’re supposed to wet puns looking at wet puns you keep me
company don’t don’t paint my nails it’s clear no
thanks no thank you let’s just use this how it’s supposed to
be used not for makeup character number two I should just – not for
is Harley Quinn you know are you dressed up as 4/1 get you so V I think you know
the answer to this one what wet pun does Harley Quinn use you used it yourself
I would I’ve used so many wet puns you swung it soared nope you guys almost
didn’t get it guys she uses the Harley Quinn bat what do
you think about that roughly right rhymes I guess all right well let’s just
go get that Harlequin bat here’s the bat what do you think about that hey pretty
rats it says good night on it I keep it in the box because I like to keep things
really nice but that doesn’t mean we’re not gonna take another box we are going
to it we’re gonna smash some stuff with it because what fun would that be just
to keep it in the box all the time right guys this is a really nice pad actually
free on paste this was I like the wrapping I love the paint job on it
good night and the house elves writing on it I’m not gonna take the time to
read what’s written on here it’s a heavy bat to go be she just hit her phone with
the bad guys don’t hit me with it she thinks she’s Harley Quinn hey if you
say so she’s kind of cuckoo yeah so you are Harley Quinn no I’m very sane oh
you’re very think yeah you’re real logical be I should see her been
swimming she’s learning how to swim right now it’s pretty fun luckily you
don’t need to know how to swim to smell bad and the next character from
injustice 2 we were checking out is actually you feed that Amazon giftcard
is still hanging around out there hundred bucks
what’s the next step they gotta do to win that oh that’s right I heard the
Bell that was v’s bell sounds down below turn that Bell on that means you’re a
notification ninja if you have that bell ringing and that means you get here
quick and you hang out with us for the first hour of every upload we hang out
in the comments with you guys so make sure that Bell is on that’s the second
part that you got to do to win that $100 Amazon gift card onto the next character
Sub Zero what do you that well you gotta say
about sub-zero the leaf all cry Cairo cry oh man sir
I could read krile cryogenic like cryogenic right it’s so cold we must be
at Oriel because this ver it’s cold in the atmosphere what movie is that bring
it on bring it on okay leave a comment below if you know what he’s talking
about back to injustice to V Sub Zero awesome
character he uses ice dad gears you mean Oh cuz you call them dad gears you’re like
what are dad gears so here’s this these awesome dad gears from Karate Mart right
here they are gonna be perfect for Sub Zero because they are blue and their
dad gears what do you thing about that be right there oh you want me to buy it
okay he wants me to buy it guys fine I guess I’ll buy it he made me buy these
guys I wasn’t even gonna buy them but she made me buy him Wow
these are cool yeah right through the plastic here I’ll give you one don’t
dab me when I’m not looking she’s little guys she’s a violet one Wow
that’s like a blue flame design around the edge here I’ll show you guys close
up here I like that it’s all blue even the handle like down here and not like
sometimes it was black and then they just wrapped it in blue yeah that is
sharp okay if you want to put these in the freezer I don’t think we need to I
think they look already look frozen so cool the way it reflects that blue let
it go let it go she’s always incorporating Disney movies
and cute things we’re trying to be ninjas here okay ninja up in the next
injustice 2 character is V does not be it’s someone else but we want to talk
about that Amazon $100 giftcard that these guys want to win how do they win
it B we should say hashtag notification ninja or superhero name or your ninja
name oh my gosh tag no reason image of the mind what’s my name’s your name big
V cuz you’re so huge notification ninja big V that’s my superhero name alright
notification ninja and whatever your ninja name is V wants to know what your
ninja name is so let her know down below but the next character we are looking at
is the blue beetle oh sure yeah Volkswagen Beetle yep a blue one he’s
actually the guy who went to Batman for help to learn how to use this alien
wet pun of mass bonded to his spine pretty crazy huh
it’s an alien wet pun and you know what’s gonna be the perfect wet pun for this
case something else that’s blue because he’s a Blue Beetle me pink says Robin
should be blue dolls yeah so I’m gonna take some blue dolls just throw them at
people right means that what I should do you get some balls you put it in the
freezer and then you throw it up V are you saying that you’re the master of
blue dolls anywho let’s get some real wet puns go on
here over to karate Mart this wet pun will be perfect to be it’s got those
blue edges it looks really cool like the way it curves like that got that blue
cord wrapped handle he’s over here eating she said she’s supposed to be
