Ultimate Football Challenge – Loser Giveaway His Football Boots!

Hi .. No one sayin’ anything.. great Hi guys & welcome to a new video! Today we wanted to film a Review first but .. Unfortunately we couldn’t find a goalkeeper (except the Puma Goalkeeper) This is why we want to test these boots in some challenges! The special thing is – the loser of these challenges has to giveaway his boots! You can win the football boots of the loser! How? Just watch the video 😉 You can either win the adidas X15 SL or the Nike Magista Obra! To be honest – no one want to lose these challenges – so it’s going to be tough! The 1st Challenge It’s a Free Kick – Precision Challenge We’re shooting from about 23-26m away Now we are trying to hit the upper90 from this position! The left upper90 – can you see it? We tied some laces in the corner It’s like a real Upper 90 Challenge! You can also score using the post – the ball should just go through the “upper90 mark” The first player who score his freekick through this mark – wins! So – let’s dooo this! You just have to concentrate &relax – i think it should be easy! It’s my first try! My shot wasn’t that good .. nice! #Tekkerz Sh#t I have to calm down .. that was close Oh, Sh#t .. That ball is gone .. forever If nothing works, crossbar always works Now – we have a draw – 1:1 I scored right – Konzi scored left We have the next challenge This is an unbelievable Challenge Long Distance Crossbar No human have done this challenge before! We will try to put this ball here To get to this crossbar Some say – it is impossible So, Max – we are ready to go! So let’s do “rock-paper-scissors” Max got the “rock-paper-scissors” tekkerz Here we have the first try of Konzi from the last summer Wow, this was amzing, Konzi! Wow, you hit the cam 😀 What the # .. Max Max .. Congratulation! Let’s have a minute of silence (for your boots) Okay, that’s enough! Okay, Konzi – what should our subscribers do – to win you football boots? I’m really sad .. so the subscribers Yeah, i can see it so i think our subscribers should try to motivate me in the comments .. Okay, guys – so write something to motivate Konzi So he is happy in the next videos And we will giveaway these football boots to one comment which we will pick up in the next 2 weeks! So we’re finished?! Oh, common Konzi – just score a last time! Now you see, he really needs the motivating comments

100 thoughts on “Ultimate Football Challenge – Loser Giveaway His Football Boots!

  1. Hey Konzi bist der beste von den free Kickers ich finde es cool wie du geladen deine Videos machst mach weiter so

  2. Hallo konzi kannst du mir Bittttttttttttttte Fußball schuhe geben Bitttttttttte ich wohne in Grevenbroich Von Goldammer Straße

  3. Konzi nur weil du verloren hast und deine Schuhe abgeben musst heißt es ja nich das schlecht bist du bist trotzdem noch ein guter fußballer

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