UCLA vs Oklahoma NCAA Softball World Series Finals – Full Softball Game 2019

UCLA vs Oklahoma NCAA Softball World Series Finals – Full Softball Game 2019 This NCAA tournament and she’s hit three home runs and driven in those 16 RBI to lead the way for The two seed Bruins we’ve got the big 12 champions And Oklahoma in a must-win situation Then a reminder the team that has scored first in this entire world series has won every game 13 and Oh Sydney Romare even thinking about a bunt drag bunt utilizing any way to get on first base and Romero lines one out to right-center Jordan back on the track and Sydney And a message sent quickly Look at the location of this pitch it’s a way I love how her bat pass what she does to get to this pitch because guys this is how they threw her all Game long last night she came in with a plan Get on base. She doesn’t big with a double When other senior right behind her in a first team all-american Kaylee Clifton a 400 hitter all year long, but she’s below the Mendoza line at the Women’s College World Series and suta fans know She’s do Well, Jessie meant mentioned it planned there is one thing about this Oklahoma coaching staff they were going to have a plan I bet they didn’t sleep at all just scouting and knowing what they needed to work on to give their offense to score F Garcia and Immediately a Garcia makes an adjustment after going outside to Romero. They’re coming now back inside It’s gonna be a lot of zigging and zagging in this game a bit of a chess match Yeah, that’s what we love right smitty. Absolutely. I got you you get me I’ll always get you Laughing That’s what it’s all about Well, this is something that Oklahoma is going to have to improve upon to have a chance tonight against Garcia and the Bruins And a chance right away And We also get a glimpse of the growth of Garcia’s game with host a table to call more of their own game with Lisa Fernandez this year Bet that last pitch called first strike that is going to be huge her Rachel Garcia That is a rice ball at the top of the zone. Maybe even out of the zone She gets that call. Oh didn’t have that last night. Did she? Know she had it and they took it and it was a ball. Yes. Yes yeah, yeah well and I didn’t think it was a sharp last night as it was on Sunday when she struck out 16 against Washington last night start is the only time in her career. She had not had a strikeout in a game We won the Clifton try to protect that inside corner They are good Just past the Goat Lisa Fernandez two fifth all-time the UCLA history with over 800 career strikeouts and just three seasons And gets Clifton one down and that’s going to be the big pitch that is like an off-speed Drop that’s going to be multi-dimensional in the sense that it’s going to run and it’s gonna drop or fall look at the way She’s going to get over this pitch that Rotation the way that she pulls across her body lets it just dive down looks like it’s coming hard and just falls out But number three hitter Jocelyn all oh the three at the top furrow you were just one for 10 in Game one Romero with a hit Clifton with the strikeout and a low with the home run power stepping in Comes back with that changeup that off-speed pitch that she struck out Clifton on Pitch we don’t see a whole lot of but if she wants to start getting swings and misses That’s something she’s gonna have to kick in that will open up her rise ball if she can throw that off-speed for a strike Hollow terrific Glover concurred by Breanna atado Lapua that net packed with the tag at first two down Tada Lapua going down to her need snow cones it a little bit but I love the look just enough of the look to Sydney Romero and how about Pat coming off the bag knowing that? She needs to make the tag is able to apply the tag to a low but this ball is scorched That’ll bring up grey screen one of the two freshmen in the starting lineup tonight Her last at-bat last evening was a home run For the big 12 freshman of the year Garcia had already left the game at that point Rachel and needed to throw five innings And just over 60 pitches so should be plenty fresh Speed again There’s a sequence right now that’s clear It’s you can tell a game plan first from a hitters point of view what they’re planning to do and right now for Rachel Garcia And these Bruins their plan is to throw off speed followed by a rice ball There it is 2 & 2 And the strikeout is that Sooners go old for three with the runner in scoring position and Garcia works out of the jam Rachel Garcia Using all parts of the zone but she’s really using this off-speed effectively second strikeout of the inning using that off-speed Here’s our capital on starting lineups for the UCLA Bruins for different players hit a home run last night but we’re gonna go down that Kinsley Washington who was 4 for 4 in Game one with a double and three runs scored As the order from top to bottom all got in on the action last night If putting 16 runs up on the board they saw gee Juarez for 4 innings and got three earned runs off of her a spectacular Regular-season at 22 and oh, but she’s lost twice in the last two nights Beth She’s got to go to her off speeds is her best pitch look out dirty This pitches 56 miles an hour drops off a table What did get hit was the curb Elliot Jordan really got things started last night off of that pitch It’s not a bad pitch, but it plays up so much better when she utilizes that off-speed her best pitch And the pick 12 pitcher of the fear of the year to face Bubba Nichols at the top of this lineup Nichols Perez and Jordan The top three were 6 for 10 in Game one last night Each of them had a couple of hits and Perez and Jordan had homeruns and Bob at Nicholls tattoos Oh, they don’t want nothing lead Just show the curveballs what got hit out last night’s another curveball it’s gonna ride into Bubba Nichols This is the pitch that gets hit she tried to go to the hospital was in the dirt before it she’s got to be able to get off hill because these UCLA bat skies are red-hot and Bubba Nichols Starting this thing off would they left off last night with a home run that? Is their fifth home run now in seven innings eight innings Excuse me in this chant cheering and by five different players This is this is just a lineup that can do damage Perez gets all into again another curveball Look at the location of this pitch it’s elevated and it is on the white part of the play That just does not get away from her this lefty lefty matchup Jawara should be running that into that right handed batter’s box when you look at it. Just right out of the yard Brianna Perez a three-run home run last night a solo shot to backup Bubble Nichols for the Bruins and Bubba barely caught her breath before she was running back out of the dugout. What a start for UCLA The first two batters of the night both go deep And when the first pitch of the game from Juarez was a changeup I was about to say this is that’s the pitch of the Night both that’s how you take power away to G through one the next two curveballs have been hit out of the yard 1404 the team that scores first and Mariah Lopes quickly out to the bullpen When G Juarez in trouble early So they met during the regular-season and UCLA won that game seven to one So add that to the two here in the cheap series Just devastating to sooner pictures 25 runs Oklahoma only gave up 61 to everybody else the rest of the year in 61 games They are averaging in this world series eight runs per game and two home runs per game and they’ve already hit the two home runs and a two own lead for Kelly Edelen Perez the UCLA alum Who won three times as a player 31 years at UCLA? They’re trying for a second title. There’s the pitch back-to-back. She’s thrown it now Elliott Jordan chasing it twice that that’s the one and it hasn’t even been a strike It’s been under ankles and why because this is a hitting fest and they’re in a hitting mode right now They want to hit everything don’t give them anything to hit make them get themselves out Well, that’s why I’m surprised they didn’t establish the curve as a ball run it down run it away And throw the change-up for the strike That was a she was lucky she got away with that curveball 65 that was fouled back hard The other thing that curveballs it’s the location of it it’s not just where it’s on the plate It’s the height that it’s above the knees. That’s right at that cookie zone as you like to say Yes Oklahoma coming in hoping it was a brand-new day in UCLA Sam our work playing through from last night and keeping it going Another one fouled straight back For the most decorated program in the sport with the 11 NCAA titles They have been in the finals half of the time that it has been contested 19 of the 38 years But this the first since their last title in 2010 and Jordan reaches and a strikeout for Juarez one down Check in with Holly. Well, guys you talked about G Juarez and her Mitch mixing pitches Keep in mind that changeup that she will need tonight is something that she just learned in the middle of the season She started tinker with it about the beginning of conference play against Texas Tech She didn’t really start throwing it in games against two weeks later and Baylor She said it was really something she struggled with it first. But Kalani Ricketts Delaney Gourley on the staff we’re helping with her and she said I finally got it learned how to keep my thumb down pinky up and she is going to Need that pitch tonight, but it’s just amazing to me that a pitch She learned midseason is something she’ll have to rely on at the World Series That’s right Holly it’s definitely something that is new to her repertoire but it is by far the best thing that she’ll throw She also gave a lot of credit to one of the freshmen pitchers work vestal who actually taught her thumb up to Pinky up and thumb down to to pinky up. So just that’s just talking about how you Release the ball snap it out to take that spin and speed away She might be the next star in the circle redshirting this year. There was a big note to G Now her matchup here with Rachel Garcia Smitty that’s when you know, our game is evolving when you get a freshman picture that’s 17 18 years old teaching a senior How to pitch something and honestly understand how to pick pictured herself to teach it I mean how many players understand understand something so well that they can teach it to someone else It’s something you hear about the big leagues all the time Satan Kershaw Get in there with Rich Hill and the bullpen