UA football about a TD underdog vs. Washington

I’m policy column coach Kevin Sumlin in the Arizona football team might be on a four-game winning streak and in first place all alone in the pac-12 South still oddsmakers in Vegas argument Arizona much of a chance the Wildcats started at nearly a ten-point underdog against the Washington Huskies now it’s down to under seven it’ll be the first time the Wildcats have taken on u-dub since the 2016 season if you recall coach Rich rod and his boys battled the Huskies to the bitter end with the game going into overtime final score 35 28 u-dub Arizona safety tristin Cooper was just a freshman then but still got some playing time he is number 31 coming up here was Washington scores the winning TD coming up on news 4 Tucson at 10:00 p.m. Cooper’s gonna talk about then and now and how big these husky strong players are we’ll be right back [Applause]

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