Using Baseball to Improve Your Golf Game : The Golf Grip

The first place to start is the grip. When
you hold a baseball bat not only, of course, do you use a baseball grip (which means your
thumb is there and nothing is interlocked or anything) but whether you use a pure baseball
grip; which by the way I do use. And look at the thick handles on my clubs. I do use
a pure baseball grip. But even if you don’t, let’s say you are going to use your varden
or overlap grip. The first thing that you have to do to get the baseball feel is to
make believe you are holding a baseball bat and waggle the club, just like this. And when
you do that, make sure the club head is square. You shouldn’t do it with a club face open
like this, but with a square club head. Start feeling strong. Just feel like your hands
are doing the right thing. From there, you could just put that club head down. And the
first thing that I think you are going to notice is that your hands are going to be
stronger. You’re going to see more knuckles. This line is going to be more towards your
right shoulder. And that is a great way to find your grip. Because in baseball, if you
started out with a grip like this and you picked up your bat, you see how you have no
chance. It’s weak, it’s uncomfortable. There’s no way that you could hit to your full potential.
Take your golf grip and go like this. No. Go like this. This is the first part and it’s
the most important part- the way you start. Waggle that bat, waggle that club, to get
your baseball grip. And then just put the club down. And that’s exactly where your hands
should be.

6 thoughts on “Using Baseball to Improve Your Golf Game : The Golf Grip

  1. you are so correct. I do it the same way to bomb them. I cannot believe people address the ball with neutral or weak grips. I always wondered why this grip positioning is not taught. I would rather see some duck hooks out there by people then the slices and awkward swings at the ball. Good Video!! I am one who agrees with you .

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