and there’s trading secrets But to hear it at the college level tells me how much this game has grown we’ve also got Kalani rickets and delayed Igor Lee over there on the staff a couple of former national champs They are rickets, of course at OU u Gourley Championship at florida And not to mention Jen Rocha one of the best pitch callers and pitching coaches in the game so you Great pitching Minds in that dugout 3 2 2 Garcia had a called strike three two down Run some emotion out of G warez after that strike out. It’s a backdoor curveball on the outside corner to Rachel Garcia Look at the way she gets down on that Left side of the line and she brings that ball from the river to the back of the plate look at the speed and the Rotation on this the speed and the spin count of that ball is it’s just ripping back into the strike zone And then going back to that off-speed – Taylor Pak old one here she comes the Hardest thing to do after a night like last night is come out and Just get going and get into your mode as a pitcher Especially he’d give up back-to-back home runs That’s it she’s feeling it She’s got I’ll tell anyone. I’ve seen her pitch At Arizona stay in her pitch here. She’s got a little strut going on right now She’s got something she’s got some sass she’s feeling it and you need that. You need that after giving up back to backs Taylor pact wetting it we’re going to run batted in last night and It is off the bone to the Lions at Short and Taylor pack a two-out base runner Romero couldn’t come up with it clean Momo checking in with us of course ESPN our NBA Reporter analysts do yourself a favor and catch UCLA softball in the World Series championship. Love you, Ramona She’d course plead at Stanford played softball. There was her teammate now covering the championship finals in the NBA They are by the way going to score that an e5 So not a base hit for pack an error on Romero So again the team with the best fielding percentage in the country all year long for errors last night and one early tonight And this is Breanna towel of fool Who after an O? 426 stretch Went yard last night When they moved her up in the batting order because of that trying to put all those power hitters back to back to back to back See how this error affects G Wars as well Errors like that should be out of the inning extra pitches. She’s going to have to throw – to their full count Already over 25 pitches now in this first inning including the back-to-back home runs to lead off the night for Bubba Nicholls and Bri Perez And title appeal with the base hit Then rolling around as pack heavily preferred than title of who will take second right behind her Then UCLA will extend the inning Full count it’s a curve on the outside corner So it’s that backdoor curve that you got the strikeout of Garcia on but this one is just a little bit too high And it just gets nailed into the outfield that’s where the error is costly and Now Colleen Sullivan, we’re trying to bring home the number 7 hitter And honestly it is the little things besides the error a bobble at third base on that Allows tateleh food that get in the scoring position when you want to stop the bleeding when you want to get out of the inning It’s those things you want Brianna still to be at first base not at second It’s to a no to Colleen Freshman out of Poway California a member of the all pac-12 rookie squad this year. She had a hit last night Everybody got into the game. Everybody got involved all nine spots in the lineup had a hit Eight of the nine ended up scoring runs last night There’s a strike three and one So hitters count three once when you start drooling as a batter This is where G war is. You got to throw below 60 miles an hour on this one. Give her the off-speed an aggressive swing You come out Hokkien is a hitter 3:1 anything close Three twos a little different Sullivan can bust this wide open quickly packet third town a Lefou its second In the dirt then the bases will be loaded For Kinsley Washington who was 4 for 4 in Game one and ladies already? 11 pitches since that ere that G Juarez has had to throw Bases are now juice But just when it looked like she had recovered from the home runs with back-to-back strikeouts UCLA will not let her breathe Washington three singles and the run scoring double off of three different pitchers last night for the sophomore out of Whittier, California She has been their best hitter in this NCAA tournament Be followed by the off-speed curve Down the line and monkeys got it Side retired the bases are left loaded, but two big sweats from UCLA bats Get it going early Bubba Nichols followed by Bri Perez get you silly on the board to zip the top of the first So how would the Oklahoma Sooners respond after last night’s lost the worst in program history under patty Gaston since her very first season Patty gesso said the locker room was fascinating last night She said, you know there was not a lot of panic in this group There were not tears in the locker room and they arrived today when they got off the bus they all had shirts on this at Hashtag stronger together. It was a quiet Confident group of people not a lot of panic. They know what kind of team they are They know what kind of players they are, and they know that last night was just not their night She said I saw players make mistakes They’ve never made and that’s not who I expect us to be tonight and most importantly you’ll notice she pulled gee whereas Early in that game last night. She said I went to the circle and I said one out of ten How do you feel right now? She said four she took her out and knew that if they’re gonna push this to a three game series She would need a better G. Whereas tonight. We’ve seen a little bit mixed bag of that Well, she looked pretty loose pregame playing a little football whether team to keep them loose now on her 25th season with the four national championships Where they are looking for a third in four years a fourth title in six years, but the dynasty is in Jeopardy right now of being in decline. They are backs against the wall. Half the win tonight to force Game three After UCLA knocked him around in game And now have them down to here in Game two Che Nitin got a good swing in Most beautiful opposite field home run and she’s normally a pull hitter but drove this out to right-center This is when the score was close that was a huge hit for, Oklahoma Slow roller to third time that fool got her one down. It’s five six and seven to the lineup here Bruins win tonight they have the national championship to take back to Westwood Called Mendez who went over three and Gameboy After enjoying the best season of her career the junior from Texas Had to fight for her job when the season began and it really Steeled her and toughened her up said iron sharpens iron learned a lot from Having the having to fight every day to hold off Reagan Rogers Won humility you got to remember every one of these college athletes was the best player on their high school team They were the best player on their travel ball team They get to college and they’ve never been told You might not play unless you play better And so it humbles you it allows you to work harder, but also gives you perspective of like, okay What do I need to do stay in this lineup? Don’t have advanced or causative championship mindset we’re gonna be competitive in everything We do every day in practice and many days lace is one out to left center on a base hit When the adjustments for Oklahoma have to be made on outside pitches look where Sidney Romero last night Look at that front foot and look how far they are from the way pitch This is where their success is susceptible is when they are so far from pitches and not being able to get their body into Position to drive but Nicole Mendez on this. This is a pitch up in the zone but her lower half Stays stacked on top of each other instead of committing the other way. I Had a chance in the first inning the runner in scoring position could not get Romero home But now a base runner with one out here for fall a of you the senior from Oceanside, California and you’ll note Foul a swing in with that split grip that she’s used throughout the season something new for her She splits because she had such a problem with rollin over Rollin over that knob of the bat and this allows her to have a flat path to the ball Washington good range at second two down as Mendez moves over to second base Now to bring up Lindsey Elam Won 4-2 last night now is her first hit of this Women’s College World Series in her First year as the starting catcher for the Sooners Not on fire She’s not quite sure how an avid Megan Willis fan like herself of course Megan a great catcher at Texas how Lindsay ends up ahead owe you but Said she used to love going to games watching Seeing how the really good players get it done tried to tailor some of that And incorporate it in her game title appear that pretty spin at third base Two runners in scoring position so far and both stranded to zip UCLA The NCAA Women’s College World Series is presented by Capital One. What’s in your wallet? And in part by Liberty Mutual Insurance only pay for what you need Game two of the champ series after a big night last night for UCLA the Bruins have carried it over Swinging the big stick Take it home the Jolly Ranchers to home in the first four pitches they saw Then their ninth and tenth taters of this tournament that is the third most in the history of the World Series Their 2010 UCLA team tied with the Florida Gators a year later And how can you meet Jolly Ranchers there’s a sooner fan who disapproves but What you got for us well, you know Jolly Ranchers are a tradition that when you hit a home run as you round third-base you get a jolly rancher from Kirk Walker the assistant coach for UCLA. This is the tradition they’ve done for a long time So I make sure to check in with him pregame He said he does have a big bag here and available so that they will not run out But they were not great catching them last night They missed about three of the four and so they’re doing a better job catching those Jolly Ranchers as they round the base tonight Gotta stay focused grounded that value got to make sure you don’t miss third and then eyes up on Curt But you got your scream and sisters at home plate. You can’t wait to reunite with Theirs Bubba Nichols top of the order and this is how it all started for the Bruins tonight 1st picks change up in the dirt just lays off its second pitch curveball 