Using Baseball to Improve Your Golf Game : The Golf Stance

In this segment, I’m going to talk about the
stance, and I’m talking about an athletic stance. You’ve heard many times about “be
athletic.” When you get into your stance, be athletic. Well, somewhere along the lines
that’s gotten lost for a few reasons. One is posture. I’ve heard that word so much in
the last five years, and they talk about a posture with a straighter back, and, and bending
from the, the waist. And, okay that could work, and it could be great, but I still say
that that could take away some of your athleticism. When you’re hitting a baseball if you want
to have perfect posture, what ever that is, do you see how that stiffens me up a bit?
It’s the same thing in golf. If you could do something in golf, a shortstop is ready.
A, an outfielder is ready. A batter is ready, in a ready or athletic position. In football
you’re ready to hit someone, you’re not trying to get good posture. The trick is to get athletic
and that will automatically produce your posture. This is not athletic. This is not athletic.
If you want to get athletic, waggle that club. Feel it in your hands, your arms, your body.
You’re ready. You’re about to do something in sports. I feel good, I feel athletic. I
feel ready. And that is the feeling you have to get with this baseball swing, or any swing
that you use. In your address position. Be ready. Be athletic. Get ready for some action.

2 thoughts on “Using Baseball to Improve Your Golf Game : The Golf Stance

  1. dear Sir .. i came across ur video a few yrs back when i ws just starting golf, i felt somthing good but couldn't understand ur underlying facts, after watching u again, i'd say u r FANTASTIC – the trouble with most golfers is that we are just too RIGID and MECHANICAL ..

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