talking to me and she’s like he’s making me work during give me this oh
it’s really good mm-hmm anywho let’s order this wet pun and become the Blue
Beetle you better listen to me cuz I’ve got the
Blue Beetle wet pun right there it comes in a very nice nylon sheath
with a strap so you can protect yourself as you carry this around and it’s not
dabbing into your leg wow that’s awesome
look at that it’s huge – this thing here uh-huh like a gun kind of like oh yeah I
pointed it away from you when I fired it wasn’t that good of me this is a sweet
looking blame look at this you guys Wow like this curved love this edging on the
back side and on the front oh wow was it is ready to be that sharp but yeah they
sharpened each one of these right here and it’s got a loop so I can spin it
around on my finger right now though it’s for view as I’m swinging it I know
I won’t be what do you have to say you’re not saying much here look scary
so yeah know what to say about it it’s very dangerous so you said what’s scary
who should be scared of this everyone maybe some fruit ninjas maybe some red
beetles bread beetles should be scared of the Blue Beetle soared huh I should
have made you play the game for a couple hours first before joining me and the
next injustice to character we’re looking at is the Joker
but I said the Joker Batman yeah he’s in the game injustice – yeah there’s a lot
of DC characters and B what does the Joker like to use as a wet pun sometimes
I came true let me show you a picture of the main picture of the game with the
joke right there there’s a picture of Joker from the game on ice right let’s
go get a joker night off of karate murder yes
karate art has the maniacal skull blame the Joker is pretty maniacal let’s
hear your maniacal laugh me Wow super maniacal scares me well while v practice
is that let’s just go ahead and order this awesome blame $26.95 11 inches of
stainless steel let’s get it watch this okay guys who’s Binayak Olaf was better
mine or fees okay whose maniacal that was worse time it down below or as who’s
better let us know go ahead and make fun of us it’s fine roast us but let’s check
out Joker’s night this will actually for real be maniacal here it’s a big one
if the big one comes in a nylon sheath wow that is a big night
I think this qualifies as a tummy as a dad gear not a night bobble is sweet
Oh huge this is look at that edging it’s shards I just I just drawn to it like
that he’s got some grooves cut out right here
I can see right through here it’s got a little thing to protect my hands that’s
very smart boy comes down black said the bounces off my hand
this is sweet I love this thing I just want to carry this around handles really
nice too it’s got a hole through it so you could put a string through there if
you like oh cool check out the handle oh my gosh there’s
gold all over check out these skulls on this handle I love it
I already love the blame now I love it even more cuz that awesome handle what
should we chop with this thing some Joker cards for playing cards
alright well let’s just go outside and see what bad guys are you run into you
guys look at me thank you thank you thank you look at these shirts thank you
thank you so much so many wet puns oh my gosh it’s like your heads coming out of
its chest get back in front we just found out that we are the number one
selling merch store in our network you guys are buying the merch like crazy so
thank you thank you guys so much really appreciate it we’re gonna be giving you
guys shout outs in the next upcoming video wearing a shirt wearing a backpack
backpack here what helped me out fee I can’t reach it
yeah check that baby alright we haven’t introduced just the adjustments behind
the camera that’s the skirt friendly kick Papa cool it’s like it’s like it’s
going to be it’s like you can pull a soared right off of this shirt oh you can
sponsor sure it’s a magic stick the magic soared
well this star Justin is used by Atrocitus injustice – that’s atrocious
oh it’s not atrocious it’s ferocious yeah I’m gonna go straight don’t worry
I’m like I’m like two feet away soared here it just looked like I was chopping
her arm was gonna just fall on the floor then the hand was gonna be like I mean
it is already covered in red so you won’t even notice her vehicle with that
Google alright hold on you didn’t need that army right handed oh yeah good so
you can still do your hacks and stop dr. Chad does his hacks yes all those magic
starts it’s like oh my gosh just cut out this so much better orange you glad I didn’t do that to you
yes this is Harley Quinn’s badge I remember this one yeah these makes a
great Harley Quinn you guys remember that she really is I’m camera she looks
normal but real life this one is insane insane in the
membrane you were like already an adult peninsula
oh you always talk smack when she’s got really doing this things in her hand
you’re gonna make a rhyme there you always talk smack when she has a
baseball bat what you think about that we can do wiggity whack see yeah you see
you got it what do you think about that oh you win the rap battle he pulls out