66 miles an hour in his gone Bubba Nichols, I like to call her Bubba Benjamins. She’s money Well, we heard Holly You know telling the story of a Leah Jordan getting extra BP in With her old travel ball coach and Bubba used to be in the car with her and would go with her once a week After school after practice ten ten o’clock till midnight. They drive an hour both ways You want to talk about commitment? That’s what it takes to get here Then what you’re doing when nobody else is watching and she grounds out to down Down the right-field line up into the stands. That’s our seven innings podcast set They have the seven innings live show going on right now on ESPNU And this is available on your app on III? pitch by pitch You can choose which camera angle you want to watch that’s on your ESPN app pitch by pitch Right there and seven innings gang on ESPNU tonight See what our Ector Anthony DiMarco looks at and you decide at home, which camera angle you’d want to look at? They ain’t you more coverage children this 38th Women’s College World Series that pac-12 has won 23 of those previous championships But none in the last eight years Nicole Mendez right now in center field. I mean she is cracking me up. She is constantly asking the fans to get loud She’s calling people out. She’s pointing to him. She’s run all the way the right field in left field to get him going That Juarez gets the strikeout. That’s the third for g32 to knock the Bruins She’s paired up with Lisa they’ve worked on training, you know literally layered up so they knew would be hot, you know They prepared mentally and physically to be in this type of a grind. So you saw Rachel actually enjoying it You saw her chill get stronger You saw a Rachel be convicted because she was prepared. So I credit both her Lisa and the entire pitching staff for the work They put into for the parents of this moment, and it was epic late 80s early 90s Kelly I and Lisa Fernandez teammates at UCLA, of course Lisa the widely recognized as the greatest ever with the three gold medals and a couple of titles at UCLA and now mentoring What what was that sign? We saw earlier the baby goat Rachel had our SIA Trying to join the list of national champions for the Bruins Holly I know you got more of the story for us well That’s right They really wanted to work one-on-one so that all of the pitching staff and Lisa Fernandez would do what they called champ camp They would come early about an hour before practice and do extra cardio extra conditioning Lisa Fernandez says I did everything with them because I had learned when I was at UCLA the kind of effort it took to be exceptional and to be Special she said I knew if the workouts were too easy and I could do it at my age that I wasn’t pushing them hard Enough she said but they’ve made the commitment if you want to be special in the circle, you have to make the commitment That’s what Rachel Garcia has done even to the point where they won’t have dessert They are locked in on their nutrition on their workouts. I fit somebody sent Strawberries chocolate-covered strawberries to the hotel and they wouldn’t even go there because they want to be at their very best here But I love that Lisa is getting that feedback doing the workouts herself And she said some days when it was really hard. I was like, okay good. This is enough for these young women Facing nine, and then the top of the order linear grace Lyons And I know Michele you always encourage young pitchers. You got to throw in a hundred percent in humidity You got to throw when it’s when it’s raining out You got to throw when it’s 40 degrees that you you got layers on So you’re ready for those conditions when they come up in a game? absolutely because they will come up in a game and you need to be Prepared for them you need to be prepared if you’re a hitting pitcher that you could be out running the bases and then you got to come in and grab your glove and Go back out to be able to control your heart rate to be fit, especially here where you might have a 10/10 You got to come back and pitch the next night, which is what Rachel Garcia had to do some day and then last night She threw ten in is one hundred and seventy nine pitches in that 10 inning game Hit the walk-off game-winner in the semis to get them here in a backhanded grab brie Perez With the wet gem see you tonight on SportsCenter breathe That is awesome. And what I love about this as well is her positioning take a look right here at where she’s at okay, so she’s in that middle position, but she’s going to have to come into this five six hole on a Changeup, so she’s prepared. She goes in lit up one step up the middle and then reacts on the change-up this ball loving it and Getting it. And Garcia is fired up And that’s the difference in the game right now the defense Both she and chowder Lapua Have had nice plays on that left side. So we’ve seen the error from Oklahoma the defensive plays from UCLA and Here comes from Merrill she’s got one of the two hits for the Sooners that doubled to lead off the game And Beth it was the adjustment she made last night to this night outside pitch Look at how far off the barrel. This is her body her foot plant men tonight. She knows they’re going away So look at her being able to get her hands her back hip towards that pitch. That was the adjustment now they come in twice So they’re being careful they knew what she was looking for You know as a hitter what pitch you got out on and you want to make that a Dutch adjustment? That’s what Sydney did in 24 hours 1 & 2 here the pac-12 pitcher of the year in the big 12 Player of the Year Romero gets a hold of one Romero cuts the deficit in half Lock it with a message attached that said I want to play again tomorrow night. Look at where Paige Houston wants this bitch She wants it off the plant away. It leaks back over I showed you the adjustment Romero made last night to this night This is where she came in looking I want Outside you’ve got me outside last night Rachel Garcia. You’re not gonna get me again today and that’s a one-two pitch That is a massive mitch missed by Garcia. Typically don’t see that but that’s what this Oklahoma team will do 114 home run on the year for Oklahoma The entire Revell family Seven eight years of trips to this World Series first with older sister Sierra the all-american of Michigan and now with the two-time national champ Syd Gosh that that is such growth I’m sorry Sydney Romero She would be pouting after last night what we’ve seen from her in the past getting down on herself Having a night where she goes over three first She got a hit at the end But she comes back today with a game plan and she executes and that is the difference for any softball player. That’s watching baseball I don’t care what sport you play the ability to adjust in failure is So key to being able to play this game Romero at that error in that first inning as well rebounding from that great leadership Parade continues as Clifton gets hit by the pitch Is Jocelyn although Well the road to Omaha Continues this weekend. It’s baseball super angels for you Friday at noon on ESPN 2 for more information the men’s college world series go to ncaa.com the official online home for all 90 NCAA championships This is what I was capable of and this is why Lisa Fernandes is out talking with Rachel Garcia right now to make sure they’re ready to pitch off of Krystle Goodman low in the zone and she hits that ball three hundred and twenty-seven feet Not just out of the 220 foot fence, but beyond the 300 foot fence the men’s slope Which one fact that would have gone out of Yankee Stadium on the short porch and left and even in right field The short porch in right And would have gone out of a lot of short porches The target is out there for in center field that the sooner fans of crota Holly what you got for us Well remember she was asked to step away for a week to take a softball cleanse. She was pressing too much Her numbers were down and patty. Gesso said get away from the game didn’t take her on a series Jocelyn told us yesterday I’m a different player than I was two months ago When I stepped in the Box on that Homer and I thought to myself I won’t be denied And we’ve seen it from other players, right It’s not only dealing with failure, but it’s dealing with success she was Bestowed. Yeah last year she was all the sudden the face of the sport and That’s an adjustment to a lot of people to try again 30 home runs simple as that. Yes All right now on up back to the track and it’s caught by Bubba Nichols two down I thought this thing without the sound off the bat, of course the crowd you got to remember Oklahoma really the home team the Home crowd as soon as this ball was hit everyone erupted the sound She got it a little bit of the end because it was a changeup Sidney Romero, man. She’s all over that dugout Pull that down the line that’s out That’s a that’s a to 18-foot shot That goes down either line at 200 foot. That’s well out She hit it to the deepest part of the field gray screen a strikeout victim back in the first Both aces started last night Both did not finish Rachel Garcia for a good reason a massive lead And G Juarez they fell behind quickly and Patti Gaston said You know what? We’re gonna we’re gonna take her out here if we can still game on great But let’s make sure we’re all in and everybody’s rested for game two tonight 14 years of the champ series only three teams Have been a game one loser. And that one two in a row to take the trophy Two and two And their Sierra joy, the girl said that’s her sister and there’s mine with the homerun ball And Garcia goes upstairs the rise for the strikeout Third for her but a run across On the Romero bomb the Rambam the make it two to one City Romero one of the best careers in a sooner uniform wide leadership She goes down and gets an outside curveball drives it out of the park the Sooners within one Beautiful aerial view of Hall of Fame Stadium as we check out the Capital One Cup standings The update is teams compete for a combined four hundred thousand dollars scholarship donation from Capital One and the winning team of this World Series will receive 60 points towards the Capitol go on Cardinal Oh Cardinal is gonna list art brag and see at the top Of the women you guys like in one a woman’s second and the baseball team She was no Cardinals before we came on Let’s talk about what’s going on right here, and we’ll start with the Miss Cardinal here and that three home