Valley Catholic Volleyball: 2018 OSAA 4A State Championship

La Grande, I knew that they had come back
against Marshfield, so we knew they were a team that we couldn’t take lightly.
Even though we had very little information about them, we just kind of
said, OK, they obviously are a team that doesn’t give up, so we just have to
come in and take care of business and they did exactly that. They carried out
the game plan perfectly. Coming into this game, I want revenge.
I want to beat that team so badly just because we lost to them last year. And so
that first set, we came in. We were relaxed. We were excited. We played with so much
energy. Second set we fell apart a little bit,
but we didn’t let it affect us. We went into the second two sets and we were
like, we’re going to take this away from them and we’re going to show everyone
why we’re here and why we deserve a state championship. We had some redemption from last year losing to Sisters in the finals, and
it’s a little bit of a monkey off our back, so it feels good. It feels good. We have this crazy chemistry this year.
And it’s really showing on the court. And we just have this trust in each other
that it’s just pushed us forward compared to previous seasons. And it’s
really taking us as far as we can go. It was your epitome of a great finals
match against two very, very good teams. I’ve had three chances at this, and I’ve
wanted this always for my teams because I always feel like they deserve it. They
give so much, so for them to kind of get this validation and to go home with that
trophy that they’ve been wanting for a long time is something they’ll always remember.

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