UL Baseball Head Coach Tony Robichaux has successful surgery following heart attack

ball coaches is what I do it’s not who I am and I told them to make sure that they keep their heads up and they realize that they don’t need to let this game any failure or the game of baseball be your identity the way you live your life from this point on should be your identity we’re thankful to report that Cajuns baseball head coach Tony Robichaux is okay after suffering a heart attack late Sunday night he underwent a successful medical procedure and it was expected to make a full recovery on the field robe ranks in the top ten when it comes to active wins with over 1,100 victories but his ability to teach and drive home life lessons is one of one here’s one of my favorites from last season where he explained how you never in life lose value you know I tell them all the time it’s like a hundred dollar bill you can take it to a homeless guy underneath Interstate 10 and you can crumple it up and ask him if he wants it he’s gonna say yes I mean you can stomp on it and ask me if he wants it he’s gonna take it you can tear it in half and ask him if he wants he’s still gonna take it because the the hundred dollar bill never loses his value right no matter what you do to it well we’ve been kicked up kicked we’ve been stomped I mean we’ve been we’ve been crushed but you got to get them to understand that they don’t lose value because that’s what happens to us in our personal life right when we start to get stepped on and punched we start to believe that we lose value [Applause]

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