runs already for the two teams 50% of the run scored had been via the home run this sport has arrived in a big way when you talk about the power game and how much these hitters take advantage of mistakes by the pitchers well And how about the pitchers having to throw a gazillion changeup so far today because they’re trying to take that power away The other thing that’s gonna be so important is two dimensional pitches We’ve seen a lot of pitches staying on one plane You really have to bend that ball up or down gee war is when she’s throwing that curve But I’d like to see it a little bit more down. We used to pop the crop so it’s a curve and a drop or rip it up across to your shoulder and let it let it come up and curve in and rise Keep staying on that one plane A lot of hitters will feast on three four five hitters Illya Jordan Sends it out at UCLA responds immediately Her second home run of the champ series and that’s the point We were just making about pitches being one-dimensional and staying on a single plane. You’ve got to be able to bend a ball vertically and and Horizontally, so take a look at the pitch location how it’s coming here, but it needs more down It needs to get down. It needs to get up. It can’t stay at that belt level and Jordan just gets all into that curveball Warez has given up two home runs tonight two left-handed hitters. She typically is brutal to the lefties They’ve been doing this all year long the Bruins have when they give up a run which it very often They are able to get it right back and this is their seventh Most endings from five different players And how about UCLA with their ability To respond. They’ve only given up runs and 16% of their innings this year That’s like nothing 16% But then when they have given up runs they’ve responded 45% of the time when they’ve given up a run, which is amazing We talked about it being like a boxing match right Jeff if you get hit you got a hit back Well and look at the just the opponents have scored at 65 innings This season usually is scored in next half-inning 30 times your point that 45 percent response rate But just look at the shift in energy We’re showing the dugouts when you ceiling is bouncing up and down the bingette bombers on offense. They’re singing Oakland was quiet They were just a loud team was five minutes ago Well, it’s all momentum hugglemas games. I like it’s like a yo-yo It’s just back and forth and back and forth him the best way to shut your opponent down is It’s discord to put numbers up on the board The top three in the order for the Bruins are now 9 through 16 With five home runs in the champ series Well, I’m part of the reason that warriors has gotten in trouble it’s been location of pitches take a look at where that ball is right at the belt coming in to again, right at the belt line Going out and so take a look at how Bubba nickels right here. That is right in this belt area You want to make sure that that pitch as we talked about earlier is going to be Moving up moving down and this one to alia Jordan right through the zone At that belt level. I think one of the things that will happen next year She works a little bit more with gen Rocha is that she’s going to get a little bit more to dimension on that pitch So it’s diving down or rising up? Only ten home runs in her previous 33 appearances, but now six in her last six outings Flyball out to some of them does Taylor pack is retired Holly And you’re talking about that different eye level Michelle and making sure that your pitches are moving on different planes and that’s actually something Rachel Garcia of UCLA did after losing here at the Women’s College World Series in a heartbreaking fashion last year the very next day she calls her pitches and coaches and said I Have to get a down pitch and so she has worked all year to develop that extra pitch that will change the eye level and be different this year at the World Series Holly that’s so important. We always talk about how we full hitters and it’s obviously locates through the zone It could be the upper zone the lower zone it’s speed and that when that pitch shows up off speeds But you absolutely are best when a hitter cannot split the plate and look only up or look only down That’s at corner to tower Lapua to Tateleh food base hit up the middle and Garcia will stop at second But the series finale between the New York Yankees and the Toronto Blue Jays will be on Thursday night baseball this week the Yanks have 190 series in a row they are atop the AL East will see at Toronto can break the egg series Street Thursday at 7:00 Eastern on ESPN and the ESPN Two on with one out and it’s Coleen Sullivan Seven of the nine have reached base already for UCLA And how about tateleh phooey she hit that home run last night her next at-bat got on on-air to singles here After being over 26, you can’t stop her. You could only hope to contain total of fool But she struggled coming in. I mean that’s the whole thing is you never know when that switch is gonna flip especially for the big hitters And I’ll speak which again wanted to And now general Cho will come out As will Lindsay I’m about to the circle to talk with GRS Well, you can definitely tell that the game plan for UCLA Is that after you see a ball you they’re just going all-in? Every home run tonight has been hit on a 100 pitch and the pitch prior that first inning was the off-speed in the dirt She comes back with the curveball and they hammer it out. So I’m sure they did a lot of studying looking at Pitch calling when pitches are showing up They don’t forget we had a great time at the st. Pete Clearwater elite Invitational presented by Wilson last year so we’re gonna do it again tickets are now on sale for our 16 team softball Invitational down in Clearwater the likes of Alabama and Washington, Florida State, Minnesota UCLA and Oklahoma All set to be there Woz gets the strikeout her fourth two down for Kinsley, Washington Lucien to swinging out of his socks on that one a chuckle as she steps back to regroup After you have a for fortnight you can laugh at a swing and miss you go for four years, you’re not smiling Chooses to drop down the bun instead safe at first Bases-loaded and let’s take a look how fast do you think? this young lady is look at where Sydney’s starting where she’s gonna have to come and how quickly that Washington gets down the line little bit of miscommunication. That’s an easier throw for Romero to be able to pick that up But night and getting into this as well so much speed that is a perfectly placed bunt in the difference between last night and Tonight if she Nitin doesn’t throw that ball Yeah There were so many times where speed of UCLA had the hit and throws We’re throwing away and then they just kept running So a good job by the senior to hold on and be like, you know what it’s a hit all the way Well, the number nine hitter Kelly Gooden is due up But a singles hitter and a slapper, so they’re going to go to the bench for the pinch-hitter Maliha Quarles has a pinch-hit home run and Then the next night followed that up going old for four. So it’s It’s been living on the edges for Maliha When they basically have two hitters and one in that nine spot because Kelly good normally the slapper can use the short game and the Put million for moments like this Clearly the power hitter when she comes in and remember Players can re-enter in softball. So they utilize the moment obviously right now bases loaded they went with power the Last three pinch-hit home runs this season and softball fans will probably remember the last grand slam in the championship series off the bat of Emily kara Soni in Game two in 2016 against Oklahoma a walk off that Force to Game three, which the Sooners came back to win Angie’s got her in a jam. Here’s the o2 This is such an important at-bat right now Because the game is still so close if there’s a big hit from Illya in this moment You feel like the game is gonna because that Oklahoma’s backs are really against the wall huge pitch huge moment for the Sooners right now Ruins leave them loaded after the Jordan home run gets him up 3-1 G warez pulls out of her buck Pocket her best pitch the off-speed you see it flip over that pinkie up thumb down to get the biggest strikeout of the series for Oklahoma Welcome back to the n-c-double-a Women’s College World Series presented by Capital One here with the UCLA head coach Kelly annoy Perez and Coach this game feels a little different even though you’re still getting some good action at the plate home run what feels different to you Um, you know, I think we knew that it was gonna be a different game today. That’s our sport. I think it’s different every time What I like you said, we’re still putting pressure on the defense. We’re still getting runners on base and making adjustments at the plate So I like how it’s going, but we’re wiping every inning clean and going back like a 0-0 So, you know last night there was a lot of action. I still believe great things are happening But we’re playing like it’s a 0-0 ball game Rachel Garcia continues to be impressive in the circle What adjustments have you seen them made that concerns you what are they making? You know, they’re just they’re a talented team They’re great hitters, you know, it’s a little bit of a guessing game I think Lisa’s call it a great game You know Cindy Romero is one of the best hitters in the country, you know, we can go all over the place But you guys sometimes just got to tip your cap and she put a good cut on a ball but you know I think this is going to be a game you got higher level players You got to put yourself in a position to be able to look for quality of pitches to hit and that’s what you’re gonna see You’re gonna see a very explosive very exciting game. And we you know, we know that it’s gonna come down to the last punch Thank you so much. Really? Thanks Thank you very much, Holly Kelly enoyed Perez who stepped on the UCLA campus as a freshman back in the fall of 1988 There was a member of three national championship teams Returned as an assistant coach And for the last 12 years the head coach with the one national championship in 2010 Made the adjustment this year she is essentially Taken over the offense. She’s the old cord curt Walker is the D chord and Lisa Fernandez handles the pitchers And it has worked spectacularly for UCLA 55 and 6 this year As they try and get the pack back on top Shea Nitin And what a career it has been for her Hoping that it’s not the end