naughty words we want ads on this video yeah we can buy food and stuff where you
going there V she’s walking or she’s pacing back and forth Vicki what case
what can you say she’s calm down you violence so violent you guys look like
you need a nap or something so good night no but I’m gonna do a ninja style
baseball bat swing oh that’s how ninjas swing that’s right Wow
well well well it plants you need Nina because goodnight better I wish that plan a very good
night can’t find them oh my gosh this is all that’s left of
them I think you paper eyes too cuz these were the only remains I just
disintegrated huh he’s an eggplant heaven yes actually it’s so hot out here
today I decided I needed some ice dad gear those are super cool so refreshing can
you pull me out a little bit is that what you meant by cool yes I meant like
burner ah so hot oh it feels nice it’s nice icicle here don’t you don’t trick
me Justin you want me to lick this me it kind of matches you with your skirt yeah
yeah it’s like you’ve invented wet pun wet pun flage wet pun flage yes we just
wear all the wet puns on your clothes and then you just never know which one
you’re gonna be able to like pull out from your shirt like which ones real
which ones just a print I tell you don’t know you just don’t know sub-zero’s
throwing toros Poros star oh no I don’t hear it be fur it calls in here there
might be some twirls and the atmosphere bring it on bring it on what are you doing like Irish dancing
you’re like like this I’m jacked up the kind look roasted roasted like a potato
oh okay you were actually a real cheerleader we’re real experienced can
you give us not while holding the blame in your hand but like can you give us a
cheerleader jump let’s see yeah yeah I’ll close my eyes all right put your
leader job cheerleader ninja chick bump cheese just do a cheerleader chick bump
I mean kick bump was so lit let’s let’s let’s let’s put this on ice and purple
mean oh what’s going on here these water balloons aren’t ready to be cooled down
please dad gears we’re teaming up this that’s
right we are teaming up Oh couples night throwing here we clean be nice yeah what’s all
over the Bliss good teamwork all right feet you’re gonna get your
bump kicked if you don’t start I mean some ninja ninja chops out should we do
the job you got to be careful it’s dangerous
I moved so fast you’d even see me move so I didn’t see the reaction you got
here oh he’s got me feeling blue it’s another Sub Zero Blue Beetle pretty
close John’s favorite musical group from the 60s oh hey that’s the Beatles my
bass or the Beatles you never you’ve never heard of the Beatles oh wait those came out like the eighties we do with ice-cold blue soared you cool
off with it like this oh that’s actually kind of hot
with something pitting on it oh you put it right on your neck and then just kids
don’t try that at home so I have like a branded scar now here
Oh like burn a burned for the shape into my neck that would actually be kind of
bad but bad what would it be bad neck well wrong body part Justin that’s true
this is the neck come on here you can put it on my bump let’s just go ahead
and bring me well we’ve got some fruit ninja friends
who need to cool off oh I this watermelon looks like it
should be in South Park oh yeah kind of looks like Cartman hey guys
happy oh that’s cool just like that blame I just love that theme song kind of a
blue man group thing yeah Blue Man Beatles terminators start a show it’s
gonna be great we’re gonna play the drums with wet puns oh yeah that’d be
pretty cool none chucks and dab really cool well let’s talk about this wet pun
what was yeah that looks like a big night not sure that I’m sure you’ve done
it can you show me what this baby looks like Pete what do you got there Joker
night Oh The Joker uses that it’s got a little
bit of a smile if you turn it yeah you’re right slight there right a little
bit of a smile with with teeth yeah now Wendy’s holding this night and she’s
not in a good mood that is no laughing matter
it’s no joke you guys no joke just to constrict
only two cans to make that four we’ve never done for Ken then just before or
never how do you think I can know you can all right so what I’m gonna do is
I’m gonna try to just slice off the tops of these cans not the middle but just
the tops so we can all have a refreshing drink afterwards
how’s that never forget busy anxiously or just kind of skim the tops
of them this one opened just a tiny little bit one opened a little bit
better here okay yeah I got I got to work on my Joker aim a little bit it
looks like it’s trying to talk to you yeah dude shoutout to Levi who sent me a
photo of him wearing the CWC merch looking good by doing hmm
shoutout to you notification ninjas we’ll get here quick in the first hour
and leave comments I’m showing some of your guys to stuff right here from the
last video and a huge shout out to karate Mart’s comm they are giving you
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brand new video

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