Unified Korea team defeated by Japan in table tennis World Team semi-finals

The unified Korean women’s table tennis team
lost their semi-final against Japan on Friday at the World Team Table Tennis Championships
in Sweden. The combined squad lost three-zero against
the Japanese side. As there’s no third-place match, and Korea
will share the bronze with the loser of the other semi-final between China and Hong Kong. The decision to form a team was a three-way
agreement between the leaders of the North and South Korean delegations and the International
Table Tennis Federation. It was the first match as ‘Team Korea’ in
women’s table tennis since 1991, when the unified players won a gold medal in Japan.

8 thoughts on “Unified Korea team defeated by Japan in table tennis World Team semi-finals

  1. Aww… how cute! Just like before… still can’t beat the japanese! Bahahahahahahaha!

  2. why the negativity ? you're not nice people. you don't open like this . the score is mentioned normally Not like in this hateful way. get a life . . .

  3. The only thing NK is good at is goose stepping and waving pink feather dusters in honor of Kim Fattie the 3rd

  4. The two countries' athletes haven't been training together as long as a single countries' athletes would. Off course their teamwork wouldn't be as strong as a single nation. At least they got to the semi-finals.

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