of the road in her 21 games now at the Women’s College World Series a 350 hitter with 18 runs batted in in those 21 games Including amount most outstanding player trophy a couple years ago She Nitin a lot of these Oklahoma hitters They like to start open and they like to stay open their action Manipulate that front foot depending on what they’re looking for and Shay Nitin a lot of times watch that front foot Stay there come up come down and stay open She had home run based on that because if it comes inside she can clear those hips easily But we’ve also seen her struggle on that last swing perfect example on pitches away So it’ll come up it’ll come down and now she’s further from that away pitch. You can still hit it But because his pitches outside you see how much she’s got to stretch and reach to be able to get anything middle away We’ve come to the to to tonight me Shave fly ball out to left warm down and Jess I love just what you’re talking about. So they go outside they go outside she has to reach so what do they do? She set up on the inside corner It’s effective velocity, even though it might be coming in the same speed in the high 60s It feels even faster because now she’s a little bit late getting into that inside pitch It’s the art of calling and the battery and the calls from the dugout it’s it’s truly as an art figuring out what you want to throw and when The Rachel Garcia has only allowed three hits two to Sid Romero and one to this batter right here. Nicole Mendez And she’s got another one Two for two now Bring the tying run to the plate Daddy gasps. Ohh wants to talk to ballet of you who is coming up next and Then Lindsay Elam right behind her so the base runner and the next two hitters there Has been the whistle of Jim gasps, oh it’s a family affair for the gasps OHS both her sons in the dugout Jim’s hoping to be whistling tomorrow night as well. The Sooners have to win tonight to get to a game 3 And that would be tomorrow night at 8:30 Eastern on ESPN of UCLA wings tonight. It is the 118 national championship for the Bruins athletic department Of you one of those poor senior starters rounded out the second There are four trips to the World Series three times in the finals Titles as freshmen and sophomores a fourth place finish last year But a runner now into scoring position then does to second For that one a wild pitch I’m kind of surprised that Paige Halsted didn’t Grab that Paige wall said is a very defensive mind at catching all she does his catch. She’s not Hitting in this game the way she gets that one leg down to most catchers nowadays throw from their knees That’s why you see them go down. They’re not in that typical squat position But that’s definitely Definitely a ball she can catch Just won for their last 31 with a runner in scoring position their old 4 for tonight Miss chances in both the first and the second innings to take an early lead interview Delivers run there and it’s a 3-2 ballgame as Mendez clubs home The Adjustment falling at a view has made against Rachel Garcia She’s ruled over a lot of balls hit a lot of ground balls last at-bats against her watch this adjustment this is the split grip that she has see her hand split what it helps her do is Get more on playing with the ball and even swing to meet the ball the adjustment there She made from ground ball. The line drive is what gets herself a knock You know the last team To lose Game one and come back to win of course was the Alabama team dancing in the rain led by Patrick Murphy and Caleb bro their seniors Carried them through Game two and got them into that Game three of the series Yeah when I spoke with him earlier today It was all about. Yeah. He said it was really all was all about learning. They’ve never seen Kalani Ricketts So game one was all about Learning and figuring out how they were gonna hit her and the adjustments they had to make and that Kayla bro was adamant Telling this entire team they had to buy in they had to figure it out and trust that there would be a game three Depending on what happened in that game one after that loss. So it was it was interesting to hear what? His response and that’s why it’s a series that’s why it’s no longer a single game championship And that’s why the champ series has really changed things since it Was first implemented in 2005 we get those adjustments. Yes. Go back back to at-bat from the game That’s what I love is it tests the players beyond just the first seven innings. Oh well, and there’s time for adjustment Go in post ad who is No longer in the batting order because they want her to lock in on being a quarterback and a presence for this defense she’s having a problem seeing the ball and this might have a lot to do with the barrel being shown by Elam here watch how Our barrel gets pulled back into the eyes of Paige Halstead. She just completely misses us Last night four costly errors for Oklahoma and now But while hitch in a pass ball McCool Mendez doesn’t score this inning if the ball doesn’t get by Halsted within folly abused it back Towards the little things taking that extra 60 feet not giving up the extra 60 feet Make your opponent pay with an out when you give it to them just changes the dynamics And the momentum shifts again commendeth You see how I had Oklahoma grabbed it UCLA took it back But now it’s the crimson and cream hollering Tying run in scoring position go ahead at the plate Lindsey Elam in the eighth spot in the order I Was off the one two I’m sure that Lisa Fernandez came out and talked with Rachel Garcia and said look We need greater vertical separation between your pitches a lot of her pitches are coming in that mid thigh area they either need to be up in that rise ball zone up near to your letters or they need to be at the knee the First pitch was right at the knee called for a strike next pitch was that rise ball up and you got the foul off on? It two really good strikes for Garcia 2 & 2 There has not been a come-from-behind win at the Women’s College World Series this year The Sooners need to get one to stay alive I Like submitted your point not only location but Garcia getting in on the hands of Elam One of the hardest things to do as a pitcher is to really get in the kitchen To challenge these Oklahoma hitters who are sitting on one part of the plate to get off her plate Well, that’s that new pitch that’s the drop ball that’s got a little bit of off-speed nature to it So she’ll throw hard stuff at 69 71 miles an hour rise ball earlier this count that last pitch drop coming in at 63 Her change ups been coming in around 55. So throwing three different speeds I’d like to see her throw a curveball really start to rip that ball and run it into that left hand as batter’s box against these righties So she comes back with the screwball she goes back underneath the hands Second time through the order now a Homerun and a couple of base hits they are starting to chip away At the National Player of the Year bit here Ellen drives it back Ties it up Look at the juice strike pitch These bones down at her shin was the ear under the beautiful job going down to get this and for Kelly good and she jumps Too early. This is such a tough grab to make she first froze on it This would have been a great catch for the timing of all events again pressure adrenaline reactions This ball was smoked And out of the go-ahead run in scoring position on exact mirror image of UCLA’s third inning last night When three errors help them get two runs home Now here in the Sooner fourth a wild pitch a pass ball a dropped fly out And two runs are home And that’s a 71 mile an hour rise ball and Oklahoma is not even sniffing at that ball. There’s learn that they’re not even going after it against Washington Yep, chips 16 strikeouts and they were swinging through that pitch discipline When is thought about dropping it down The UCLA bottom of the order was so good in Game one And now it’s the bottom of the Sooner lineup working Back up the validation holding it third will be Elam I’m not sure was brief Perez distracted there by the water at second base This is a changeup that gets hit right back up the middle and I Think she just thinks it’s past her. She’s pulled in a little bit if she was deeper Maybe she goes back and gets that or lays down but you’re right. She she doesn’t have diving more and knock it down because potentially That ball gets to the green How about four hits in a row for Oklahoma Well after going one for thirty-one wrists, how about three straight in the last three a B’s With a runner in scoring position now That go ahead at third and here comes two for two with a tater Sydney Romero stepping in No activity in the UCLA bullpen right now they are going with Garcia In the first and third situation They will allow lions to proceed the second and that’s exactly why it’d me. Romero showed a buck there She did not want a but for those of you running away She’s got a double in a home run then there’s one out with her So, why would she even think she’d live back to pull the infield in to get that runner to second base on a steel? when that looks like UCLA is gonna go ahead and Load up the bases and walk Sid So as So, it’s Holly Rowe told us earlier This terrific senior class This is the one that has been at the World Series – Thanks, swing it away at the first pitch it’s when your hearts pound invest I mean your heart is pounding. Hey leeks Lipton. Yes She’s a senior. Yes She’s played and won World Series titles But right now this moment You’re right When you’re a kid you dream of this is one you want to be up to bat bases are loaded With a chance to get your team ahead. But oh my gosh, you have to control that heartbeat We talked to Patti gasps Oh this week she said I don’t want you to take anybody off my team, but if you had to you cannot have Kaylee Clifton That’s heartbeat that’s that’s when adrenaline we’ve seen Smitty you mentioned it laying off Rachel Garcia and Matt riceball all series long But all of a sudden you get a big moment and that ball looks so big Even if it is two feet over your head Look brother rise up and out and for Garcia ahead now two strikes. She needs to be very careful Pitchers in this situation those two strikes Making sure that you’re on point she’s gonna come back up she’s gonna go back upstairs with that rice ball Kayla Clifton knows it But with two strikes you still got to protect Struck arrived Garcia wins the battle two down And this is where you know as a hitter you brought this ball