UNLOCKED / Episode 1: The Doubt

Ace, what’s moral courage, Ace? Being able to tell the people you love when they’re doing wrong. mm-hmm Tell
’em the truth even if it hurts mm-hmm Maryland’s new head coach Mike Locksley he knows this program very well. He was part of it for ten seasons in the past
and Chuck we can tell nurturing this family means everything to him right now. Well coach Locksley is back home he grew up in the area he’s recruited here his entire coaching career and I feel that the time he spent as an interim head
coach here at Maryland and the time he spent with Nick Saban at Alabama has truly prepared him to be the head coach here at Maryland You know, anyone that knows me knows the passion and feeling I have for Maryland football from being a kid
rooting for Maryland football being a young assistant having been a part of
building an ACC championship team here in late 90s early 2000s and to coming
back to lead it as the head coach so for me it was a dream come true. I can’t tell you guys enough how this is a dream come true for me. Yeah you know, if you just look at results it’ll be hard for
you to tell that there were some successes you know within that
3-9 record Really things went south from the beginning It’s got to be
frustrating If you’re Maryland, you’re starting to add up all the mistakes from the first half… You know, it’s really none of our business of what others outside the program think it’s really about what we believe in you know we can’t spend our
times trying to prove people wrong we’ve got to prove ourselves right Who’s it about? Us. And it’s never gonna be about them. It’s
gonna be about us doing our job for 60 minutes. You know it’s very unfortunate
but you know going through what we went through was definitely a necessary thing
for us to go through because you learned so much about your processes just with
some of the failures and some of the lack of success you have it really makes
you take a deep hard look at every part of the program Hours after our season-ending loss to
Michigan State and it’s a game that was as close to a game that I’ve seen us
play with the pride and energy that that that I had come to know this team to be
about. I met with every player on the team. You know what moral courage is? Moral courage is being able to tell somebody that you love or care about…real love and real care the truth even if it hurts. And…did you hear what Keandre said at the end of the Michigan St. game? That was moral courage. And now I hope that you guys have set the stage for us to get this thing to go in the
right direction all right everybody up… One second coach…I just got something on my mind and I want to say it while I’m feeling emotional right now. But, it was a pleasure playing with
y’all boys, man. us to be successful we For us to be successful, we have to be player-driven. Meaning the
players have to be the police. They’ve got to manage themselves from inside out. Those meetings were really necessary to find out their thoughts of the program
the things they like the things they didn’t like the things that I could do
better as the leader of this football family. What do you think I need to do or
can do better so maybe get that fight back? Accountability runs horizontal in our program and each
of us are accountable for the results and for our actions and I thought it was
really really important to find out from our players the guys that were right
there with us what their thoughts were. And this evaluation is a two-way
evaluation like real man conversation that you
learn to have in your real life when you leave here graduate… What things can I do
better to maybe help prevent this moving forward
as we start the 2020 year? What things do you need out of Coach Locks? I think one things you alluded to a lot was trust. It took a long time to build, and we’re still building. As you go through these meetings and you you
formulate common things that show up and to me not a big surprise but it starts
with trust with any relationship for it to be successful you have to have trust
and you know one of the things that really has created this trust issue
amongst our football family is you have to think that in three head coaches in
five years some guys have had five position coaches
in four years. Those things take time and as much as we’d like to just rush
the process I think trust comes with the belief and buy-in. So trusting how we do things and why we do things and that they work Yeah and trusting that the
coaches and the administration have our back, too. I think the longer we’re here as a staff, the more trust and the bond and the
buy-in comes along with it I think obviously culture is really
important I like that but I love each You know what I’m saying I hate to go out like that but I love every one of y’all the staff the
coaches because you know we don’t get these opportunities… That’s been the missing piece to our team having enough guys that had the moral
courage to tell their teammates the truth because when it comes from a coach – I always say this – coach driven teams are just good. Player driven are great. So
when it comes from a coach, it’s blaming it’s critiquing, its criticizing, it’s
not always positively accepted especially if there’s not a lot of trust as
you like to say and so when it comes from a teammate, it usually means a
little bit more because that’s not an easy conversation to have… We didn’t do nothing different. We just believed. Ya’ll gotta believe in this man. Yeah it’s gonna be ups and downs yeah it’s gonna be a hate/love
relationship but _____ all the noise, man My senior is over. I want you underclassmen to understand, man, there’s slim opportunities like that, man. Yah’ll know what we could have done if y’all just believed all season Ya’ll left that _____ on the line that’s
why I can’t even be disappointed I don’t want to leave I want to see this program turnaround. I want to be a part of that too, but ya’ll underclassmen understand it and see look it’s the last
opportunity I’m gonna say it why I’m here I’m not gonna let you I know when
I’m gone, man. I’m say it right now in front of everybody I love
each and every one of you from the staff everybody accepting me in. We’re going to change this _____ around I truly believe that, man. Ya’ll just gotta believe.That’s all it took…was believing To go out there and fight like that, man. Bring that _____ in, man. We’re a real family regardless, and say that _____ when you mean it Family on three one two three: Family That’s why for me though year one was not what any of us wanted or expected it
was necessary but I’m also really confident having gone through this we’re on the right track and it’s all about building upon the
foundation and the standards and the processes for how we want to make this
program great.

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