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Hie viewers welcome to nothing but cricket in this video am gonna talk about utilization of crease by the batsmen and also i’ll tell how to convert tough balls to easy balls by using the crease the crease can be efficiently used for different types of deliveries and can get in right position to play it before getting in to the video please do subscribe and also press the bell symbol for instant updates the usual way to stand in the crease is by placing one leg inside and one leg outside the crease we do this to avoid stumping issues when a spinner is bowling… this is the standard or common way so this type is usually for spinners or non-swinging pacers this is Type-1 Type-2 : if some bowler is threatening you with his bouncers.. you can go deep inside the crease when you are deep inside the crease you will have time to move back and pull the ball with ease Type-3: for a swingy bowler if you stay inside the crease you might get blocked so there is a high possibility of getting LBW therefore if you stand two steps outside the crease you can pick the ball before it starts swinging and also you can convert good length balls into overpitched balls I hope you guys might have understood the basic utilization of the crease If you do so.. please like this video.. and don’t forget to subscribe my channel and press the bell symbol thanks for watching 🙂

63 thoughts on “Using the crease in batting| Cricket Batting Tips | Nothing But Cricket

  1. Bro where is it safe to stand in a matted wicket? Cos most of the times good length ball gets a pump after pitching and becomes unplayable.

  2. Hey bro im Telugu i cant understand language i.e next videos will u plz say in eng or hindi

  3. Good batting technique… But for type-3, isn't it necessary to see the position of the keeper, just to avoid stumping

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