so Pat rice ball first pitch swinging She takes a pitch away. She gets something up in the zone again. And that’s the pitch right there Rachel Garcia knows I can go back up there again She will swing at my rice ball beautifully located starts at the hip Ends up at the top of the strike zone and a great setup pitch going down and away coming back up and underneath the hands Jocelyn ala Over five in the championship series But with 46 home runs in her first two years in Norman Not a good-looking swing there is Garcia had her Confused and I like that Garcia’s rise ball now is coming in 68 69. It’s down a little bit from 71 She’s not throwing through her spin when you over you have too much velocity that ball doesn’t move the way it’s supposed to More smoke at 72 miles an hour from Rachel That combination you blow the heat by or you spin it underneath them love it That’s just a foul ball you guys that cleared the stadium over our head back behind us This is the 15th game of this World Series we have not had a team take a lead The entire time we’ve been here That’s a great take but you know where she’s headed this entire stadium know where she’s headed. She’s coming back up Power on power power hitter power pitcher rise ball Jocelin allah who loves it up in the zone Amen on our hands there looks like a screwball Four straight hits from the bottom of the order and then Kelly eye decides to walk Sid Romero Garcia gets a strikeout of Clifton and now a two strike count. Holo with two down Right back to nature and over to first Then the suitors leave them loaded But they do get to in to tie it up in a must-win situation for oh you They come back and even the score with the bottom of the order bringing it home welcome back to the NCAA Women’s College World Series presented by Capital One here with Oklahoma Coach patty castle and coach the very beginning of this game Gee, Juarez gives up back-to-back home run. Then she comes back with two strikeouts. Then you come back to tie the game How is this rollercoaster of emotion feeding your team right now? the crowd is helping a lot, but they’re just fighting they’re battling and that’s what we got to do here and honestly when you look at their faces They’re smiling. They’re having fun This is this is what you dream about this these these kinds of tight games playing one of the best teams absolutely in the country top to bottom so These are memories. This is what you this is where you live for if you’re a softball player For Rachel Garcia, you forced her to throw 40 pitches last inning How does that help your cause trying to make her work that hard it helps our cause but she’s a star I mean she knows how to handle these situations. What I’m proud of is The six seven eight nine doing their job to turn over that lineup They were fighting there’s some really great battles that we have at the plate So I’m proud of this team and we’re just gonna keep going Thank You coach Thank you very much, Holly Oklahoma has to win to play again tomorrow night if UCLA wins They get the party started this evening with a NCAA championship trophy back to Westwood I Think Patti was onto something there guys takes a high Level of intensity and a high level of softball intelligence of seeing back and forth UCLA’s decision to walk Romero it pays off for them And now they’ve got the top of the order coming up to respond. They have been spectacular in this championship series Five home runs and a trip ease from the folks that are supposed to be setting your table. Oh They’re setting it and then they’re clearing it. They’re gonna say they’re cleaning They’re feasting at the homerun buffet You hit like that. Somebody else will clear your table for you and As they’ve done throughout this season an innate ability to respond when someone Puts up for one or two Both teams in their last at-bat left the bases loaded so there could have been even more damage jump done but again, Garcia and Juarez Making the right plays in the circle Nickels grounder to Lions one down We praise the solo shot in the first Juarez struck her out in the second That a the next two hitters Perez and Jordan home run in Game one and a home run in Game two Well that changeup that Bubba Nichols just put in play Is the first changeup hit because they’ve been attacking this curveball this hard pitch on the outside corner They haven’t been able to hit the change-up They’ve been laying off it or fouling it off not putting it in play really attacking the hard stuff So see if some adjustments are being made with other Nichols Martinez, California Number one recruit in the country coming out of high school a couple of years ago and followed her sister Kylie Bria’s stepped into her own twice all pac-12 first teamer I’m sure you’ve heard about their second rated recruit they’ve got coming in next year by the name of Maya Brady you Tom says is the best Athlete in the family was nighttime. I used to play there that guy Tom Brady pretty good. Pretty good Throw in the pillar room. You have a his sister’s fight softball. Yes, always marine Brady’s little brother area go Now she’s got a stud coming to UCLA tom knows his softball So with two down, it’s Jordan a strikeout and a home run and laying down the bunt that net will go foul Via Jordan big home run last inning was able to go down and get a pitch again the curveball Crushes this one and she has been swinging a hot bat home run last night another one today Mop 1 1 2 Georgie By adding over 500 of this Women’s College World Series Overcoming an ACL injury your freshman year Tommy John surgery in the offseason And when asked if she wanted to redshirt, she said absolutely Not he’s only cleared to play to throw less than a month ago This is a team that could win a championship and I want to contribute I’d say she’s had a hand in cleaning so far – – Fuji coming Here’s a look at this corner from that Tommy John surgery You don’t hear about it in softball as much My sister had the same surgery. You can come back and play as a position player so much quicker than pitchers And she got nicked by a pitch there yes She she told our Holly Rowe that it really didn’t affect her at the plate But she had to really change and adjust the way she threw the ball out in the outfield Holly Well, you know, she’s really had to improve that throwing in the outfield. It’s been very difficult as she comes back from that surgery She had the surgery August 20th. So she’s not even a year out of a very significant surgery We saw her in the outfield yesterday She even ran and drove a couple of times on that But she’s really held up and been mentally strong coming back from that very difficult surgery Well, maybe one of the biggest matchups of this whole night right here if Juarez can prevent UCLA from responding immediately to the two runs in the top half of the inning from the Sooners Just such comfortable takes now from so many of these hitters you go back-to-back nights being able to face the same pitcher Everyone just looks really comfortable in the batter’s box. And that’s why we’re seeing more offense These last two games and tonight even from Oklahoma to go along with UCLA’s offense and again That’s exactly what Patrick Murphy said that was part of what they were looking to do when they went that three-game series after dropping Game one They remind her after our game ends on ESPN We’ve got SportsCenter with Anderson and Eve’s the latest on the health of klay Thompson and Kevin Durant also OBJ’s first work out with the Browns and Cleveland and also top moments from the WCWS at SportsCenter after our game a Good time to talk a little bit about Rachel Garcia the first player impacts Well history to win both pitcher and Player of the Year honors in the same season she will spend her summer with the u.s. National team and possibly next summer at the Olympics in Tokyo with Team USA As she tries to join look at those legends of a game cat DLO with the V Lowe and Kalani two Olympians and one another possible future alumni Caitlin Ricketts They could be teammates next summer What has happened in the past is collegiate Olympians Have taken a year off traded in their school jersey for the red white blue and then come back for their final year Still remains to be seen what kind of a Pre Olympic tour will be taken next year and of course whether or not Rachel ends up making the final roster She’s got a great chance of doing Cole Mendes, I’ve never seen a player so in tune and feeding off the crowd getting them up but she’s like a cheerleader out there feeding off of this and knowing her team does – Three two – Garcia in the dirt and Jordan the second and she’ll try for third and she’s in there safe and The Bruins have the go-ahead 60 feet away terrific Hustle by alia Jordan and I love that because the plays in front of her so she can see what’s going on This ball is gonna get pass around and it’s gonna go toward the UCLA duggan. Look at the way toward and she takes a look and Then goes right down To second, but she’s it be a midget Lindsey Elam who’s not actually after she knows okay Jordan you’re gonna get to second but because I’m so close to third. She doesn’t hustle after that ball And that’s where Jordan says you want to walk on me to that bowl. I’ll take third sister Two quick outs and you thought the Sooners were going to be Three up and three down but now a hit batter and a walk and they’ve got runners on the corners with two outs for Taylor pack Both coaches talked about it the mental toughness in the concentration required in pressure situations at the end of this long road to the championship series Where’s Garth Clint get it up to 66 miles an hour for the strikeout It’s a back door curve ball watch this pitch, he’s been throwing curve balls all night But this one’s gonna Bend on the outside part of the plate come back to hit the plate and fool Taylor pack together. Look For the first time in champ Series history, it’s number one versus number two In game two best of three the Bruins winning Game one last night in convincing fashion And a much closer affair tonight and a game that Oklahoma has to have Where their season is over and the run for these brilliant? Seniors comes to a close as they try for a third national championship Not going to be easy to come by against Garcia Who only had to throw the five innings last night 40 pitches in that fifth inning Wow as the Sooners got eight to the plate and scored twice That’s massive, I mean we typically like to say 12 to 15 pitches