Unified Korean team wins first ever medal

Now the latest from the Asian Games in Indonesia,
where a unified South and North Korean team have won their first ever medal. The South Korean team, separately, has also
narrowed the gap with Japan in the medal count, but they’re still in third place. Seo Bo-bin reports. The first medal news comes from the two Koreas’
unified canoeing team. In the women’s 200-meter dragon boat race,
the Koreans won a historic medal on Saturday. Out of six teams, they took bronze,… marking
the first time a joint Korean team has medaled at an international sporting event. The medal won’t count for South or North Korea
in the medal standings, but will be tallied separately for “Korea.” In bowling, South Korea grabbed a gold in
the men’s team of six event on Saturday with a total of 8,540 points. Just a day earlier, the women’s team also
won gold in the same event. In ju-jitsu, South Korea’s Sung Ki-ra won
gold in the women’s ju-jitsu newaza… for the under-62-kilogram class. The 21-year-old defeated her Singaporean opponent
4-to-2, giving South Korea its first ever medal in the sport. Ju-jitsu is being contested at the Asian Games
for the first time this year. There are several more events scheduled for
Sunday. The two Koreas’ joint team for women’s basketball
will play in the quarterfinals at 2:30 p.m. Korea time. The South Korean men’s baseball team will
play their preliminary match at 8:30 p.m., and South Korea’s Jung Hye-lim will run in
the final of the women’s 100-meter hurdles at 10:15. Seo Bo-bin, Arirang News.

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