an inning when everything’s going right That’s like a that’s like a triple inning Playing Knight Mendez coming up and that last pitch Beth shown a little bit of non-competitive pitches now starting to pop out of Garcia’s arm that last curveball on the outside corner started well into the river and just continued into left handed batter’s box This is a big bat for Oklahoma grace cream She’s a freshman but you look at her body you look at her strength how she stacked over the place? She’s had two strikeouts tonight Her bat has yet to get going, but it is a big big power bat the big 12 freshman of the year, but only batting 143 so far in the World Series And for the first time in a tight situation there is activity in the UCLA pen Megan fir mo on the Left Holly Acevedo on the right They both pitched an inning last night when the game was well in hand Green high flyball nickels under it Center one down Here comes Shane iton they call her pick play Shane Norman because a hits like this gave one of the 2017 finals in the 17th inning the k winner She also had the game-winning RBIs in Game two the next night as the Sooners beat the Gators for a national championship She just knows how the hit on the big stage she’s locked in she’s not distracted. She’s got a great a great game plan While their assistants Tony Gourley was on that Florida team now on the other side and night you Garcia’s had her number here tonight Oh for three for Shay two down Here comes Nicole Mendes two-for-two scored a run in the fourth Oh Women’s College World Series selection two years ago as a freshman I’m in that 17 inning game have probably had the defensive play of the night that patty gasps Oh still raves about She plays with emotion we’ve shown her in centerfield Ramping up the crowd coming out of the dugout She’s got her teammates back and she’ll let you know it Well, we need to follow up on Smitty’s commode report from Game one when you have a rough night Like the Sooners had last night. You just gotta flush it and in the postgame pressors last night All they talked about was flushing attention and I would like to clarify that I was not in the commode when I had that report That I reported that you have to flush it. That is correct. So good clarification Three Well, it is on both side yet that we always say short term memory. It doesn’t matter how much success you’ve had You’ve got to come out today and prove it UCLA is having to work very hard in this game Same thing for Oklahoma yesterday is over. Last inning is over Go ahead on on board through you Second walk for Garcia. So the go-ahead run is on And remarkably enough There has not been a single lead change in 15 days of the World Series And after falling behind to nothing Oklahoma will try and change the lead right here of a wild pitch That gets Mendez over a second One time paddy gasps those words to her hid her folly of you They do not bite right now It’s amazing though Because the Adrenaline’s down we saw the only a bats That ended the last inning with the bases loaded at Joslin a low click Kaylee Clifton started chasing that rice ball But even as a runner at second, you can tell there’s a calm there isn’t as much excitement So they’re not chasing that pitch up in the zone Taking it not even biting I mean that’s the thing to me Smitty is sometimes you’ll start to see the lower half trigger Sometimes you’ll see the hands start to go I mean they’re spitting on that and I think you know the two lefties have done damage they started everything last inning and that fourth and both ended up scoring a part of me wonders if she’s Unintentionally intentionally walking folly of you maybe getting to the righty Lindsay lamb, but II lamb had that double her last at-bat as well So this bottom half of the lineup is seeing the ball extremely well off of Rachel Garcia If Oklahoma wins tonight we’re back here tomorrow night for Game three 8:30 Eastern on ESPN of UCLA wins it they take home the championship trophy tonight And the walk to a view And it’s Lindsey Elam With Paddy gasps OH calls, perhaps the player who’s improved the most on the team this year And back on the glasses beep for a brief Perez for the third out cuff is stranded to the bottom of the fifth even at three all in game to The NCAA Women’s College World Series is presented by Capital One. What’s in your wallet? Welcome back to the NCAA Women’s College World Series presented by Capital One Bottom of the fifth at 8 33 game top seeded Oklahoma, the two seed UCLA Garcia and Juarez dueling The Bruins the top three hitters each with a solo home run today Sidney Romero has countered with a home run of her own. That’s actually been the bottom of the Sooner lineup That is generating some offense for them As we move deeper into the night then a must-win for the Sooners or UCLA wins the championship Deep drive For So long shot of the night for the Bruins and on a no one pitch she goes and gets a curveball coming in hard every home runs been hit off of this pitch and again elevated at The belt line this pitch does not get in and because of that it gets out How about over 26? coming up with a couple of big home runs in this champ series three home runs all year to June in this champ series Perez and Jordan each with two apiece That is a third hit of the night then a four three brew and leave The brew inside has the momentum back And when they grab the lead back They are now six outs away from a twelfth title Watch Brianna Tata, Lefou, a–‘s feet watch her understand. Hey, I got to get a little bit more off the plate They might come in watch her back foot She moves to the edge of the batter’s box why she has struggled with anything in on her hands. What an adjustment you how hard that is to do as The pitcher is starting to throw because she doesn’t then So the alum doesn’t see and adjust to it and as a picture you should see that you need to make that adjustment As you’re coming in mid pitch when you see that You throw a ball? And especially when you’re ahead o1, I mean that is all the little stuff that you must look for mid pitch Wealth home run now of the World Series for UCLA eight of them in the last two games Bouncing Deep in the hole Lions, what a throw Grace Lions, is that a freshman? 18 years old I mean this looks like something you’d see in Major League Baseball because of her ability to throw this ball with so much strength She goes down to the knee comes up and fires a shot Doesn’t even make it close at first base I thought this thing was gonna bounce I thought she was gonna have to hop it but no from the knee and fires up her pitcher Juarez Big bounce back for her after the two errors yesterday at short as title of whose Family gets the homerun ball Kinsley’s one for two Singled in the third went small ball Because of that the defense for Oklahoma so pinched in because they know about the speech she puts this ball down and she can just Will it down the line middle infielders pinched in corners pulled up? Kinsley Washington is always smiling this gets out of the box. She’s got a big grin on her face. She’ll swing admit She’s gonna smile. She always got this pickle that she’s just Just enjoying the game At her she goes again even when she doesn’t agree with the call Five four six winner first championship Cheers That’s the pitch I mean he could argue with tato Lefou obvious to the power but Kinsley Washington’s been the best contact hitter She doesn’t swing you miss a whole lot guys She does swing and miss. You know, it’s a good one. They got her with that James who was a Big-time football player for the Bruins then a strikeout for Juarez two down Six tonight for G and a reminder that we’ve got extra bonus coverage for you We’re calling it pitch by pitch brand-new tonight four different camera angles to watch the pictures And this is on ESPN 3 and available on your ESPN app pitch by pitch watch the game for the Sun your iPad We’ve got it wet Oh over 20 cameras over 30 cameras here in this park be able to see so many different angles Cover the game big-time. I love it Overhead. Yep airplane such a beautiful look Kelly Gooden in the nine spot the best freshman batting average in the country this year Now hitting 424 coming into the game tonight Kenzie Fowler the Twitter all-american that eras, Arizona Lyons right at her at Short Chowder Lapua her second home run ball of the champ series And it gives UCLA the lead You’re gonna get hot. This is the right time only three home runs all season, but she’s got boots here in Oklahoma City Sold-out hall of fame Stadium in Oklahoma City game 2 of our championship series If UCLA wins the title is there is if the Sooners win we’re back here tomorrow for Game three the Breanna Town a lovefool home run in the bottom of the fifth inning has the Bruins on top and six outs away from a title After a 16-3 flippin yesterday The Sooners have responded much better tonight But it’s still in the hands now Rachel Garcia the National Player of the Year to try and bring it home This is when you start to start to feel you might not be counting them but you feel the outs of your Oklahoma you have six outs to play with and With each one the pressure mounts Three of the four seniors, at least we’ll get another swing it’s nine and then the top of the order Lions and then senior said Romero and senior Caylee Clifton In their 21st World Series game they have won 90% of their games lions And foul territory, and it’s handled by Gooden one down and I love the way Paige Halsted looks at Garcia tap search s protector and says trust me like come inside you can do it put your glove down and Garcia goes right for it and induces that Jam job foul ball, the communication between this battery right now is Just super intense Two for two a double a home run and then intentionally walked in the fourth inning And the Bruins got Thanks to batters out to end the threat. So the strategy worked. I Think you’d be very careful here, too Because when Sydney is on she can hit away. She can hit inside. She hit any strike So you want to make her chase a ball Back to the 3rd inning this towering shot. She was able to get around a pitch It was supposed to be away end up leaking back over the middle of the play and a mistake is what you can’t do It gets a bat like Sydney Romero That’s a nice pitch that’s where the homerun ball is supposed to be that bled back into the zone One two Romero Get Nazir to down What a great job of setting up Sid Romero They go back to that outside corner, lo look at the way this pitch is going to move. It’s gonna hit that corner It’s gonna go down it’s going to be fouled off. So what does that do? It changes the eye level it changes the velocity level of this pitch coming in a rise ball that just jams up Romero She doesn’t get the barrel on it. She’s jammed up and because that induces that fly ball Clifton Oh for two with a couple of strikeouts Was also hit by a pitch back in the 3rd As Garcia continues to go right after the Sooner hitters Twenty-eight and one this year undefeated in this NCAA tournament For Rachel Garcia, she’s thrown almost every pitch Certainly all the big ones Five and two thirds with the four strikeouts tonight Nollie reported thinking about her grandpa Bob Papa written on her visor his spirit weather Mr. Lowe two and one You think of all the the big names in the circle over the years starting with Debbie Doom and the first national championship Under the NCAA back in 1982 And all the good ones that have one here most recently Megan wagon filled And Garcia and UCLA are now three outs away from a title They’ll swing up one more time when we come back How about our Capital One rewarding performance And for more home runs for UCLA tonight starts off with father Nichols the solo shot backed right up by Bri Perez both those in the first inning Leah Jordan who follows up with in the third and then in the fifth inning it was Brianna Taos I love through and that’s been the difference the for solo ha she beats for solo shots You think about it seven hits but four of those home runs, we’ve kind of said it all series long 50% of the runs scored via the home run. No one knows that better than UCLA and it’s even more than that for the Bruins 11 of their 20 so far Off of 8 home runs the last two nights As the score stands UCLA would win a championship, Oklahoma Would need to mount a comeback in the seventh inning to stay alive Top of the order for the fourth time tonight to face Juarez all three at the top have homered From the early 80s to the the three-peat in 88 89 and 90. The only time that’s happened in softball history Lions hasn’t gone down 1992 Maybe one of the best teams in history when Lisa Fernandez went undefeated and they outscored opponents at the world series 31 to 199 with movement and Adams and Christie and Rosie They went back to back again and o3 and o4 Kira Carroll a no-hitter in the final Nate nightly with the snag to down And then of course their last in 2010 Here comes Jordan Three four and five by the way would be do up Including Shane Nitin for the Sooners in the seventh Few have had more heroic hits than heard on this biggest of stages Jordan basin Rachel Garcia struck out in the first walked in the third and the floors A homerun on Sunday to win the semies a home run in Game one to help the Bruins Oh, too Another guy so alongside one of her two sons in the dugout with her on her staff Garcia right to Romero side retired last chance for Oklahoma joseline Allah will lead them. And Shay Nitin will have a shot when we come back The seniors in this group are the best class maybe ever And the seniors are down to their final at-bat or remarkable run with two national Championships trying to become a three-time winner that hasn’t happened for a single class in over 20 years They need at least one to tie it or UCLA wins than a deep Olive green and Knight in the heart of the order to face the National Player of the Year Rachel Garcia Oh, it’s you Jocelin after a hot bath throughout the postseason has cooled here in the chip series old for six I Will pull it out together one down Freshman gray screen Such a good pitch to be able to find that one spot inside he got understand he’s Oklahoma hitters have been sitting in Prepared to hit in but Garcia able to find the spot that still makes them jump says get off My plate allows him to back off just a bit to set up what she’s gonna throw next Challenges are again more rise on the first pitch more screwball on that last one Oh – from Garcia get away Gray screen high fly bar cutting back on the track and makes the catch two down Wow And it will come down to Garcia and Nitin gray screen actually, she gets all of this She’d sit so hard and good and up against the wall makes a perfect grab remember it was her miss play in left field earlier the in oklahoma run to score she makes up for it with that catch the Most outstanding player two years ago against the most likely to win it this year as it stands One a note And I say with that rise ball This is the time to use it Down on their last for Oklahoma. It’s so hard to not want the pitch up in the zone The one that if you do connect with it will leave the yard – on Shame Like severed a You freaking kidding me Shay Nitin Shay Nitin every time in Oklahoma City, this is why she plays she’s had two surgeries And since that she’d be on the field because she knows she’s a worm that can get her team back in this game To tie it up She’s had some big ones, but her senior year in that moment In a rise ball, that just was not up enough on a 2-1 count Wow 10th home run of the year not bigger. She’s had five here at the World Series five 1:02 Nicole Mendes Been coming here 26 years. I don’t know if there’s been a greater – grace this field In the last four years shame big play shave for a reason And now the Bruins have to regroup Try and take care of Mendez and see if they can get a walk-off for the second time in three nights After a semi-final extra-inning walk-off win against Washington on Sunday Garcia Then a moment, they’ll be talking about for a long long time down to their final out and nightly strikes It’s destiny Shay Nitin Oklahoma down to their last two strikes She says I need just one and sends it out of the yard approval from her teammates were knotted back up at four apiece Big play she for a reason fight Series but this one her team was about to go home season and her career ends She said I will not go out unless I go on my own terms Lord Chamberlain the homerun Queen She pumps is a little bit She’s calling her a legend Lauren hit a walk-off and a chant Series game back in 2013 for the Sooners the all-time home run leader And how about hitting it off of Garcia her travel ball teammate high school from angels Tyson So now can you see la walk it off in the bottom of the seventh? Taylor pack there’s your game winner. There’s your championship winner on first base Then here comes planet antelope cool back in the fish she did this for Sick and hang out of the series I would throw every single pitch off-speed Every single one Breanna taught Olaf. Wha there’s a lot of great hitters in this lineup No one is seeing warez better than Brito Lefou not just the home run but she’s had a double and single to add to that Toula fool laying down the sacrifice and the Championship winning run in scoring position with one out That’s a tough call yeah three for three and they choose the bun tough call, I love the sacrifice I love getting a runner in scoring position right now Kelly out with Kirk Walker. They’re going back and forth discussing some stuff I don’t know about might have been a missed call or not, but I was surprised Because now you’re setting up for seven eight and nine hitters With really the best hitter in this lineup again Suarez to lay down that sacrifice. I don’t know We’ll see though You’ve got Sullivan do up And then after that Kinsley Washington who has five hits in the two series games But a big gamble right there to sacrifice with Breanna. Yes If oh if by UCLA walks off they have a 12th title If Oklahoma holds here and wins and extras we’ll be back tomorrow Game three if necessary 8:30 Eastern on ESPN Valene Sullivan we’re looking from Poway, California We’ll walk a strikeout on a groundout Today Lurpak out at second base after the leadoff single and All after Shay night and tied it with a solo home run with two outs in the top of the seventh Sullivan de Lyonne Two outs as ones to the left side And this is right in front of Lyons take a look she’s running right in front she’s right here That is an easy out. I love the fact that she’s like, uh-huh. You’re not getting that bag Well, and the freshman, I mean, they’re still alive things go wrong. You can still hit the runner You can throw this ball away lion sees her makes a perfect throw and gets the out Sullivan will be able to get over to second a Wild pitch Charged to Juarez. So now Sullivan is the championship winner Paul just short hops, Elan and So runner back in scoring position, but the problem is that while pitch would have then moved a runner to third had PAC not been Thrown out trying to advance Jackie Probert We’ll now come on to run a check it to try and win it all for UCLA A little flair that would get down a group of you over to the plate to throw In an even dozen then they are back on top with a twelfth national championship Kinsley Washington the championship winning RBI single and a walk-off to win the title Trophy number 12 and the emotion from Kinsley Washington and the end of the line for that extraordinary Oklahoma senior class and a 5-4 walk-off win for UCLA Then the emotions for Rachel Garcia That she becomes the fourth National player of the wheat year to win a trophy in for Kelly Eli Perez her second as a head coach After she picked up three playing for the Bruins and The drought is over for the pac-12 their first title since 2011 When it comes down to number one and number two, you knew it was going to have an ending like this literally death home two inches Inches. Look at this slide coming around Elam at home a perfect slide to be able to get in there Only playing with one out And to end it like this for the Bruins to win it and walk off fashion And the dog pile the dark The most decorated program in softball adds another one 118 titles now for Bruins athletics And They counter the Shay night and home run to tie it in the top of the seventh And they walk off to win it What a night in Oklahoma City in a battle back and forth In a 5-4 UCLA win And now Rachel Garcia adds her name to a very short list with legends Danielle, Laurie Kalani Ricketts and Lauren Haeger a National Player of the Year And right next to that on the trophy shelf the natty and Possibly next summer on Olympic gold medal And what a night for the Bruins? As they sweep the champ series and down on the field Holly Rowe with our most outstanding player Rachel Garcia Rachel Garcia you start the night tonight

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